Sunday, February 26, 2012

Not Every Founder is a Caucasian Christian Male

Not every founder has a pronounceable last name like "Morgan" or "Campbell". I run into more  and more founders with first names, that's so uncommon that I'm appreciative of the diversity.

We are in a age where a founder and co-founder team will likely look more like smarties than a bag of red apples.  What ethnicity the person is should not matter. I believe a lot of organization  are still missing a great opportunity to tap into a huge market of fresh perspective.  The 3000+ members of Founders Under 40 Group are from all corners of world. There are women and men of all ethnicity pursuing a dream. Their aspirations are no different from a Person in Egypt  or California.

Sure we all naturally gravitate to people who look and act like us. I'll suggest to anyone that it's time to mix voluntarily. The way the future is going, you either fully embrace the world or sit alone in corner trying to protect a world that no longer exist.  There are black presidents, awesome Asian basketball point guards like Jeremy Lin. Asian Football player, Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers. White hip-hop star, Eminem. 

I can't wait for an Indian shooting guard like Kobe or the Oprah Winfrey of the tech world.  

I'm lovin' diversity. 

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