Monday, March 4, 2013

How long does it take to see ROI from marketing?

Every founder and management without a marketing background sometimes think marketing’s purpose is to not add value to the bottom-line. So in times of economy slow down, businesses cut back on marketing budget. 

Which is upsetting because without some marketing you are declaring that you are nothing significant and should be ignored.
  • Without some marketing you will be wondering around trying to cater to anybody.
  • The ROI of marketing can be in the form of either intangible or tangible or both.
  • Marketing is an ongoing marathon which means it’s a series of initiatives that builds on top of previous marketing efforts. 
  • Most times great ROI is truly dependent on your budget, quality of marketing plan, and the efficiency & effectiveness of your execution.
  • A dollar on marketing today doesn’t guarantee any thing tomorrow however it can increase your chances of getting a great ROI from your business plus marketing can differentiate you from the crowd.
  • If P&G, IBM, Coca-Cola, BMW, are willing to spend millions on marketing and still be profitable, I’m sure there’s a huge benefit to marketing.

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