Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How Founders Can Survive Setbacks & Challenges - Guide

What can I tell you founders that you don’t already know about the challenges of being an entrepreneur/founder/ceo? Not very much however knowing how to handle the down side can be immensely liberating.

I have put together this great guide with the help our sponsor, BJ Mannyst + Founders Under 40™ Group, to help you cope and overcome the common setbacks and obstacles.

Only those who strive and desire to succeed could overcome the hardships even when starring into the eyes of death. Those who persevere usually are the biggest winners in the eyes of God.

The thing is life’s journey is never going to be straight line so individual desiring to grow need to accept the growing pains. It’s just God’s way of making you better.

The intensity of it could be like a pinch, punch in the face, bone break, or a knockdown but either you see no way out of it, you give up, or you use it to your advantage is really up to you.

Your emotional state during setbacks and challenges will be your own choice. You can get angry, blame people, become sad, feel loneliness, failure mentality, panic, worry, reality avoidance,fear and so forth. The reality is none of these negative and sometimes healthy emotions will help you move forward. The better you are at managing your feelings the sooner you get out of despair.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

30 Plus Signs Your Service Startup or Service Business Stands Out

A company or individual who stands outs, in the right way, could benefit from their distinction.  However there are chances that such action to differentiate oneself could be costly. However failing not to distinct yourself also can be very costly.

In my personal opinion, why would you want to build a business when you can’t be the superstar among stars? Why would you want to be a boring me too or maybe that’s your thing? In this hyper-competitive world, it can be challenging just to find unique ways to stand out from the crowd. Growing noise from venture capitalist, incumbents, haters, direct competitors, the middle east, North Korea, advertisers, celebrities, marketers, etc 

So I scrambled over the past long weekend to bring this awesome insight that show you whether you  have the characteristic of an outstanding service business. If you need help to distinguish your service business, we may just be able to offer you some unique advantage. Consider BJ Mannyst TEST DRIVE SERVICE.

Ok, Lets Begins
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Monday, April 17, 2017

Founders of SaaS or Service Startups Might Have To Go Back To The Basics

We are all bombarded by mobile apps of all kinds. Inundated by hundreds of thousands of promotions on LinkedIn, on tech websites, business websites, and many sites.  And often, the Saas ads, that we see is of numerous providers that sell something not a whole different from others. In my opinion, modern advertisement just simply overwhelm the senses. All that sponsor post isn’t going entice most people to click on an ad because most people don’t trust ads. Plus, don’t get me started on the endless startups that keep entering crowded markets and selling the same exact same thing. I took a look at Eventbrite and Universe recently and it’s pretty much almost the same thing. The point of all this, I want to help the me-too get back to the basic of SaaS and service if they are not kicking ass yet.

Many Founders and wannabe entrepreneurs desperately want to build sexy companies like SalesForce, Marketo but what they fail to realize is why spend your time, personal funds, angel funds, VC funds building the one billionth SaaS or mobile app or service business in the exact same space as the the TOP 10 in your market?

Why not put in the extra effort to truly distinguish your SaaS and service business from the crowd. One way to start is to get back to service fundamentals. This guide will help founders, saas, sme, smb, and freelancers.

Over the past few weeks, I took some time to study everything possible about the current SaaS world and service world and I will share with you what I took from it and offer some basic tips . We are open to further discussions with SaaS companies or other service oriented companies and possibly be of help. Some tips and insights were inspired by KPMG: Transforming Your SaaS Business guide. And other SaaS resources. P.S. Don’t be afraid to consider us to help your service business, we may just be able to offer you a unique advantage. Consider a TEST DRIVE SERVICE.

Ok, Lets Begins
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

33 Ways Founders Can Market & Succeed In A Hyper-Competitive Business World - BJ Mannyst Shares

Every tech startup, non-tech businesses around the world are faced with ever more intense competition and pressure. If you take a look at your major streets, you’ll notice the landscape is changing. As more and more multinationals expand into more neighborhoods, more of the businesses on the block are pretty much not your mom-and-pop retailers. And with the growing rise of e-commerce and automation, this is really going to impact social and economic way of life for many.  
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Don't Wait For Millennials & Founders To Change The World? - Founders Under 40™ Group

I’m not sure if it’s the state of the world or the uncertainty in social-economic structures or the rapid change in technology…or the way millennials are brought up or if they are too busy screwing each others brains out. I’m starting to think millennials and millennial founders don’t have the back bones to really improve this world.
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How Founders Can Create A Sustainable Community & World - Founders Under 40™ Group

If Mr. Elon Musk is not an example of the will of man to create his or her future, I’m not sure what else can demonstrate the proof. The world was either a very chaotic and very divisive world before Donald or somehow he just escalated it. It is sort of like the world went from a dog bite to an anaconda bit. Will it kill us?

