Wednesday, October 11, 2017

17 Ways Whites Blacks Yellow Brown Green Founders Can Identify Great Founders To Hangout With + FREE iPhone 8 Wallpapers.

After seeing what's going on in the world, sometimes one wonders what can one individual or group do to help eradicate a divisive world?

There's no magic bullet to heal the problems of the world so we thought we might as well help people identify qualities that make a great founder.

By doing that you could become better person. A more successful founder. A tolerant founder. A person that bridges the divide in our world. Be a founder that embraces universal values. Respect LGBTA, different religions, diffrent coultures. See others as fellow man with different strengths ands weaknesses not your enemy. To be honest division in your neighborhood, community, region, nation is only going to threaten the quality of your life and your childrens life

Plus, we have also made it possible to use it as your phone wallpaper if you like.

Enjoy!  Founders Under 40™ Group + BJ MANNYST Sponsor

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Everything A Founder Needs to Avoid and Overcome Failure - Founder Under 40™ Group Shares

Failure sucks big time. You spent days, spent nights, sacrificed time away from your family and friends just to build a business that was intended to change the world. Now you are stuck with the painful realization that business wasn’t the venture to take you to financial freedom and significance.

In my opinion that’s just part of the process of trying to be more than you can be. . .to be in a position to see what you are made of, to give more to your community and to give to people. But think about it, would you rather be a person who wishes they had taking a chance or be the person that took a chance.

So my fellow founders, I have taking the time to gather some key invaluable resources that can help you avoid business failure and also even help you move on.

I hope this would be invaluable to founders and Founder Under 40™ Group members.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How Founders Can Stay Safe Financially & Physically - Founders Under 40™ Group Shares
The world around us is changing. There are tension and violence almost on every corner of the world. As a founder(s) your responsibility are to constantly assess the risks around you from online, neighborhood, community, regionally, nationally, and globally because your ability to stay alive depends on it. And from personal experience and observation it is never to easy to fully cope with change. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring but I do know some education is better than none.

***Manny & the Founders Under 40 Group team hope this quick guide begins the process of educating oneself about keeping oneself safe. Note this is not an official advice. These are general tips so seek resources that apply to you and your circumstances.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

15 Things You Better Love Before Becoming A Founder - Founders Under 40™ Group Shares

Imagine somebody asked you to write on a piece of paper the things
you love doing. If what came to mind was “partying, hanging out with
friends, going to the beach, meeting new people, traveling,” you might
ready to go on vacation or spring break.

If on the other hand, you wrote “learning, making decisions, listening,
risk, selling, working hard and building something from nothing,” you
might be ready to be an entrepreneur. Through my experience I
learned about the less glamorous yet truly valuable things
entrepreneurs do with their time.

So if you’re thinking about starting your own company from scratch,
here are the things you better love – or at least learn to tolerate on a
daily basis.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

How Founders Can Think Differently For Today And The Future - Founders Under 40™ Group Sponsored

Thinking just a little different from the crowd can mean the difference between advancing in life or simply spiraling around in mediocrity. It’s back to school for a some people this time of year. Which might mean trying to fit in so one is not labeled a “loner” or “weirdo” or “book worm” or a variation of those words. It’s that time when many university students gradually solidify their adult persona or make some changes. The fact is there are many factors that play into one’s ability to distinguish one’s self from the pack only if that’s where you feel you belong. My point is that in an hyper-competitive world you can’t afford to be another guy in a suit or another woman with good-looks to die for. With the improvement of makeup products almost every woman has flawless skin. With the internet and affordable tools almost anyone can become an expert.

I think a stepping stone towards breaking from the pack is to occasionally distinguishing your thinking. As Steve Jobs once said, “crazy ones…see things differently.”: Below are some tips and thoughts.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

How To Become a Fair Founder In An Unfair World - Founders Under 40 Group Sponsor

Unnecessary unfairness sucks! There’s not a single day that goes by that someone or something is being treated unfairly. Either on our streets, neighborhoods, schools, judicial systems, venture capital, sports, workplace, etc. In most cases it is the action of those with the means to cause the unfairness a.k.a competitive advantage. It is simply the strong deliberately directly and indirectly devaluing the rights of the weak or less powerful.

