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How To Make B2B, Professional Service Business, Marketing Less Complicated - BJ Mannyst

I have a dream that little B2B startups, Enterprise B2B Companies, and moderate B2B service businesses will simply play nice with other B2B’s and everyone would run their marketing game plans and it would rain qualified leads 24/7 365Days. Well maybe that will be possible when Elon Musk decides to live to 1000 years old and help create an abundant society.

In the mean time lets get on with the business of un-complicating your B2B professional service business marketing.

As always this content would not be possible without the support of BJ Mannyst (the conventional and unconventional marketing service provider) + Founders Under 40™  Group with GreatestFounders.com.  And LinkedIn which has provided a great platform for B2B players.

This content is made possible by them so if you’re an early, growing, or well establish service business looking for someone to take a look at your service business, please reach out via email.

So let’s begin. . .

Today marketing is so complicated and overwhelming. You literally need an army to do a great work and then analyze all that work And the fact is you may still need more resources in a world of A.I., ML, Quantum Computing very soon.

Below are few quick sections: General Tips, Uncomplicated B2B Social Media Management, Uncomplicated B2B Content Management, Uncomplicated B2B SEO, Uncomplicated B2B Email Marketing, Uncomplicated B2B Lead Generation, Uncomplicated B2B MarTech


Stop Short Term Thinking
There are times we may be tempted to lose patience for the big picture however we should resist it.It's the big picture that will keep you motivated and it will even help you outlast the competition.

Reduce Complexity
From the top-buttom reduce complexity. From button-up eliminate complexity.Complexity in an organization simply creates waste. Complexity with service delivery only creates reasons to delay purchase.

Focus On The Long Term
Be trustworthy, be dependable, be fair, be good. We are living in a moment in our human lives that more and more people an not going to tolerate abuses of power. Also remember B2B buyers don’t make impulse decisions.

Invest In Training
B2B marketers often underestimate the effort that goes into implementing, setting up and training tech tools. So prior to adopting any tools know what you’re getting yourself into. Know what ongoing training you will provide your employees as well as yourself. If a professional sports team like New England Patriots continues to practice and train their players surely there must be some value.

Get Buy In
Effective martech integration requires organizational commitment, not just buy-in from a few select team members.

Stop Collecting Meaningless Data
Just because you can collect, mine, buy all the data in the world doesn’t mean your business needs to do that. The more data the likelihood there will be errors. Errors in data also effects the outcome.

Get Their Perception
It is important to constantly reach out to customers, prospects, and strangers  to learn the perceptions they have of your company. What if the reason they don’t buy from you is because your process is too complicated? What if it’s your website? What if it’s your political affiliation? What if there are costly rumors?

Be Clear What Personality & Values You Will Give Your Brand
For you who still don’t think branding have no value to the buttom-line, well your business is dead before the race even starts. Branding is simply the accumulation of reputation, character, and history. You can’t be everything to everyone so design the standards you can sustain and that will work.

Everything Is Fast So Simplify KPI
No one person needs every single performance indicators. Give what matters and keep things simple. If people want more show them where to find more metrics or produce them.

Know Your Audience Like The Back of Your Pants
Whether you are a founder, CEO, CMO, Marketer, Freelancer, eCommerce genius…you better have a clear idea who buys from you or who you’re targeting. What motivates, and pisses them off.

There Will Be More Tech Platforms
The amount of tech tools and tech platforms will continue to increase in the next decade so continue to be tech savvy or continue to engage others who are more tech literate. B2B Professional Service Business Marketers will need to keep using good judgement when it comes to the tools to adopt.

Can You Deliver Value
Modern buyers are constantly on guard about who, when, where they do business because the price of getting it wrong is sometimes not worth it. They are more educated and informed. They have a good idea what is an ideal business to do business with. So do all you can to make the decision process better. Provide the collateral information on your sites, social media, email, office, at events, etc.

