Monday, June 20, 2011

Startups & Sales Issues: The Best Place to Find Talent Can Be In the Trenches

Where you find it is not what matters or if she looks and acts like you. Talent is Talent no matter if it’s from a: well recognized school, referral, religious center, cultural center, lesbian bar, or in a crime stricken neighborhood.

The great thing about God is that he didn’t make any particular group more superior or more valuable. He spread greatness everywhere from California to New York to Africa to India. When I hear that companies like Google, FaceBook, go through great lengths to recruit engineer graduates from well known schools I often wonder there must be a concentration of untapped-underdeveloped raw talent in unusual places just begging for a chance.

There are kids, young adults, and adults who have a learning attitude but due to unfortunate circumstances are sometimes disregarded.

And some HR managers have this sad mentality that if the company wants a circle they go looking just for the circle but overlooking the fact a hexagon could give you a competitive advantage. What frightens me also is the lack of diversity on the board of directors of some organizations who don’t reflect their market and consumers. They keep getting steak when hamburger will deliver A regardless of an incentive system or not.

My advice to any company, set out what characteristics you’re looking for compare it to the candidate if it’s close and the candidate is trainable, give the person a chance. That chance might just change that person’s life.

My first sales job, a sales manager took a chance on me and it changed the way I view sales and marketing. It also helped that I was curious.



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