Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Information, Education, Analysis = Power for Great Execution

Having a system in place which helps you gather, analyze information is critical to any business and doesn't have to be expensive. The benefit is a better, more effective marketing campaign, greater ROI, focused execution, efficient use of resources.

1 collect relevant info which empowers you to engage with customers.
What data do you need?
Where can you get it?
How often?
How will you get it?
What will you do with it?

2 Place security systems around consumers info such as controlling who has access. And monitoring transfers.

3 Analyze your information. The cheapest tool would be Excel, Database programs. or CRM (Customer Relations Management) software.
Applied correctly, analysis allows you to look deeper, refine segments and identify clues to the most efficient approach to success.

4 Remember to take peoples' privacy seriously. And put all measures to ensure credible and legal use of personal info.

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