My inspiration for this piece was realizing how painful it can be on the receiving end of unfairness, when in the past certain privilege or favoritism came to me, when not of the minority groups. I’m sure you founders have a ton of unfairness stories and shit that you almost fucking wish there was a war to right the injustice. You sometimes see how certain people get preferential treatment and others are stunned as hell as to why your value is not equal to others. So because I hate unnecessary unfairness I decided to write some thoughts for founders to adopt so that they don’t create companies riddled with bull shit sub-culture. 

What Is Unfairness & Why Founders Need To Address It?
Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Wage Slave Free World - The Past & Current Slavery Part 2


In the past wage slavery was missing the word wage and the idea of human rights. However, still had the same purpose. A few with ideas or in the elite class  persuaded, underpaid, or forced others to do the grunt work while they fucking enrich themselves. In the past colonialism, if you managed to find a land and settle on it - you’d better be prepared to fight to the death to keep it. And thought of sending your own people into war was out of the question if you have millions of slaves,

If the enemy or nomadic barbarians captured your citizens they were likely going to kill or enslaved them.  Almost like an unfriendly corporate takeover.

In 1000AD slavery is a normal practice in England’s rural.  People in difficult financial situations put themselves in debt to business owners, rich institutions. And if you have no means to participate at the elite level you were systematically lowered into self-enslavement. Men would sell their wives and children for a buck.Women will sell their sexuality for little food and supplies.

In Ancient Athens, slaves were even prohibited from marrying, as marriage was deemed the social privilege of the elite citizens of Athens.

In the US today, [Life is harsh for people who are unemployed or underemployed because of what’s blithely labeled a “skills mismatch.” The U.S. lost 8 million manufacturing jobs from 1979 to 2009 and has regained fewer than 1 million since. Coal mining employment has fallen 42 percent since the end of 2011. While the future lies in knowledge work, many jobs that are open today are for orderlies, burger flippers, security guards, and the like. For American men, median weekly earnings of wage-and-salary workers are no higher now, adjusted for inflation, than they were in the 1980s. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon points to the “staggering” decline in labor force participation by men of prime working age, 25 to 54. “There’s something wrong,” he said in a conference call with reporters on June 6.]--Source (Unknown)

Friday, July 21, 2017

A Wage Slave Free World - How Founders Can Help Create A Wage Slave Free World Part 1

I’ll finally say what many of the brilliants minds have spent hundreds of fucking years discussing in conferences like the G8, G20, and their Economic Forums and failed to propose anything substantial that frees men and women from economic bondage to other men with production capital.

In my opinion- - -no person / child / animal should be at the mercy of other “men” for his or her access to: safety, good food, clean water, energy, housing, technology, education, and transportation.The Greek crisis of 2008 is a perfect example to people of just how bad things can get when individuals are too dependent on none community ran institutions to provide their essentials such as health care, employment, education, etc.

What’s still puzzling is that, there are still those who prefer to live like chickens. Always glad a farmer brings them food at six in the morning, cleans their hen house at lunch time, provides play time in the evening and are indifferent to their own personal growth as long as certain needs are met by the State.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Founders Stop Wasting People’s Time & Find Your Hedgehog Content Marketing - Founders Under 40™ Group Sponsored

Theres no day that I don’t see all kinds of content, ideas or businesses who are just a variation of some other shit that I’ve seen from several hundred others. I’m really not interested in the fifth rat trap. Occasionally I get exposed to people claiming to be experts in digital marketing from nations that are just discovering the internet trying to convince audiences,who breed digital marketing 24/7, how to do it. You have people talking about raising funds in thirty days that have never gotten off their fat ass and faced the numerous sometimes soul-crushing rejection telling others how to do it. The thing about the internet is that it makes ordinary people who haven’t earned their stripes to simply enter a field and start bombarding everyone that they discovered fire and can help others make fire. I’ll say it once, “our world is so content saturated - - -That people are drowning in it. What makes your fucking content special?” Why should I stop what I’m doing to listen to you?

