Friday, December 8, 2017

Over 50 Plus Books Recommended To Women, Blacks, Hispanic, Minority, and All Founders



I remember when Bill Gates was everyone's’ business hero. When Microsoft was more sexy than Amazon or Apple. Now we live in a world where Jeff Bezos, who was a son to a teen mom. (Article: How Amazon founder Jeff Bezos went from the son of a teen mom to the world's richest person
 ) is kicking ass online and planning to kick-ass offline. He might be a white-straight-guy in America but that’s no reason not to learn from him. I recently came across several list of great books Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Daymond John, Jack Ma, Hamdi Ulukaya, Morris Chang, Jensen Huang, Muhammad Yunus, Sam Zell, Sheryl Sandberg, Martha Stewart, etc recommend so I’ve decided to share over 50+ books plus my recommendations. You can learn from anyone even if they don’t look or act like you. I have personally read a quarter of them and I keep rereading most.


P.S. If you don't like reading, try audio-books..


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How Founders Can Trump This Christmas & New Year - Gift Sponsor, Founders Under 40™ Group

It’s almost that time of year, when you have a little more time to assess your founder life. I will admit you really almost have to force a smile to enjoy this Christmas or any religious holiday. It has been a tough year for women, men of color, mix race, LGBTA, Muslims, Jews, Syrians, working class, some white men, etc. You don’t know whether to be fucking glad to be alive or be fucking praying for a skin-color-and gender-religion-changing device for next year. It has been so brutal that people wish Oprah Winfrey or Mark Cuban would run for president. Honestly the title or this content has nothing against Donald or straight-white -male founders, it’s about giving others the courage to pursue their dreams, persevere, give back and avoid being left behind.

I & Founders Under 40™ Group are proud to welcome all founders of all shapes and sizes. We love everyone working on positive and constructive ventures while facing the universal challenges of life. So while I & the Founders Under 40™ Group team were trying to figure out what to offer Founders this up coming Holidays and New Year.

A constant on our minds, is the fact that it's being hell for a lot of people hopefully we can all come together and grow together.

Best Wishes,

Manny of Founders Under 40™ Group

Friday, November 24, 2017

19 Ways Founders Can Spot Users via LINKEDIN or Anywhere - Sponsor BJ Mannyst

A user is define as a person that uses someone selfishly or unethically. My experience on LinkedIn and every social media for while has sort of become more and more about people chasing trophies. What I mean is people think relationship and connection at an event, LinkedIn or other is just get the milk and kill the cow. It’s basically get what you can get from them whether: a job, money, sale, advice, introduction, status, sex, popularity, coolness, etc and disregard any mutual benefit. I’m sure many of you receive endless invitation to connect and endless cold emails on LinkedIn. If you are doing it with an unhealthy shot-term thinking, you will regret it professionally and financially because no one like’s being used.

So due to the numerous amount of people I meet everyday, which is bound to increase with time, I wanted to help other founders spot shortsighted-selfish-contacts from those willing to invest time and effort for the long-term picture.

These tips can apply to people you know very well, just met, or never met. It can apply on LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, dates, relationships, family, friends, employees, investors, clients, spammers, fraudsters, etc  The key is Just be very aware what you do, say, both online & offline. And realize that a few contacts are only after what they can get from you or what you can do for them. Below are some great tips. Enjoy!


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Will Your B2B Marketing Be Ready For 2018 - 2050? - BJ Mannyst + Founders Under 40™ Group Sponsor

It was a month till Christmas Day and all the businesses were urgently trying to get their sleds up the hill so they can enjoy the bounty of the season and the slide down the  beautiful-snow-covered hill.
They wanted the  site traffic, the foot traffic, the joy, the smiles and especially wanted every type of shopper to shop, and shop. . .to spend and spend so their business can make investors very happy and employees happy as well. But the poor just have to be thankful.

Taking into consideration today's trends and the 2050 world, I & BJ MANNYST team developed some quick thoughts to consider while you plan your b2b marketing, general marketing for 2018 - 2050.

This guide will help founders, service businesses, service providers, sme, smb, freelancers and multinationals think about b2b future.

  • It has more than ten ideas about  the 2050 FUTURE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT
  • Plus invaluable key takeaways  so you, your team, or organization can adjust your strategies or tactics for 2018 - 2050. Or at least start planning for the future.
  • You will enjoy it and share it.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Founders and Businesses That Build Credibility Win In Business - Sponsor Founders Under 40™ Group Private Community

There are moments in our day that we founders sometimes are on the fence about someone or a business. We usually don't know all the reasons, it could be from experience, rumors, comments, the look and feel of a business, their nationality, their ethnicity, gender, etc.  And the most messed up thing is that most people will not tell you the reason they wouldn't buy from you. So you are left to figure it out on your on. However the most common reason is lack of trust or credibility.

There was a time a old friend of my was trying to replace his broken sun glasses which he had spent almost five hundred US dollar on but he was eager not to spend a lot on a replacement eye glasses. So he decided to go online to buy glasses from  a specialist online retailer. She first looked at a lot of providers by googling “online sun glasses”. There were providers advertising like crazy. One had a very ancient, 90’s website like the first Amazon website. Another one had a modern looking site but didn't have a secure site. The third one had everything and they had a special offer for new customers which encourage my friend to take a chance. Till today she’s gone through several pairs and she is still a loyal customer of the third site. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How Founders Can Have A Meaningful & High Achievers Life - Founders Under 40™ Group + BJ Mannyst Sponsor

Have you ever stopped to think how do the great ones like Ratan Tata, Liu Chuanzhi (Lenovo Founder), Gisele Bundchen, Zica Assis, Will Smith, Tom Brady, Rihanna, Marilyn Monroe,and many athlete, actors, producers, musicians, business people, continue to excel? And yet the rest of the world’s population come across like insignificant ants. It could be the genes, the environment, the fear of failure? Maybe it is simply they liked been winners?

