Thursday, July 12, 2018

Boost Your Service Business and Leads 10X - Founders Under 40™ Group Sponsor

Selling is still crucial to a business. For a service business startup, small business, professional service provider, the reality is that it involves a lot more work however word of mouth is still a very powerful tool.

As a founder and co-publisher of this great resource, I have made it mandatory to keep growing in a complex world. 

. . .So you want to boost your sales, more specifically your leads 10X. For starters it requires more work and efficiency today.

It’s no longer a do it once and walk away world. It's more like 24/7 efficient grind. However with the following tips you have a starting point and some great insights. 

First general Tip: If people don't trust you or question your credibility then this will not help you. if you are not addressing a major pain this is not going to help.

I don’t claim to be the expert. . .but you’ve got to start somewhere. Lots of insights from conventional and non-conventional sources. Enjoy Founders / Service Businesses/ etc.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this guide that will help you make more money without stressing over sales and marketing.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Rise of Inhumane Policies, and Processes Is The Death of Businesses, Cities & Nations

We have processes in government, businesses, and individual lives that have been evolving for many years. There was a time we never considered workers’ safety as an important factor in a work place because cheap labor was replaceable labor. There was a time when a prisoner of war was killed, starved too death, or turned into a slave by the victor. Now we live in a world where people are guided by a P.O.W code. A time when women were systematically processed from birth to adulthood to become the queen of domestic duties.

We have processes for maintaining IT equipment, hiring, marketing, content, banking, etc. We have processes in every aspect of dealing with governments, banks, private sector, and other people.

However one thing that’s very concerning in today's realities is that most of us seem to be tolerating injustice or dumb or inhumane rules and processes instead of speaking out.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Major Marketing Challenges For SMB / Freelancers + SMB Service Business

It can be a little challenging and stressful to start, run and maintain a service business in any part of the world or even online. So I and the BJ Mannyst Team ( scrambled over the past month trying to find crucial tips SME, SMB, or Freelancer Service Providers could use. The resources will definitely be invaluable to your service business success.

If you need help to develop or maintain your service business, we may just be able to offer you some unique advantage. CONTACT US first & TRY BJ Mannyst TEST DRIVE SERVICE today.

Keep in mind we aren’t the original authors (John J) or publisher of this content below and make no endorsement of any kind. We are just sharing.


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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Resources For Founders & Companies To Be GDPR READY BY MAY 25

GDPR Deadline: May 25, 2018 | Are You Compliant? Find Out.‎

This GDPR Compliance Checklist sets out the key requirements that the General Data Protection Regulation will introduce into EU Privacy law on 25 May 2018.

The GDPR will apply to companies processing personal data in the context of an EU establishment, companies offering goods or services to EU residents and companies that monitor the behavior of EU residents.

The changes brought in by the GDPR are wide-reaching and a number of functions within many organizations will be affected by the changes, from marketing to security and, of course, legal and compliance. This checklists aims to identify, below, the stakeholders which will need to be involved in each set of actions.

  • Legal Security
  • Compliance Procurement
  • HR Marketing and Customer Relations
  • IT & Information Services PR & Comms
  • Insurance

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Founders Under 40™ Group Creates A $10, 000, 000US Founders Support Fund

Being a founder or entrepreneur in any part of the world is tough. Some places will obviously be much harder. It could be harder because of your background, lack of social capital, funds, appearance, gender or for other reasons. Whatever the reason you aren’t kicking ass,yet, we want to let you know we are listening to your personal & business challenges. With all the hardships you experience many of you sometimes wish there were resources in place to aid you during personal crisis or business hiccups. The world’s largest and fast growing unconventional founders community, Founders Under 40™ Group, is starting a support fund for founders.

If you are a company, service provider, sponsor or just want to help. Simply follow the link or contact us to get involve. 

Some of The Stories. . .

  • We’ve heard from founders, who are trying to breakthrough in a market dominated by big opponents. Through a community they manage to build a strong relationship which lead to a successful niche business.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Your Marketing Sucks/Not Working…You Might Want Go To Ground Zero

If the odds of succeeding in business are pretty high why not make sure to get your product, sales, marketing, and “why  factor“ . . .working for you. I never guarantee anyone or business that the solution to all their business ills is more marketing or better marketing. I think there’s a lot more reason why some businesses succeed and others end up dust in the wind.