Give Buyers History & Positive Experience
People and businesses want access to their historic conversations, activities, transactions. If you make doing business with you easy, more and more business will come to you. People and decision makers are faced with endless complication and you shouldn’t be an additional stress.

Prepare To Engage More Influencers & Decision Makers
It is important to have the runway, endurance, perseverance to go through the B2B selling process due to growing decentralized decision-making, globalization and aversion to risk reality.

Know The Market and Know The Market Your Target Operate In
Nothing frustrates more than not taking the time to learn your market. Price, Politics, People, Regulation, Culture, Supply and Demand, Trends, Changes, Substitutes, News, etc

Be Smart Creative
There are creativity for the sake of creativity. And in business and performance driven world there’s creativity with a purpose. The world is flooded with offers, content, people, and garbage that to standout you need some creativity.

Uncomplicated B2B Social Media Management

A couple of tips in terms of Social Media for Service Business Providers. Engage selectively. Social media is great however it can be a time sucker. So go into it knowing what you really need to do and know what you don't need to do on it. If you want to set a time limit. Set times during the days you will engage it and times you'd allocate more time to it.

Focus on the once that give you a better ROI.

Uncomplicated B2B Email Marketing

For anything in this modern marketing era, it's engagement, continuous engagement, and conversion. The belief is B2B email marketing means more engagement, more relationship, more leads which then leads to more money. From my experience personalized, warm, relevance, and simplicity is the best.

The next thing is to find the right tools that will make your life easier. I would recommend looking up a few quality email service providers (who help you send lots of email) and I'm sure they would provide more education resources than I could in this tiny section.

Uncomplicated B2B Content Management

Honestly, the best way to simplify your content marketing management is just to stop pumping out mediocre content that have no value. Take some time to figure out what value content your target wants and give it to them. If you can help them solve their problems, the better. And the trend is that people are consuming more visual and audio content than text. So make sure you're mixing it up.

If you can do one great content a week versus hundreds of mediocre content, the better. For further assistance with your content marketing, or general service business marketing. . .contact myself or our team at BJ Mannyst.

Uncomplicated B2B Lead Generation

You've got to find where your targets are concentrated at or figure out how to attract them to you. It's is competitive so that means you need to figure out how make sure your attractive enough for you to be considered. The more you can emphasize to your prospects who, what, where, how, and why to your specific target the better.

Uncomplicated B2B SEO

As long as people are still searching via Google, Amazon, Bing, etc for solutions to problem then you need to perform SEO Marketing. And reality is SEO & Content Marketing are not that different. So the simple tip is to produce, share the quality content with the right keywords.

There are lots and lots of tools that can help you with SEO so I would strongly recommend looking into it. It's an art and science way to drive traffic to your B2B Service Business.

Uncomplicated B2B MarTech

There’s been many research that shows that companies that know how to leverage and use marketing technology out perform their peers. So find yourself a good CRM (customer relationship management) that helps lead-to-sale conversion.

Questions To Consider When Putting Your MarTech Stacks Together:

["What are the core components of our existing marketing technology stack?

Do we clearly understand the features, functionality and value of our existing marketing technology solutions?

Are we immersing our marketing team in the technologies that drive our company’s success?
Is the marketing team fully utilizing the existing technologies?

Are the technologies we have tightly integrated with each other?

Are gaps in technology affecting performance? For example, is the lack of a marketing automation solution hindering our lead-to-sale conversion rate?

Are redundancies within our marketing technology solutions leading to inefficiencies?

Do marketing and IT work together closely to maximize the value of marketing technology investments?

Is an all-in-one solution that bundles core technologies (e.g., automation, email, analytics, social, CMS) best? Or should we build through a collection of best-in-breed solutions?

What are we doing to keep up with innovations in marketing technology products and services?"]

***This content is been brought to you by BJ Mannyst and the FShop. We are grateful for your support and are glade to share this with you. For further assistance, Please contact myself and / or BJ Mannyst via email. Thanks!

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