Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why I Hate Tech, Accelerators, VC, Silicon Valley, & Everyone Who Sells Lust

You guys know how to sell success too on

Secretly,  I hate and love you at the same time. Sort of like sex, I hate whom I’m f$%#^& but the pleasure is just so damn great. (laugh)...when you bring her home, you take off her blouse slowly , stroke her front to back like a brand new car,  pressing all her buttons, the urge to go in grows with anticipation, OMG!!!....the screeeeeen saver on my Treo Smartphone is soooo cooooool.

Seriously, you guys lurer bright and dumb people with dreams into your nets.  A tiny percentage  become whales, some become tuna, most become fishes, and a few become scums.  You guys know how to sell success too well. The reality is that not every young entrepreneur seems to fully understand  or can handle your aggressive rosy picture responsibly.  For an example,

Everyday another tech startup with no revenue gets bought up by “AssBook” or “Doodle” or “Amacon” and a very lucky few get rich.  So the young entrepreneurs around the world think that rich people  will throw huge money at anything that beats.  I think some think if they build a tech product, they can be the next Steve Jobs. Young entrepreneurs seem to sacrifice a lot for their dreams.

In some ways, tech entrepreneurs are similar to young blacks caught up in the “Hoop Dream”. Some black male especially, spend all their energy, time, mentality on the game of basketball and praying to  play in the NBA.  So maybe they can escape the traps of poverty. The problem with this is many fail to realize that there are many paths to power, wealth, significance and sports or music are not the only option.  I think tech -success lust shouldn’t be promoted as the answers to our growing world problems.

Based on my enormous  exposure to tech startups, vc, entrepreneurs, SMB , founders, etc. scene,  I sometimes wonder as a society whether we’re doing a disservice to the diverse young entrepreneurs by continuing to send the message that technology will save us all. That tech deserves all the resources.

It appears to me that we think it will save our economic problems, save our jobs, save our political systems, save our relationships, save our civilization. A look at history, technology has never contained human nature lust for greed -power -more desire.

Nothing against tech, vc, startups or any capitalist endeavor. Just my observation and thought. We are all in this together, on the same  f&@#%$^ rock for now.  We need diverse tools to sustain our world.

An entrepreneur’s challenges in Syria effects all of us.

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