Sunday, January 17, 2021

9+ Things Small Medium Businesses Should Be Thinking of In 2021 - 2023 - Lead Sponsored by BJ Mannyst

"According to numerous polls and surveys of small and medium-sized businesses (“SMB”) owners feel their outlook for 2021 as optimistic despite the tremendous impact of COVID-19 on their business. " - Source Unknown

If I and the BJ Mannyst team could make one top 2021 suggestion, apart from the below list, to the freelancers, founders, professionals, startups, small medium businesses (SMB) / small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is do everything in your power to get a whole lot more quality diverse support around you in 2021 onward. 

2020 was a fucking reminded not to take anything for granted. And it was a huge reminder that social capital is still very crucial for survival. It was a reminder to build social capital like you’d build a fucking bridge.

As 2021 rolls in, keep thinking about the following below and if your credible micro business / credible SMB or SME or credible founder needs to explore solutions to challenges give us a shout. . We may be able to assist and connect you to partners or a great peer in Finance, HR, Accountants, Marketing, Sales, Coaching, Software Developers, Website Developers, AI/ML, Training, etc

The fact is there will be some ounce of desperation, anger, pain, frustration, innovation, ruthlessness, unfairness as we tread into a new year. I and BJ Mannyst team just hope many of you realize that winning in monopoly still leaves you a little empty inside.

I and the BJ Mannyst Team and Founders Under 40™ Group Team + want to thank you Freelancers, Founders, Entrepreneurs,Venture Capitalist, Angels, CEO, CMO, CIO, CTO,Sponsors, etc

Thank you to all 30, 000+ founders and members that have stayed loyal to us for the past several years. Thank You, Please Have A Grateful New Year!

The following insights will be invaluable as you prepare for the next three years, post 2020 covid-19 era, of your personal and business journey. As always message Emmanuel “Manny” Omikunle via / LinkedIn or contact Jenn ( if you need startup and SMB / SME assistance like getting a diverse perspective.

P.S  if you are planing to start an ecommerce business, checkout this ecommerce book on Amazon called “How To Make Sure Your Ecommerce Just Succeeds”

You, Founders & Leaders, have a chance to make a lasting positive difference on many lives in and out of your community during & post covid19. - Emmanuel “Manny” Omikunle of BJ Mannyst (

Saturday, December 12, 2020

12+ Things Your B2B Should Be Thinking of In 2021 - 2023 - Sponsored by BJ Mannyst

12+ Things Your B2B Should Be Thinking of In 2021 - 2023

"A life lived in fear is a life half lived," - Source Unknown

Obviously 2020 will be for the history books. 2020 will have been, hopefully, a revelation of the flaws in our lives, relationships, employers, businesses, suppliers, government, social, economic systems. As well as the revelation of the blessings in our lives and business.

For some of us it was and is still much harder than others. And for some of us, it is a wake up call that humanity needs to prepare better for everyone's increase probability to survive major disasters. And like every content I and the BJ Mannyst Team have written and shared, I hope those in power commit to fix and improve the systems we live in. 

The below content will inform you of most of what you need to be thinking of for 2021 - 2023 if you are founder, business owner, freelancer, B2B manager, executive, etc. The key take away, in our opinion, is that capitalism and democracy has some major holes to fix immediately or everything will collapse. 

First of all,I and the BJ Mannyst Team and Founders Under 40™ Group Team + want to thank you Founders, Entrepreneurs,Venture Capitalist, Angels, CEO, CMO, CIO, CTO, etc 

Thank you to all 30, 000+ founders and members that have stayed loyal to us for the past several years. Thank You, Please Have A Grateful Holiday & Happy New Year!

The following insights will be invaluable as you prepare for the next three years, post 2020 covid-19 era, of your personal and business journey. As always message “Manny” Omikunle via / LinkedIn or contact Howard ( if you need startup and b2b assistance like getting a diverse perspective.

