Saturday, November 8, 2014

Let The Holiday Craziness Begin, Happy Thanksgiving Founders & Tips

I woke up this morning to see my email inbox filled with relevant and irrelevant ads ---‘Hey, buy from me’, or ‘promote us and get a free laptop+ tablet’ or ‘one month free service’. Every single website I’ve visited today has an AD by a major online retailer trying to get me to click their ad and buy something. I don’t remember the last time I clicked on an online ad. Unless if I’m curious & trust the link.However founders would appreciate some coping tips for this crazy thanksgiving, holiday time and other times.

I sort of see them but somehow it gets mentally blocked. I recently went on YouTube trying to watch an animation movie, and - bang!!, there’s an AD for a toy dog targeted at little girls, a toy dog that can be controlled with a smart phone. I wasn’t watching “Frozen” the movie. It was “Hotel Transylvania”. Which I strongly recommend founders should watch.

This time of the year is driving me and I’m sure driving many crazy as well. The worst part, it’s going to get crazier. ‘Buy from me’, ‘ Buy now, 50% off! Limited Time’, ‘I promise free shipping’, ‘Our price is lower’, ‘We’re better’...’I’ll sleep with you this thanksgiving’...oh, that one was likely from my dream about a Victoria Secret model. Anyway, I wonder, if every founder is trying to get s#^$%# done and are faced with all these noise, how can they cope. I discovered some tips which I’m sharing with founders and others..

Let’s Reduce Stress This Holiday

  • First, take sometime to remind yourself of what matters in life.: Family, friends, pets, community, good health, love, spirituality, support, safety,etc.  If you live in a stable nation, then thank your lucky star.

  • Reduce your stress and enjoy the moments by planning ahead, or anticipate the ups and downs,

  • You can’t do it all alone, we all need help. So reach-out to others and ask for help however think about it before you ask.

  • Delegate to family members, hire an extra hand, engage your neighbors, Everyone in life wants to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

  • Figure out when stores, call centers, businesses, are less busy and is less hectic. If you run such high traffic, demanding business than find something that enables you to recharge mentally and physically. For example, on your breaks listen to relaxing music. Get enough sleep prior, eat healthy food. Don’t take it all too seriously, etc

  • Watch and monitor everything. Your food intakes, your washroom breaks, your contacts, your social interaction, your emotions, your financial intake and output, Make adjustments where needed.

  • The material gifts should not be the reason for your celebration or your existence, everyone needs to find something immaterial for their reason for living, something money can’t buy.

  • One way to start your day, is to show your appreciation of others. Try leaving a thank you card on someone’s work desk, voice-mail, car window, buy them coffee/tea, buy dinner, etc. Just do it without expecting anything in return.

  • Try not to jeopardize your credibility or character. Keep your word, admit your mistakes, how you treat others is how you will be treated, manage your life, learn to understand before others will understand you, embrace diversity in all it’s form, We are all not born perfect however we can make effort to be the best person we can be.

Share your own tips with other founders. To the founders around the world, and the 22000+ FU40 Group members, THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME TO DEFINE MY HIGHER PURPOSE. THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT LOVE IN MY LIFE. *The dog is alive and well..

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