Introducing "mBlog" by MANNY OMIKUNLE, Marketing & Business Service Provider via BJ MANNYST which continues to approach marketing management from unconventional ways & FOUNDER of FOUNDERS UNDER 40™ Group, the unconventional founders community which through effort and a higher power is tuning out to be embraced by several thousands around the world..

After spending time in sales, marketing, customer service, educating himself about business, and being responsible for operation of his past duties,

"Manny" now pursues a new and exciting opportunity. He trained and gained valuable experience at variety of companies from: Puralator, Dawns Food, ADT, Burger King, Excelsior, Reckitt Benckiser, Magna and etc. He's very passionate about approaching sales, marketing management and business from the perspective of delivering results for clients not just giving advice.


He's actively involved in the the local community, global entrepreneurial community, leaders community around the world. He contributes to Inc.com, BusinessWeek.com, FoundersUnder40.com discussions. For more detail contact 4158309856 or WHATSAPP or Use Skype: "amhiredaidto"

In his free time he enjoys city life. He's also involved with other ventures and initiatives like GTA SM BD, FU40 Group, and B.J.Mannyst.
Favorite Movies     Jerry Maguire, We Are Marshall, Seven Pounds, The Matrix Trilogy, and most content with Eddie Murphy, Gabriel Iglesias, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle , .
Favorite Music     He has an eclectic taste in music, from Nat King Cole to Eminem to Drake.



He hopes this  publication takes the very best, most extraordinary and most invaluable insight by him on subject matters like marketing, social media, branding, founders, social issues, business, international that will impact founders of start-ups or founders of multi million dollar businesses around the world. He welcomes the diverse perspective of others.

He's an individual who has come a long way, like many of you, and overcame a lot of challenges both in life and business.

He is an individual who has been and continues to be a part of the worldwide entrepreneur community. He's known in VC, Angels, Private Equity, Government, Bankers, Marketers, Sales, Business Development, CEO, CIO, CFO, F1000, Speakers, Non-profit, Medical community circles.

Most founders consider him a friend and a partner. A person they can trust and collaborate with.

He's very far from perfect.
He enjoys people and tries to live by a code of fairness, fearlessness, determination and universal values.

If he can be of help to your business or organization in marketing or engaging founders, please contact him. However think: WIN-WIN-WIN

***Available time will be allocated to assist you and your business,  communication & other work could be conducted on SKYPE, SLACK, WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK,email, confidential, ,

For further info or instructions please contact me

Reach Manny of mblog



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