P.S  if you are planing to start an ecommerce business, checkout this ecommerce book on Amazon called “How To Make Sure Your Ecommerce Just Succeeds”

You, Founders & Leaders, have a chance to make a lasting positive difference on many lives in and out of your community during & post covid19. - Emmanuel “Manny” Omikunle of BJ Mannyst (


Monday, October 19, 2020

How & Why Your B2B Company Should Sponsor Content To Educate, Influence, Inspire, Gain Leads, Survive, & Thrive Post Covid-19

How & Why Your B2B Company Should Sponsor Content To Educate, Influence, Inspire, Gain Leads, Survive, & Thrive Post Covid-19

“I broke up with my girlfriend after she contracted the common flu I’ve decided to wash my hands of her.” - Bad Joke Source Unknown

Surely that joke may have made you smile a little or just infuriate you more because of the times we’re living in. Whatever the case, we’re all living in an unprecedented time and it’s impacting us all in many different forms.

Sometimes you just want to scream “What the fuck God” but you come to realize that you have at least two choices. Choice one, do nothing while you drown in your pity party. Choice two, get up and figure it out.

Your industry, workers, family, friends, country, pets, and so on may be terrified and could be made more vulnerable. You still at this moment have the power to care, support, assist, motivate, drive your organization to pull through. The sun will come out tomorrow.

One way to do that is to leverage your connections and influencers. Sponsor more content that can help you Educate your target. Gain Leads, Gain Trust, Survive, & Thrive.

You, Founders & Leaders, have a chance to make a lasting positive difference on many lives in and out of your community during & post covid19. - “Manny”

NOTE: Make sure what you are selling or offering is not preying on people or businesses. Make sure you are creating a win-win relationship. Make sure you are really connecting to people not just chasing transactions. Don’t be a fucking flack when it comes to embracing diversity, social justice, investing in diverse community, universal values.


What many B2B have failed to realized in this crisis is that sales effectiveness is likely to come from people (friends, family, colleagues, experts) that have credibility with the target.

Some B2B have said Sponsoring Content is the:

Best value

Provides higher engagement 

Reaches target market 

Provides target reliable source of information 



Friday, October 16, 2020

Submit Your Tech Business / Service Business Marketing Challenges & Get Marketing Assistance - BJ Mannyst Sponsored

We all have personal and business challenges that we haven’t the time, energy, and patience to solve. For example, You may want to change and improve your service business performance and yet you just don’t know where to start. I and the BJ Mannyst team are always looking for interesting service business (the occasional product business) challenges from North America tech companies to non-tech companies that just need another look or a fix. 

You could email us [info(at)  / info(at) ]for a free quick suggestion and if you need further assistance, consider our Test-Drive offer which is a more in depth discussion which is sometimes a PAY-WHAT-IT-IS-WORTH price package

In the moment, here are some tips (sponsored by BJMANNYST.COM):

If you are going to be kicking ass in marketing post 2020, you’ve got to be agile and fast.


You are going to need to be agile and fast adapting operation. Even if you have mastered a tool, tactic, etc there are new innovations, platforms, rules that can change your role in the market.

You can be very big or still starting out your service business. You are going to need analysis, strategies, marketing tools a.k.a marketing stacks to do a good job.



Tuesday, October 13, 2020

What Does The New BJ Mannyst Business & Marketing Analytic Services Consist Of ?


If you are out there dreaming of a better future for your startup or your small medium business, I and the BJ Mannyst team highly recommend adopting business analytics. marketing analytics, and digital analytics because it will help you discover opportunities, fix problems, improve and find threats much faster. Plus it may just provide options to aid in overcoming challenges. 

Business Analytics as a Service (BAaaS) & Marketing Analytics as a Service (MAaaS) allow small / medium / big businesses to get their (structure and unstructured) data collected, processed and presented to them in the form of actionable insights.  Which may have cost a lot more to setup via on premise in-house, if not for cloud computing. Well it does cost more if you have BIG DATA. . .since you SMB likely have a lot less data, you could get started much faster.

