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How To Achieve Less Annoying Small Medium Business Marketing & More Effective Marketing



Everyday someone wants your attention and wants you to act on their message, join their cause, act on their promo,buy their stuff, their unbelievable solutions to your problems…if you take our courses. Oh…don’t get us started with the endless peddling of fear, urgency and misinformation – –This one became a close experience when we and others kept receiving daily email blast by a popular author, who also is the occasional media talking head, Robert K (Hint: Something Dad ….Poor Dad). Dear Founders, Startups & Small Medium Businesses blasting your marketing everyday at every hour is annoyance not effective marketing. Plus, you waste time & money!!

Hey Robert K, if you’re so wise why do you talk too much? Good books Roberts but Why are you blasting our mailbox with your s_-__ everyday at every hour without our permission? With email subject lines like the following: 1, “Biden wants to “turn off” your money 2, “Creepy joe opened the gate for a Trojan Horse” 3, “about the effing storm on the horizon…” ….We could go on however that’s not the point to this content.

In our opinion, Robert you say you want to make people financially empowered yet you and many others in your position are just sometimes mind f_-__ people for your own bottom-line. Kevin O’Leary, Susan Orman, Grant Cardone, Dave Ramsey, Michelle Singletary, Christine Benz, Nicole Lapin, Tiffany Aliche, Erin Lowry, Ramit Sethi, Peter Theil, Elon Musk and other financial personalities.

    “Peter Thiel (His VC firm Founders Fund) reportedly made $1.8 billion cashing out an 8-year bet on crypto – when he was still touting a massive bitcoin price surge” Source BusinessInsider

    “Thiel predicted bitcoin’s price would surge 100 times around the same time his fund was reportedly selling its crypto holdings.” Source BusinessInsider

In addition, remember readers all advice has to be taken with a grain of salt, regardless of the source.

Again, just cause the “R” word is being thrown around now on the news doesn’t mean your marketing needs to be f_-__ annoying.


Let’s Begin…..


These are the signs when your marketing is just getting on the nerves of your prospects and customers. As you continue to read, remember you are just wasting your time, money and damaging your reputation when you’re just annoying people and business with your bad marketing.

    Not keeping your hunger in check or your desperation for a response and / or sale in check
    Not checking to creating content that’s not just keyword stuffing and content trying too hard
    Not making sure you are not picking the wrong color scheme, font size, layout for your target
    Not making sure your form doesn’t requests unnecessary information
    Not making sure your app only seeks permission it needs to work
    Not making sure taking valuable time out of peoples busy lives and focus is a win
    Not having different forms for different purpose like email subscribers form and contact us form
    Not doing enough to protect and keep safe people’s information
    Not taking your business privacy policy and hardware infrastructure seriously
    Not giving people a way to correct or update or delete some information
    Not giving users a chance to explore your site before the popups and promos appear
    Not providing all the features of security, safety and credibility
    Not picking the right-must-have content to be gated
    Not providing some clarity of pricing, requirement and benefits
    Not providing information that your business is being socially responsible
    Not considering your marketing frequency carefully that will achieve the goal without annoying
    Not asking yourself how often do your target want to hear from you
    Not customizing content for different mediums and people / targets
    Not being considerate that most don’t want default video auto-play
    Not realizing that too much text copy on your ads just gets ignored
    Not making sure you put customers on call hold or wait-list or call back for short minutes
    Not having flexibility to accommodate for unique situations
    Not making sure that quality of attention is better than everyone’s attention
    Not making sure that once you get attention you keep it and respect it
    Not making sure to put your best effort forward
    Not preventing your legit email message from getting to spam
    Not making sure the SPF record for your domain includes all email senders for your domain.
    Not checking regularly that your domain isn’t listed as unsafe with Google Safe Browsing
    Not realizing if you annoy anyone long enough they will ignore you forever
    Not using automation wisely and within reason
    Not making it easy to unsubscribe
    Not realizing some countries and regions restrict automatic opt-in
    Not realizing if they have no interest or show no interest in what you are offering let them go
    Not realizing If you advertise a live webinar you have to do it live
    Not being empathetic with peoples fears and problems
    Not acknowledging that no one likes a know it all
    Not keeping your ego, show-off and hone-blowing in check
    Not keeping your insecurity in check
    Not being grateful
    Not realizing being pushy or too aggressive is annoying
    Not stopping bait and switch or misleading offers
    Not stopping the constant lying
    Not stopping guilt call-to-action like “You Must Be Dumb, If You Don’t Buy This Book”
    Adding people to your email / call list without getting explicit permission, introduction or a sign-up
    Not taking the time to warm your prospects or leads
    Not building your credibility, adopting & practicing good business values


