Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sharing More Effective than Ad Placement?

According to General Electric it is. “People exposed via sharing had a significantly bigger lift in positive attitudes toward GE -- associating the brand with such things as creativity and innovation -- than people exposed via paid placements.”

"We all would intrinsically think that if you see something your friend has shared or a community you're part of has shared, you're more likely to value it differently" than paid placement, Paul Marcum, director of global digital marketing and programming at GE said. "But no one we could find had actually tried to quantify the difference."

Though the study found earned media packs more punch than paid, Mr. Marcum acknowledged it's still hard to get one without the other. Marketers, he said, still "need to dial up the paid and hope the earned goes with it."

So this might be something to consider when spending advertising dollars. Invest in communities or group where there are a greater amount of sharing and discussion activities.  - me

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