 The thing is managing your small data, IT, privacy controls, man power is whole lot of upfront investments, development, administration and  time. You can allocate that to third parties who then just give you insights and recommendation without handing over data irresponsibly.


SO the team at BJ Mannyst introduce these simple analytics solutions [Business Analytics as a Service (BAaaS) & Marketing Analytics as a Service (MAaaS)] for SMB to assist them in improving performance and thriving.



  • Startups / Small Medium Business Companies that want to gain quick insights and recommendations
  • That do need frequent and flexible analytical insights out of their data
  • Have neither time nor resources to derive quality insights from their data
  • Companies who just want to assess their strategies  
  • Companies that don't want to deal with the IT and maintenance
Monday, September 28, 2020

Why Your Start Up / SMB Needs Business, Marketing & Digital Analytics More Now In A Post Covid 19 World? - BJ Mannyst Sponsored


You know what I’ve started to realize more and more about today’s and future business environment . . . there's a growing need to make better decisions with limited resources. 

And the best tools so far that can help is not, “Rock, Paper, or Scissors” but taking actions, collecting data which gets analyzed to gain insights to make better outcome.

This material in this post is meant for startups, SMB (small medium business), Enterprise, Marketers, Founders, Decision Makers that are looking to incorporate Marketing Analytics , Business Analytics, Digital Analytics and Other Analytics to achieve better results with better tools during covid-19 and post-coronavirus.

One thing I and the BJ Mannyst team know for sure is covid-19 has forced many like you to adopt some form of analytic. And I know some of you are even hesitant to adopt advance analytics services and platform because you are faced with many other top priorities & challenges. Hopefully this content will inform and educate you further during these uncertain times.


Thursday, September 3, 2020

Want To Do Good & Become A Wealthy Founder Post Covid-19? Then Solve These Problems

Want To Do Good & Become A Wealthy Founder Post Covid-19? Then Solve These Problems

**Keep in mind that wealth comes in many different forms, it doesn't have to be money.

I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m thinking the time to become be better, do better and make our world better is now. Just in case you don’t get to read the whole content, just remember the root cause of many humanities problems is POWER & DESIRE. 

We have problems over women rights, equality, oppression, exploitation, favoritism, corruption, possession, control,sex, guns,theft, poverty, drugs, life, skin color, money, health, safety, security,resources, access and so on…FOR POWER & DESIRE! 

First of all, a little unrelated, I wonder what Elon Musk and NASA would do to address these human problems…if they plan to populate Mars with 1 Million People in the coming decade or more. And also how will they address the strong possibility of a space war. Sure any major human problem today still needs lots of resources to solve such as addressing feeding the increasing global population, housing people, etc. Making sure everyone is fulfilled in the systems they’re in.


Get yourself on the path with these 9 technology trends that form the building blocks of Industry 4.0.

Big Data and Analytics
Autonomous Robots
Horizontal and Vertical System Integration
The Industrial Internet of Things
The Cloud
Additive Manufacturing
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality


10. Lack of economic opportunity and employment
9. Safety / security / well-being / mental health
8. Education
7. Food and water security
6. Government accountability and transparency / corruption
5. Religious conflicts
4. Poverty
3. Inequality (income, discrimination)
2. Large scale conflict / wars
1. Climate change / destruction of nature

Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Future of Platforms Like Facebook in a Changing Democratic Society_Sponsored by BJ Mannyst

***Note, the following content below was taking from news article called "Facebook ad boycott: Why big brands 'hit pause on hate'  by Queenie Wong via CNET  "

We simply want to learn and hear the thoughts of marketers, founders, cmo, managers, or anyone on the subject matter of what is our role as platform users / platform advertisers / platform operators in a changing world. Clearly there are many social & economic changes happening faster than we can address them so please kindly share your thoughts for others. ***

"Let's send Facebook a powerful message: Your profits will never be worth promoting hate, bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism and violence," states the website for the Stop Hate for Profit campaign.
The campaign has been picking up steam with a variety of major brands, including outdoor clothing brand The North Face, consumer goods giant Unilever and telecom leader Verizon. This week, Sony, Clorox, Adidas, Ford, Denny's, Volkswagen and Microsoft were among the brands that announced they've joined the boycott too.
"This definitely seems more widespread," said Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer's principal analyst. "I don't think I've ever seen this level of marketer action around Facebook."