I’m not sure if it is winning at any cost, winning by being ruthless, winning by burning bridges, practicing, . . .what ever the reason that made them so successful. I would think you, I and every other founder can steal some tips or tricks from them because the fact remains not winning in life truly sucks.

Suckiness is like eating spoiled lemons all your life and never turning those bitter-spoiled lemons into tasteful lasting lemonade. I believe the key to winning in anything in this life is to get the right ingredients. 

Some Tips Below. . .

Friday, November 3, 2017

How Founders Can Help Create A Collective Community - Founders Under 40™ Group Sponsor

Everywhere you go in the world it seems like in times of disaster is when you see a lot more unselfish goodness. For example, the event in Las Vegas brought out the goodness in a lot of people. People giving others a ride to the hospital, people accepting strangers to sleep in their homes because some out of town people had no where else to go. People getting water, food, blankets, for the greater good of all.

It Would Be Good for you, I, and society If there were processes, advice, incentive that encourage that generous-unselfish behavior 24/7  for 365 days. So like always did some research. The fact remains your ability to survive in this world is still dependent on other humans especially during disasters. We need others such as trained doctors, security, firemen and fire-women, nurses, friends, family, good strangers, good government, water technicians, farmers, utility providers, communication, transportation, etc to assist us all.

Fortunately and Unfortunately we are in need of a constructive-inclusive community more now than ever because humanity and it’s civilizations are under threat by many things.
Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Three Paths in the Tech Industry: Founder, Executive, or Employee

When people ask me for tech career advice I find it helpful to lay out the three paths I’ve encountered most in my career: founder, executive, and employee. I’m leaving out investor because the best path to being an investor that I’ve seen starts with being successful (or failing) at one of these three first.

Below I’ll outline what I see as the pros/cons and useful strategies for each role.

I wrote this post though because when I talk to people about their careers I’m surprised at how often they focus on only one of these paths without taking the time to consider other options. Often when they get advice, people tell them to follow the path that they followed (as a YC partner and former founder, I’m very guilty of this).

I don’t attach value judgments to these three paths. In my ten years in The Bay Area I’ve seen friends lead successful and fulfilled lives following all three.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Don’t Want To Cater To Women Founders Just Because They Have A Pussy - Founders Under 40™ Group Shares

With the growing women empowerment movement picking up speed, some men are unsure what to do. Some men are forced to adapt faster just to please women and the diversity authorities. And some men are desperately trying to put the breaks on it because it threatens their power. In all honesty trying to satisfy everyone in the gender, race, religion, age, views is challenging.

As a community coordinator overseeing a very inclusive/exclusive 10,000+ unconventional founders community, I personally have been hammered with endless women founders focused articles, accelerators, vc funds, community groups, tech schools, etc that I will admit there’s pressure to focus Founders Under 40™ Group effort to specifically appeal to women founders. My thought is, if customers don’t give a fuck if a restaurant owner pees standing or sitting, then mine & Founders Under 40™ Group focus are to serve and respect people of most background.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

17 Ways Whites Blacks Yellow Brown Green Founders Can Identify Great Founders To Hangout With + FREE iPhone 8 Wallpapers.

After seeing what's going on in the world, sometimes one wonders what can one individual or group do to help eradicate a divisive world?

There's no magic bullet to heal the problems of the world so we thought we might as well help people identify qualities that make a great founder.

By doing that you could become better person. A more successful founder. A tolerant founder. A person that bridges the divide in our world. Be a founder that embraces universal values. Respect LGBTA, different religions, diffrent coultures. See others as fellow man with different strengths ands weaknesses not your enemy. To be honest division in your neighborhood, community, region, nation is only going to threaten the quality of your life and your childrens life

Plus, we have also made it possible to use it as your phone wallpaper if you like.

Enjoy!  Founders Under 40™ Group + BJ MANNYST Sponsor

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Everything A Founder Needs to Avoid and Overcome Failure - Founder Under 40™ Group Shares

Failure sucks big time. You spent days, spent nights, sacrificed time away from your family and friends just to build a business that was intended to change the world. Now you are stuck with the painful realization that business wasn’t the venture to take you to financial freedom and significance.

In my opinion that’s just part of the process of trying to be more than you can be. . .to be in a position to see what you are made of, to give more to your community and to give to people. But think about it, would you rather be a person who wishes they had taking a chance or be the person that took a chance.

So my fellow founders, I have taking the time to gather some key invaluable resources that can help you avoid business failure and also even help you move on.

I hope this would be invaluable to founders and Founder Under 40™ Group members.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How Founders Can Stay Safe Financially & Physically - Founders Under 40™ Group Shares
The world around us is changing. There are tension and violence almost on every corner of the world. As a founder(s) your responsibility are to constantly assess the risks around you from online, neighborhood, community, regionally, nationally, and globally because your ability to stay alive depends on it. And from personal experience and observation it is never to easy to fully cope with change. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring but I do know some education is better than none.

***Manny & the Founders Under 40 Group team hope this quick guide begins the process of educating oneself about keeping oneself safe. Note this is not an official advice. These are general tips so seek resources that apply to you and your circumstances.

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