Whatever the case or outcome of these turbulent times, I would hope Founders Under 40

Group members and founders around the world would help create more bridges and discourage divisiveness. So I have taking some time to point you to a possible higher purpose. Because chasing ever more money and more stuff is only going to leave you feeling empty if you don’t have something substantial to motivate you.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Quick 10 Important Marketing Tips For Service Providers & Professionals

We, Manny + BJ Mannyst + Founders Under 40™ Group, have taking the time to give you some thoughts to help in your service business journey or other funded venture. As always if you need further help, contact us or visit  Try out our quick marketing solutions which includes quick customized tips and suggestions for a flat $214US (1 - 30 minutes session) from our team (
***This article originally “10 Essential B2B Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Professional Services Firm” by Lee F. October 07, 2016. We are not endorsing them just sharing some useful insights.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

FinTech Marketing 101 For The Financial Technology Startups & Other Startups -Powered By BJ Mannyst + Founders Under 40™ Group

Since the very beginning of PayPal and others, tech savvy entrepreneurs have gravitated to the financial world at an increasing rate. All seem to be disrupting the tradition banking, finance, wealth management, currency, security and investing world. Some are even inventing new solutions to old monetary problems. It is an exciting space to be in however it can be very competitive, heavily regulated, etc.

If you are starting your fintech company, or still in the fine-tuning growing stage, our advice is to definitely read up on the industry, seek advice, seek funds, learn from companies like paypal, AngelList, Kickstart, Wealthfront, ZhongAn, Oscar, Credit Karma, etc so you could get a better overview of what you are getting yourself in.

As for the marketing, it still comes down to dealing and serving humans. We, Manny + BJ Mannyst + Founders Under 40™ Group, have taking the time to give you some thoughts to help your fintech startups and other funded service business startups. As always if you need further help, contact us.  Try out our quick marketing solutions which includes quick customized tips and suggestions for a flat $214US (1 - 30 minutes session) from our team.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Joining Founders Community Like Founders Under 40™ Group Definitely Helps Founders Grow

Becoming a founder in some industry is relatively easy. It might just cost as little as time, a place to work, internet access, a decent laptop, living funds, support, etc. And chances are some of you became founders due to circumstances or because you hated working for someone else or you just simply saw an opportunity. Whatever the story is, being a part of a great intimate community of founders can definitely help you grow. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

10 Ways To Eliminate The 99% - Manny_of_Founders Under 40™ Group Shares

The way we are going in the 21st century, there’s no room for the existence of the 99%. The 99% today, are as frail as a child and as dumb as nails. They should go fuck themselves.

These are the paraphrase words of one misinformed 1%. Whose name will be irrelevant to this document. The point of this publication is to reach out to the founders around the world and the many others who feel compelled to make sure everyone will always have a fair shot now and into the future.
Friday, January 6, 2017

18 Ways To Kill A Startup or Your Startup - Founders Under 40™ Group Sharing

I recently came across this content and thought this would be useful for my fellow founders who are in their early stages of a business. Most of content where originally written / published by Paul Graham of the famous Y Combinator (accelerator) which both are not being endorsed by myself or Founders Under 40™ Group (unconventional founders community) or BJ Mannyst (service marketing services).  

We live in a time when nations and institution are encouraging more entrepreneurial spirits in their citizens rather than mere job seekers. However most forget the entrepreneurial path is not an easy path.

Founders lives are not paved in gold accept maybe Donald Trump. My point, please make sure to consider the following below. And if you are a founder(s) please feel free to reach out (@fu40group) or or (@thebestmannyo)


Thursday, January 5, 2017

How Being Surrounded By Greatness Helps Founders & Founders Under 40™ Group Become Like The New England Patriots

If your current relationships are not helping you achieve your founders dreams, then you need to make some adjustment. I have three questions for you before I encourage you to keep reading. One, have you made the choice to be great? Second, have you identify what it is that you’d be willing to sacrifice for greatness? Third, what are you willing to do to achieve greatness and a great impact in life?




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