Here's what you need to know about the ad boycott:
Why is this campaign happening now?

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said his organization and other civil rights advocates have been pushing Facebook to do more to make the platform safer for many years. Still, the company hasn't been acting quickly enough, he said.

Hate speech on Facebook helped fuel a genocide in 2017 against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. In 2019, a gunman used the social network to livestream the mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand.

"To be frank, we've not yet seen enough meaningful change," Greenblatt said.
The lack of progress became even more apparent to civil rights activists in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man in Minneapolis whose death sparked nationwide protests about police brutality and racial justice. Conspiracy theories and misinformation about Floyd's death spread on social networks, including false claims that Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros orchestrated the protests. Some of this misinformation popped up in private Facebook groups that are harder to moderate.

Facebook has also included Breitbart News, a far-right site, as a "trusted" source in its news service, and right-wing news and opinion site The Daily Caller is one of the company's fact-checking partners. Facebook has been used to incite violence against protesters and to suppress voting.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

How To Make Sure Your Ecommerce Just Succeeds_Book - Sponsored by BJ MANNYST

How to make sure your ecommerce just succeeds_book

If you choose to jump into or continue with ecommerce, will you strive to succeed from day one or would you like to wonder endlessly till you succeeded?

As of the beginning of January 2020 never would we have imagined we would be faced with a global pandemic that would cripple nations socially and economically.The lock-down, the coronavirus, the questioning of police procedures and their conducts, divisions, money, jobs, social distancing, etc.

Still, you and many others still need to generate revenue to live.

I present to you founders, freelancers, and anyone. . .The ultimate simple guide that will give you more confident and more insights to make sure what ever ecommerce business you run from 2020 forward will generate millions of dollars in sales instead of it flaming out.

This book was inspired by our experience watching and assisting many none digital literate people & businesses, none technical coders, none business savvy,. . .try to make their ecommerce work overnight, especially during a possible economic uncertainty.

I and the BJ Mannyst ( team definitely hope you become more successful reading this ultimate guide.--- Emmanuel “Manny” Omikunle ( / (

>This book will assist you in avoiding many common ecommerce mistakes
>This book will direct you on marketing and strategy.
>This book will provide tips to navigate post-covid19 ecommerce
>This book will cut the time from reading to executing your ecommerce
>This book will help you come up with great product description
>This book will help you improve site performance
>This book will show you how to perform ecommerce shipping and fulfillment success
>This book contains ecommerce plan template plus a great ecommerce launch success checklist
>This book will likely help those who really want to succeed at ecommerce

The ultimate simple guide will give you confident and insights to make sure what ever ecommerce business you run from 2020 forward will generate millions of dollars in sales.

$$$ Money-Back Guarantee $$$
if bought through author directly not through AMAZON, this guide comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied. Some Conditions Apply. Ask. Thanks***
Wednesday, May 6, 2020

How Founders Under 40™ Group & GreatestFounders™ Members Can Support Eachother & Their Communities

There’s no day in this pandemic that I and many others can’t find something or one thing to be grateful for. The reality for some people out there is that it is 100x worst. This is something we hoped to just watch in the movies…like “I AM LEGEND” with Will Smith or “WORLD WAR Z” with Brad Pitt.  Unfortunately, founders, we have gotten a glimpse of it.