Before I continue, I want you to feel free to bring me your business and marketing challenges. I will provide you a brief free consultation.  If our suggestion or advice are great, we also have an invaluable test drive package  or via BJ Mannyst that is easy and simple to try.    And if you want further help, we can talk further.  And if we can't help or our suggestions were useless, at least you had someone to bounce your problem at.

Whether it’s our founders community, Founders Under 40 Group, or our marketing service provider, BJ Mannyst, we strive for a WIN-WIN-WIN relationship. So don’t engage us to simply manage all your marketing without thought as to how you’d compensate us.

So let's checkout some of the tips. If you want more specific to your situation, then contact us

Thursday, April 26, 2018

We All Need A Supportive Founders_Entrepreneur Community To Support Us

As human’s we know the importance of belonging and we know the importance of support from our communities, friend, and family members. The reality is that there are just very few founders that sign up and get selected to get into TechStars or YCombinator, or any entrepreneurial community around the world. Which means the mechanism to create wealth is being concentrated in the hands of few. And with the growing technological changes there’s bound to be some people whose opportunities are not going to be attractive. That’s why founders need to be more supportive of each other to address the world issues and end the need for other humans oppressing/exploiting others just for capitalist purpose or for power. Every man, woman, and child should be free from exploitation and opression.

The current game is just not sustainable. There’s a growing amount of human helplessness happening around the globe. We have racism, inequality, climate change, technology change, commodity of blue and white collar workers, stress, corruption,  privacy and security issues., etc

I am very fortunate to be around founders everyday that when I hear stories of a founder who believes in their dreams but could use some help with network/connections, personal development, peer support, legal, money, advice and a none discriminatory / favoritism support, I knew that’s what Founders Under 40™ Group needs to stand for.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How Founders Can Use Immigration Hardship As Fuel To Succeed

"Manny" Omikunle of Founders Under 40™ Group, an unconventional founders community, is helping diverse immigrant founders and non-immigrant founders deal with hardship via Founders Under 40™ Group private community.

The thing that seems unjust about the modern civilization sometimes is the living with a mixture of emotions: fear, anxiety, uncertainty and anger. However the faith one has and the perception of the challenges can really make the difference in life and one’s entrepreneur journey. 

Never thought I would have to discuss immigration on my professional blog but when it’s the reality of many lives on this planet and on the news you just know something has to be said and done.

Something has to be done to understand the divide and the hate, discrimination or biases,. . .why the disregard for human life? Something has to be done to remind people we all are in this together because if the tables should turn, ….God Help Us All. Imagine if North American’s were desperately trying to get into the south.

I’m often reminded of Martin Luther King Jr and other human rights activist that came before and those who currently dedicate their lives to human rights causes like LGBTA Rights, Equal Pay, Women Rights, Jew Rights, Black Rights, White Rights, Hispanic Rights, Child Rights, Asian Rights, Anti-Traffic, All Lives Matter Rights, etc. Things have to be understood. Stories of human right violations and founders immigration stories are constantly being heard all across the world. 

As a founder helping to manage a growing founders community, I face my immigration and other challenges like the brave and determined founders who just found a way to succeed. Founders like Chamath Palihapitiya of Social Capital Venture Capital.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The One Way To Get Into a Founders Community Like Founders Under 40™ Group is to Have a Community Mindset

Number One Global Founders Community Only Wants Founders With Community Mindset

There are times you and maybe the rest of the populations just wants to say fuck civilization and fuck communities. Maybe because you see everyone else is just looking out for their own shit. Or maybe you see social-economic fundamentals going to hell. Take a look at your communities.

And that’s the feeling one gets while observing human life. Cities are like a rain forest. In it are animals who work together for the greater good of the whole. And there are creatures who forage through trying to fend for themselves. Some creatures are vulnerable in numbers and some are stronger with a few mouths to feed.

The point is , no creature on this planet can survive without a community. Some how we are all interdependent. The fact remains you or your business will never grow if you are not embracing others and communities. 

