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How Does A Marketing Service Provider Like BJ Mannyst Help Our Service Business?

There’s no single day that goes by that our team doesn’t think about how do we assist the millions: of local small medium service businesses, service smb across the country and around the world?

We know the pace of life and the service business has become faster and very competitive. We know that with so many change around you and your team it becomes normal to ponder seeking the help of others. Just as others call on you to assist them.

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We know you spend hours handling customer service, handling complaint, taking care of finance, hiring people, following regulations, acquiring supplies, acquiring leads and keeping customers.

And we know you might have the staff or outside support to handle some marketing however you still feel like you’re are fallen short.

And you might think if you spend on a marketing service provider or marketing consultant there might be no tangible results.

Manny (@thebestmannyo) of BJ Mannyst ( Breaks It Down

The reality today is that modern marketing has become more demanding of time, money, effort, and flexibility. If you hope to not just survive you have to spend time, money, and effort just to compete. Everyone is just competing for a smaller piece of the pie at least depending in which industry you are in.

We know few of you are still hesitant to collaborate with outsiders like BJ Mannyst ( and it's partners. So we prepared a quick tip to better inform and assist in better decision.

Manny (@thebestmannyo) of BJ Mannyst  + Founders Under 40 Group + Mark King (@marketingkingsm) Key Thoughts:

1.Some key points to consider. The right marketing service provider, management consultant is there to improve your business performance through tangible and / or intangible solutions. For a example, sometimes your current business image might note be a great representation of your service business strategy. They can fine-tune what branding, personality, tone, content, etc you should use for your online and offline.

2.There are different types of marketing solutions providers, some are specialist and some are generalist, some advice and some implement. Some charge by the hour, some by projects, some by milestone, etc. Some focus on certain industries and some are open to anything. Some travel where ever they’re needed and some are just local. For full detail on types of marketing and management consultants, please contact us.

3.Some providers have different reasons to be marketing service providers. Ours is enjoying working with different clients, from different backgrounds, on different projects improving their bottom line while reminding them that we can’t make any guarantees however demonstrating what we are capable of. We’ve manage to build and manage a founders community of founders which we are very proud of. Another way we like to explain this is like hiring Phil Jackson (former coach of LA Lakers) to coach your team. Mr. Jackson will strive for NBA championship however he can’t guarantee it.

4.Being a marketing management consultant via BJ Mannyst requires a lot of business and people skills such as client management, relationship engagement, listening, project management, leadership, thinking-on-your-feet, strategic planning, problem solving, passion for uncertainty, business analysis, creativity, flexibility, uncommon work hours, business development, personal development, community involvement, sales and team work. You really have to love this.



So Now Lets Look At What To Consider When Hiring Marketing Service Providers / Marketing Consultant Like BJ Mannyst

  • Relationship: If this is not a transaction relationship, low risk occasional activity, then make sure you know how your team likes to work and know how the consultant likes to work. Take the time to know who you are dealing with. Manny & the BJ Mannyst are not perfect however we know we have 30000+ founders around the world via Founders Under 40 Group watching and listening to us everyday.

  • Expertise: It’s best to find someone you know is knowledgeable in their expertise, has good ideas how your business, industry works, and what challenges it faces. Is relatively current on new trends. Like Southwest Airline HR use to say, “Train for skill. Hire for spirit, spunk, and enthusiasm” Plus, who ever offers ideas should have a good idea how to implement it even if you don't pay them to implement it.

  • Be Sure of Outlook: If you and your team have a negative outlook about your business and are not prepared to change or don’t want to invest in a turn around don’t seek marketing service providers like BJ Mannyst because we play to win. We hate to see our efforts go to waste.

  • Scale & Flexibility: Sometime you just want to scale your manpower due to deadlines. Marketing service providers are relatively flexible to take on new opportunities but might be preoccupied if overbooked. Or very selective what opportunities they take on.

  • Results: At the end of the day we all want measurable and tangible immediate results. Some providers might make some promises. Some are unsure what they can really deliver. Ask yourself what measure are you going to take to get results? Are you prepared to work with your service provider to tweak the initiative for extended periods or do you want immediate impact? For BJ Mannyst we don’t guarantee anything, we engage 30000+ founders today because we stock to our long-term vision.  

  • Time: A marketing service provider like BJ Mannyst can handle most aspects of your marketing management while you use your time for other things. And if time is not the issue and you have staff member who handles marketing then we can offer extra boost. The key to remember is to engage the provider’s recommended solutions and see if the solution really will fit.

  • Cost Saving: One thing we know for sure is that marketing service providers are constantly pressured to stay up to date on their expertise because there are businesses. Which means you can get more bang for your buck. You pay your own workers and they don’t have to fight as much for their pay. Plus no benefits, or administrative cost. However there might be other cost such as consultants expenses occurred to do his / her job. Talk to provider.

  • Oral & Written: A good communication skill is important because the consultant likely would be engaging internal personalities and external contacts like customers. If you and everyone can communicate with this service provider comfortably then that’s a good start. There could be the rare few who just dislike consultants.  

  • Have Your Best Interest: The best way to assess people is not by what they say but by what they do. People are going to come in different packages so take your time before you make a commitment however don’t take forever. Think like you’re dating. What Manny and the BJ Mannyst team does to minimize risk, is to let you test drive our ability to work together.  Also, if you are only trying ulterior motives on the consultant then simply figure out your own problem. Reputation is becoming a more important consideration in decision making so don’t jeopardize it for stupid reasons.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions: Manny and the BJ Mannyst team don’t mind answering relevant questions however there are competitive and propriety tools and tactics we use to perform our jobs so we may withhold. We are not going to oversell ourselves, we love being of service and problem solvers. Checkout BJ Mannyst FAQ.

***For quick marketing advice for b2b services, I & BJ Mannyst Team will offer $240US dollars of marketing consulting  services doesn't include implementation, limited time, to early and growing stage service business (have seed or customers/users).  Some condition apply. Contact Us Today

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How Does A Marketing Service Provider Like BJ Mannyst Help Our Service Business?

There’s no single day that goes by that our team doesn’t think about how do we assist the millions: of local small medium service busine...

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