My dear fellow founders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and general public. The fact it’s not like Aliens came down and told us to stay indoors for the rest of our lives. It’s just a virus that’s only going to make us all wear PPEs in public. Who has a problem wearing PPEs in public?

Founders we need to rally together, rally your friends, rally your community and press for getting this economy going again because really all the billions of people around the world need is PPE, social, activities, peace, and stable revenue until there’s a vaccine. We can do this. But in the mean time these are some ideas and tips of things to do and watch out for.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Founders, Don’t Waste Your Recovery & Dreams On Haters During Coronavirus Pandemic

“Samuel L. Jackson has no time or patience for 'Snakes on a Plane' haters. On April 29, Jackson took notice of a rude tweet about the film and wasted no time responding to it. “Whenever you feel bad about certain bad choices you’ve made in life, just remember @SamuelLJackson thought Snakes on a Plane was a good idea,”

“WTF does that even mean??! It’s a cult fave & your claim to fame is….???? For the record, it was a Great Idea!! Those residuals,” he [Samuel L Jackson] said.


Which brings me to the point of this post. . .the fact is there’s a lot of anger, frustration, boredom and suffering out in the world during covid 19 / coronavirus pandemic to make a few people start hating others.  I'm getting a few hate.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

How The Best Market & Operate Their Business During & After Covid 19 Pandemic


The fact remains that some how every single person in their homes, neighborhoods, cities, nations and planet will eventually be able to fulfill most of their pre-coronavirus activity after all this, in God’s grace.

However “It’s going to be brutal. There’s no way to sugarcoat it at all. And when we get to the other side, companies are going to be operating differently,” Mark Cuban 

All around the world every non-essential business is pretty much shut down. And there’s a high likelihood most will never reopen. Our values, behaviors, relationships, work, technology, security, transportation, and desires will change. For example, restaurants will have less tables and sittings due to need to provide more distancing which then means fewer staff and prices for somethings may go up. Judges, lawyers and clients in Toronto, Vancouver, San Franscico, New York, Chicago, Boston, London, etc. are now interacting remotely.

“Because of coronavirus, the New York court system has dramatically altered how it does business, holding virtual arraignments, freezing many nonessential matters, and having lawyers and judges work from home. Lawyers in both civil and criminal courts have been left to advocate for their clients as best they can without in-person interaction, while criminal defendants worry about spending time in city jails with high infection rates.”

It is a changing world for founders, marketers, entrepreneurs,employed or unemployed,government, etc. which means either we find a way or we all fail.

***The following tips will definitely assist your service / product business in using the situation to become a better person, better family, better business, and better world.! This content is being sponsored by BJ Mannyst, Founders Under 40™ Group, GreatestFounders™. If you need assistance with your service business during this time, please reach out to us . Best.

For a better full reading experience please check out the eBook and then purchase the eBook today via email or payment portal. Thanks.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Founders Use The 2020 Virus Crisis To Prepare To Thrive Economically & Socially

Well I don’t mean hoarding hand sanitizers, toilet paper, face mask, money,and non-perishable foods to resell for a outrageous profit. Honestly that’s not a business model I’d recommend a empathetic decent founder to play because you or a loved one could easily be on the receiving end. You don’t have to prey on the weak and vulnerable to make life better for your family or run dirty scheme to take from the rich. This is just a great time, in my opinion, to add positive value to your local community, global community, founders community and especially your team mates. A great time to set an example for your kids and your employees. A time to show love. . . well with social distance.
Clearly we all know times like these are either an opportunity or threat to life and business. And what one hopes is we all use these times to love more, serve more, and to grow more positively. The following insights will cover many areas to assist Founders, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and others to find light in moments of fear.
P. S. As always please feel free to engage us via email, Whatsapp, LinkedIn message, ---in regards to content, connecting, or any other questions. If you’d like to share your content/opinion, please give us a chance to get to know who you are. As you know there are some people who will use platforms for good and for bad.
***if you want or need a business continuity plan tool kit today for free, contact us or simply google it.


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