The ultimate dream for Founders Under 40  Group members and for many founders around the world is to stop fucking fighting over our minor differences and start working better together for the whole of humanity. Because the human problems we fight over are really fucking stupid.  - Emmanuel "Manny" Omikunle of Founders Under 40 Group

So we at Founders Under 40 Group, global unconventional founders community, are making it a rule that any founder, entrepreneur, business owner wanting to join our private community should be a person who embraces the human communities not just an ethnic community alone. For example, If you are a Christian Founder, we would want a founder that is engaging with non-christian founders. If you are a Korean founder, you should have a good exposure to a black founder and vis-versa.  If you a white male founder, be expose to women founders.

Because our founders community is all about getting along for the greater good of the whole. And based on the current social-economic trends, it’s for your own good too. Belong to the human community not segregated communities.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Quick 33 Sales Marketing Worksheets & Tips For The Everyday Founder /Marketer - BJ MANNYST Sponsored

When i thought about this content, I first got inspiration from a B2B Marketing ebook by SalesForce. So since I know there are still many business owners and founders and marketers  not sure how to do modern marketing, I said, “ why not put together a quick resource”.  

A quick awesome resource I would like to have in my marketing and sales tool kit. I hope you enjoy. 

And as always you are welcome to contact myself (info[at] or the BJ MANNYST- FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP team( about your marketing challenges. We are currently offering businesses with credible and legitimate promotional offers to share it with our 10,000 + founders community for free. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Founders Learning The Basics About The Women Economy - Founders Under 40™ Group Shares

Women’s power and influence in our society and economics has been growing rapidly. It is a beautiful accomplishment and a rewarding sight. Yet many of us if we are not in that space or serve that space may never truly understand the economics and challenges.

The material  below was written by a different author and I’m sharing it as a resource to help better understand and cater to women / women founders / women consumers. I have always loved women both the beautiful and the ugly aspect of womanhood. Do I hundred percent get women, probably not but I do know men and women pretty much want the same things, From safety, access, resources, belonging, love, care, rights, fairness, power, freedom, etc

As always I & FOUNDERS UNDER 40 GROUP welcomes more women, LGBTA, men, religious, non-religious, hulks,  etc. We wanted to do a better job.

Plus, if you are in need of getting more leads and attentions give us a shout [info(at)] or visit 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

How to Be Human 101, For Founders & Anyone

In this age of complexity, change, disruptions, protectionism, racism, ageism, gender issues, LGBTA, religious intolerance, violence, unfairness, tribalism, privacy & security hacks, mistrust, social & economic problems, etc some times we need to be reminded of how to be constructive humans. 

There's just something in the environment around the world today that  is gradually robbing us of sense of human cohesiveness. And if we don't learn to be better social individuals we can't maintain communities-nations-world.

The below tips was taking from a different source. You are welcome to share your own relevant thoughts. Striving for absolute perfection is f&*#$ unhealthy either but we need to try see the world from many eyes  and reach out to others because your own quality of life will always be threatened if you don't.


Original Source:

How to Be Human

This article will walk you through the process of living as a human, from the basic necessities of life to the abstract reaches of human aspiration. This article uses the Hierarchy of Needs (conceived by Abraham Maslow, psychologist and noted human) as its guiding foundation.


    Meet basic physical needs. Human beings cannot exist in a vacuum - without caring for certain physical needs, humans will soon die. Take care of your basic well being or you'll have a very hard time meaningfully pursuing the more advanced steps. At bare minimum, humans need to:
  •         Breathe oxygen. Human beings' most pressing need is to breathe air containing oxygen almost constantly. At the absolute longest, humans can go only about 20 minutes without air;[1] most can only last a fraction of that time.

  •         Eat edible foods and drink water. Humans eat food for energy and to provide vital nutrients for essential body processes. At a minimum, humans should consume adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, as well as several essential vitamins and minerals. Humans also drink water, as it is crucial for many internal processes. The precise amounts of food and water you should consume as a human varies based on your size and your level of physical activity.
  •         Sleep. Humans still aren't completely sure what the purpose of sleep is, though we do know that it's vital for physical and mental performance.[2] The healthiest adult humans usually sleep 7-8 hours a night.[3]
  •         Maintain homeostasis. Essentially, humans need to keep their external environment from interfering with their internal body. This can take many forms - for instance, wearing clothes to regulate body temperature and repairing wounds with sutures, wounds, etc.


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