    Pay more attention to your customers verbal and nonverbal behaviors
    Assess the quality of your engagements, feedback, criticism
    Have a growth mindset culture that keeps getting better
    Assess what you do and imagine being in the customers shoes or mailbox
    Target better and stop blasting to everyone unless you sell goods everyone (100%) consume
    Realizing that not everyone is the right fit for your product or service anyway
    Be cautious if someone or company has all the answers or needs everything you sell
    Anything that cannot be delivered should not be promised
    There are somethings and at some moments you want to put in CAPS or BOLD
    Don’t overuse lingo or industry jargon like Digital Transformation, Innovative, etc
    Find a healthy frequency for your email marketing, social media posts, or ads
    You have to convey that you have the solution, credibility, history, consistency to do the job well
    Warming leads is better. Cold emailing prospect is like trying to cook in the dark
    The more longer the sales cycle the more you need relationships
    Try to genuinely care and comment and /or engage
    Stop pretending you’re an old friend wanting to connect
    Be careful who you partner and associate with
    Building your business values and your individual values before asking for the sale
    Hop on industry or media relevant trends sometimes but think it through very very well
    If you discount somethings, be clear
    If something is FREE let it be free.
    If there are conditions / terms clearly state it in simple English or in the language for your target
    Sometimes you repeat and sometimes you change it up
    Make sure you have a clear process or step-by-step logical flow
    If your target is okay with no-frills then give no-frills
    Become a thought leader and commit to your expertise
    Establish yourself as a resource
    Be authentic not a fake but maintain good healthy values
    Be aware of industry trend
    Improve your communication skills
    Improve your interpersonal skills
    Occasionally show your passion and purpose
    Have a few credible employees do public speaking or events
    Develop your Critical-thinking skills, Analytical skills, Creativity skills
    Content in the form of educational or entertaining not sales pitch
    Attempting to reconnect with customers after long periods of silence should be evaluated
    Shock content could be used occasionally however think it through
    Remember all advice has to be taken with a grain of salt, regardless of the source
    Do your homework on the people and organizations you’re taking advice from


Format email messages for successful delivery.

    Format messages according to the Internet Format Standard
    If your messages are in HTML, format them according to HTML standards
    Don’t use HTML and CSS to hide content in your messages. Hiding content might cause messages to be marked as spam.
    Message From: headers should include only one email address, for example: From:
    Make sure every message includes a valid Message-ID
    Web links in the message body should be visible and easy to understand. Recipients should know what to expect when they click a link.
    Sender information should be clear and visible.
    Message subjects should be accurate and not misleading

(source Google)



Hey you are responsible to yourself, workers, stakeholders, clients, city, family, customers, vendors, partners, etc to adopt best practices that help you stay in business longer. There are many resources that tell you and show you how to do things properly & professionally a.k.a Best Practices.

Email marketing as a tactic has being around for so long and yet people & businesses still think blasting your messages to everyone at every hour is a good idea. Stop doing the time wasting and money wasting things and find ways to get your credible message to the right buyers/users.

    Your homework Is to find the best practices for the marketing tactics below and try them on your business or find a credible service provider to help you. Do it today because you want better results and you want to stop annoying customers.
    MBHVIM Team


Buying brand or content placement in a publication, website, search engine, social network, etc.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

A paid marketing tactic that displays digital advertising in media where you pay only when someone clicks on your content.

Advertorial / Sponsored Content

Most likely a type of paid marketing tactic in which you buy placement of content that looks like the typical kind of content that appears on some sites / magazine ….sometimes labeled as sponsored content.

Endorsement / Advocacy / Influencer

When someone has an influence over a segment of the population, or group they may give positive review of your brand, product, or service in exchange for the right incentive


Usually common when a user / customer has used your product or services and wants to share their experience.

Case Study

It is basically like telling a story. Who, What, When, Why and How, A positive customer story which typically details the problem they were facing, how your product or service solved the problem, and the results your solution produced for the customer.

Referral / Word of Mouth

You basically are receiving prospects from people who were happy with your business. Sometimes incentivized and sometimes it’s not.


Getting customers / prospects to interact with you, your brand, your employees, your content. Which helps to create long lasting relationships.


People are social animals. The occasional hangout, event, conference, camping trip, helps to build bonds, support, contacts, education, friendships, loyalty, etc.


Including the actual name of the person you’re communicating with in the content you’re sharing. This can make the difference between someone reading your email or not.

Marketing Automation

It’s usually done with a software tool. It basically simplifies and automates the process of sending lots of email at different times, to different people, different content, different conditions, etc.

Co-Branding / Partnership

When your brand collaborates with another business to create content that attracts a mutually beneficial target audience.

Content Curation

Can be very powerful if you just clearly state the source / author of the content. When you gather content from sources you don’t own then share with your prospects, site visitors.


People love playing games. If you design a way your service, rewards, etc can seem like a game you could stand out from the crowd. Entertainment is a powerful marketing tactic.

Research & Data

If you want to do better and deliver better you have do your research and embrace data. Gaining, leveraging, and sharing insight is a very rewarding thing. It’s like Ray Dalio sharing his knowledge and research through his books. “The Changing World Order: Why Nations Succeed or Fail” & “Principles For Navigating Big Debt Crises”


Sometime you have content that could be updated, repackage, rewritten, change language, etc and distributed. It’s a way to optimize and increase it’s value and reach.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is still important because must buying journey still begins with a search engine. So an SEO tactic is a way to try to get site, content,video to be easily discovered by your target.


Yes this is the one that helped inspire this content. All that daily email in our mailbox by Robert K (Hint: Something Dad ….Poor Dad). There’s just too much email and not a lot of time and attention so make your email count. One way, is to make sure the person welcomes your email. Two, Don’t send more than two promo or content a day. We could provide more however that’s your assignment if you want to stop wasting time & money.

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