Thursday, January 19, 2017

10 Ways To Eliminate The 99% - Manny_of_Founders Under 40™ Group Shares

The way we are going in the 21st century, there’s no room for the existence of the 99%. The 99% today, are as frail as a child and as dumb as nails. They should go fuck themselves.

These are the paraphrase words of one misinformed 1%. Whose name will be irrelevant to this document. The point of this publication is to reach out to the founders around the world and the many others who feel compelled to make sure everyone will always have a fair shot now and into the future.
Friday, January 6, 2017

18 Ways To Kill A Startup or Your Startup - Founders Under 40™ Group Sharing

I recently came across this content and thought this would be useful for my fellow founders who are in their early stages of a business. Most of content where originally written / published by Paul Graham of the famous Y Combinator (accelerator) which both are not being endorsed by myself or Founders Under 40™ Group (unconventional founders community) or BJ Mannyst (service marketing services).  

We live in a time when nations and institution are encouraging more entrepreneurial spirits in their citizens rather than mere job seekers. However most forget the entrepreneurial path is not an easy path.

Founders lives are not paved in gold accept maybe Donald Trump. My point, please make sure to consider the following below. And if you are a founder(s) please feel free to reach out (@fu40group) or or (@thebestmannyo)


Thursday, January 5, 2017

How Being Surrounded By Greatness Helps Founders & Founders Under 40™ Group Become Like The New England Patriots

If your current relationships are not helping you achieve your founders dreams, then you need to make some adjustment. I have three questions for you before I encourage you to keep reading. One, have you made the choice to be great? Second, have you identify what it is that you’d be willing to sacrifice for greatness? Third, what are you willing to do to achieve greatness and a great impact in life?
Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tips On Becoming Great This New Year- Founders Under 40™ Group Shares

WARNING: Becoming great in life and in business requires the choice to be great.Also a strong drive to achieve.

Most of us want to be significant in life. We want to be financially free and have access to abundance. We want to be around the best that life has to offer. We want to be free to enjoy the beauty and the imperfections of the world. We want to be the master not the slave of life. So what can you do to achieve greatness?
Monday, December 12, 2016

Tips On Being A Powerful Networker This New Year- Founders Under 40™ Group Shares

WARNING: Powerful networking and relationships require 110% effort.
In a hyper-competitive global world, and digital world, quality relationships are becoming more important. I personally I’m not the perfect networker however I’m always open to improvement. And I also thought my fellow founders and leaders might enjoy this. All the tips below were written by different authors and edited for clarity. We are not endorsing any authors and / or organization.

Also check out

Monday, November 14, 2016

Would Elon Musk & NASA Settle On Mars if Primitive Creatures Exist?

SpaceX founder Elon Musk plans to get humans to Mars in six years. He plans to start with a great booster rockers, and in space conduct a refueling process (see the video below) however like everything in life, requires funds.

Everyone by now knows he’s got a huge ambition to colonize the Planet that looks like it is covered in pot holes, bunch of rocks, and pretty much dead.

My question, to Elon Musk and anyone with the same space vision, is whether they would settle and colonize the planet if there are primitive creatures living deep underground. I have a wild guess that’s where they all are.

I would be among the millions excited by this possibility of man residing on a another rock. Even National Geographic has got a mini-series happening this November. It is definitely helping all of us see beyond our planet and eventually expand into the stars.

However I stop to think about what the British Empire had done to primitive people of others parts of the earth. The advanced nation weren’t willing to share or coexist with inferior nations or inferior people
The Empire launched campaigns to break down the resistance, oppressed them or exploited them, or annihilated them or all of the above. I can sort of imagine if we modern humans actually wiped out neanderthals.

Mr. Musk, the billionaire founder of the SpaceX rocket company, has been offering hints and teases of his desire to colonize the big red planet since he could read.

He has outlined a simple ambitious plan for manned mission to mars which could begin in 2022. But thing that many scientist, entrepreneurs, government need to remember not to repeat the mess of human’s colonialist history.

And could Mr. Musk redirect his plans if the planet is occupied by natives who are just behind in their civilization evolution.?

Other Questions.

Would he enslave them?
Would he Terra- form the planet to suite mankind?
Would we force them to learn our cultures and religion?
Would we mix?
If we discover they are like horses or donkey would we just use them?
Would the humans sent to colonize mars go through significant mutations?
Would we be different from the British Empire?
Would you move them to an island like “Shark Island” like the Namibians?
Would you keep them alive if they are on the brink of death?
Would you run a eugenics program?

[He said there were “two fundamental paths” facing humanity today. “One is that we stay on Earth forever and then there will be an inevitable extinction event,” he said. “The alternative is to become a spacefaring civilization, and a multi-planetary species.”]

And other experts emphasize the need for thorough and conclusive understanding before we send any humans to colonize the Red Planet. “

I welcome your thoughts....

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Critical Holiday Business Insights: Shoppers Have Divided Shoping Plans Equally

I thought I would share this with founders and individuals in retail / eCommerce / mobile trying to make sure that they get their sales strategy correct. If you need any further help with your service business marketing or want to promote b2b solutions, give me a shout . Happy Competing!!!  Please note we are not endorsing anyone or organization.
Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tips For Founders Seeking Fulfillment - Founders Under 40™ Group Shares

At the beginning and end of our lives is a strong inner desire to be fulfilled. To be fulfilled in love, purpose, income, significance, safety, health, friendship, play, fun, etc is pretty much what we crave daily. And unfortunately many of us are not happy because of the social or self pressures to conform to the mainstream or face the possibility of being labeled an outcast.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Augmented Virtual Reality Marketing Could End Up Being Nothing But Smokes & Mirror?

To everyone in marketing, founders in AR / VR space or general business owners, stop what you are doing and take a moment to just observe how the general city public in your area engages their smart phones, and in just a few minutes you will notice how withdrawn many are becoming. In a time of tremendous sociological  changes, AR / VR marketing is being held up as greatest thing since refrigeration.

My dear marketers and CMOs, AR / VR is nothing but a 4K TV. AR / VR is nothing but a BlueRay Disc. AR / VR is nothing but a 3D TV. AR / VR is nothing but a Cherry Coke.  AR / VR marketing is like a hand crafted toilet paper roll.AR / VR has tremendous numerous value potential but I don’t expect any significant improvement in B2C marketing ROI. 



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