What annoys me sometimes is when those people never take the time to learn what really the group manager/ moderators wants, what’s the purpose of the community, what audiences wants and what format, what they already know, or care about. One true reason why I’m writing this is to encourage better content and behaviors from thousands who dump their content to Founders Under 40 Group online and offline community which I help moderate and think their shit is the greatest shit since Uber.

I’d be straight with everyone no one wants mediocre content, regurgitated content, or boring shit they can find else where, like for example “How To Develop A Great Sales Culture” or “Mastering Social Media 2.0” or “20 Ways To Bootstrap Your Startup”, “How To Find a Co-Founder”, “How To Hookup With Co-Workers?, etc.

My advice, find someone else good shit and share it and give them credit. If you think their shit sucks then create your own don’t plagiarize.
Thursday, July 6, 2017

Founders & Investors Need To Lead By Example When It Comes To Sex & Minorities

Maybe all this unwanted sexual advances revelation and discrimination in the VC world, the startup and enterprise world will help shape a better work and business environment in the future. However something tells me this is an issue that will continue to exist as long people still need a flesh and blood human to fulfill their sexual desires. And when founders are not embracing diversity in a healthy way from the very start of their companies.

The reality is men and women have desires. Some know how to fulfill their needs responsibility and some don’t know how. Some know how to exploit other people’s vulnerability or blow things out of proportion for attention, money or something else. It is a conundrum to engage someone you really find sexually attractive but have to clearly find ways to separate business from pleasure or not be in a conflict of interest.

Some male dominated industries might be just a little extra hesitant now or cautious to recruit attractive women because of fear of being falsely accused or the fear of very few possible uncontrollable libido in business dealings.

Whatever the case, bellow is some tips and thoughts I found and just sharing. Not endorsing the people or the articles. Just use it as a starting point. Plus, there must be professional training providers of proper work place behaviors.

(different author’s content below)

Investor/Founder Sexual Harassment And Discrimination Policy

  • Zero-tolerance for investors overtly sexually assaulting, harassing, or discriminating against founders or their teams
  • Stern punishment for other violations of the policy
  • Scope of those bound by the policy that beyond investment partners may include any investment decision makers including VC firm staff, advisors, scouts, board members, or anyone else that could retaliate against a founder, or influence the funding decision about a startup
  • Scope of those protected by the policy beyond founders receiving investment, including founders who pitch or discuss potential investment with the firm, their fundraising teams, and potentially all staff, plus anyone the firm tries to recruit to their portfolio companies

Thursday, May 25, 2017

When Your Service Marketing Sucks. . .Revisit Service Marketing 101

There will be a time when you’re running your service business that not every factor is clicking with your target. It could be lower conversion at certain price. It could be more conversation when a certain individual was working and attending to customers. It could be that your reputation or offering  no long pulls in business.

One solution is to revisit the service marketing basics. So I and BJ Mannyst ( scrambled over the past long weekend to bring this awesome insight that show you the service marketing basics. If you need help to update your service strategies and tactics for your service business, we may just be able to offer you some unique advantage. Consider BJ Mannyst TEST DRIVE SERVICE.

OK, Lets Begins
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For full preview click read more.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New & More Attention and Support to Founders Under 40™ Group Private Community Members


All Founders Under 40 ™ Group Private Community Members are  experiencing more than they got from the basic and open community which has reached over 30, 000+ members worldwide and is growing everyday.

However you, our members, are continuously demanding more coordination, engagement, collaboration, connections, networking, business development, safety, healthy experience, diversity, relevancy, and so forth.

But the reality is that to give founders the greatest experience, it requires laying a sustainable system which at the end of the day requires variety of resources.

FOUNDERS UNDER 40 ™ GROUP truly wants to help  founders around the world reach their full potential and help them leave a lasting legacy. 






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