Thursday, January 15, 2015

Founders' Life is As Simple As Einstein - Sponsored by BJ Mannyst

Your life and your journey is so simple. It’s so simple that Einstein himself showed us all how to live life while achieving great things. We would hope you know who Albert Einstein is? Think “E=MC2”. The physics guy with the funny hair. We just wanted to bring this significant insight to the attention of founders, business leaders, and everyone who has life.

There are times one discovers something great that’s been starring back for many years. Today, that discovery is Albert Einstein’s biographical documentary. About a misfit who never gave up his independence of thoughts, imagination, curiosity, positive attitude, determination, perseverance in the face of all life’s challenges. A misfit who never followed the typical path, to success, that many of his peers had taken. A man who found his own greatness.

While watching his biographical documentary, We came to realize that the meaning of our lives in this world was clearly explained in his life, So we thought many founders might appreciate the similarities of his life to a founder’s life.

BJ Mannyst + Founders Under 40™ Group are excited to share this video documentary

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