Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Embrace Disruptive A%#^#&s & The Coming Digital Leaps

The young a$#%&^#s who sits in Starbucks plotting a way to challenge your comfortable precious cash cow business. Sure you might like to put a hit on that next Mark Zurkerberg. Or the current businesses like Amazon,who think you should be a show room. But why not just be the one that disrupts your own business.

This tip is for those businessmen and women in traditional industries and current tech businesses who think all this technology and social change is a big f#$%% pain.

BestBuy, the electronic brick-mortar retailer, is struggling with this reality. Wal-Mart, Airlines, Rail, Oil, Construction  will likely one day face a huge digitized leap. Where food, water, air, health, money, underwear, transportation, communication, shelter will be irrelevant to life. The matrix world is coming. But first, wait for the tech hating phase (another topic).

The matrix world. Where your own value is only limited by your unhinged imagination, where reality is reduced to almost inexistence. Whether we will be enslaved by technology and robots and farmed for some reason like chickens I’m not sure.

The pushers of technology innovation and social change today, are some what naive and too optimistic about technologies ability to improve life. Take a look at current technology, there are improvement to life but we’re also gradually sacrificing freedom, privacy, control and community. Everywhere people looking down at their cell phones so we might as well live life online.

Before we get to those digital leaps, we must be prepared  to embrace the transitional chaos of the digital leaps. Where one day, man will be able to live very healthy for thousands of years. A world without death.

Where every single: place, word, opinion, relationship, lifestyle, experience is being tracked from your birth till your death by someone or something. Your sense of democracy is an illusion because you will be easily manipulated to fit the need of the powerful.You will no longer own your life.
Below is my suggestion:

  • Find ways internally, within your organization, to challenge your business models and play around with possible new ones. “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”. That’s so yesterday. Today it should be, “if it aint broke, imagine it broken and useless”
  • Basically your value proposition and everything might need changing including culture.
  • To adapt your business model, you figure out what value could you add that the client wants. What I call the “The Extra Mile Value”.
  • Find ways to practice innovation efficiency
  • Make love not war with the disruptive A#&$*$(s.
  • Why not you be the one that disrupts your own business.

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