Thursday, March 14, 2013

Your Service Start-up or Growing Business Needs a Marketing Partner

If you value your brand, customers, idea, most importantly your business, you should put in the effort to work with marketing partners that you can collaborate with . 
A lot of times many organization will work with anyone and eventually regret their experience with them. And most often begin to question the real value of all Marketing advisers, and business consultants.  So I and the team at BJ Mannyst ( put together some suggestions to make sure you know what you're getting before you start.

Primary Homework: 
See their work, visit their site, facebook page, linkedin, talk to their management team, customers, and get an overall experience feel.  Prepare a reasonable characteristic you'd look for like their expertise, personal attention, their process, etc.. If you need to compare, do so.  However remember, what competitive advantages for example BJ Mannyst offers is not identical to what others can offer.

Talk to others. Know what you can afford for an extensive period because R.O.I from marketing sometimes can take a year or less. Know what compensation options you are prepared to offer. So prepare yourself like you'd if you had to pitch an Angel investor. Have a general idea how the provider wants to be compensated.

Promises & Deliverable: 
Any provider that guarantees results should be explored more. Go in knowing you want the best value or R.O.I not necessary the cheapest. 

Do they know: 
You, your business, your brand, your customers, your industry, your vision, your drive, your standards, your values, etc. well enough to develop and implement initiatives that will fit. If they don't know enough, are they willing to commit time to grasp your business.

Does your business have any value: 
Sometimes the support the marketing provider provides depends on your significance. So just as providers are selling you, you also need to sell your value, sell your significant. There are limited time in a month and marketing service providers like BJ Mannyst are selective about the projects they take on. 

Agree to expectation: 
Don't forget to draft a rough agreement of what your expectation are and theirs as well. Be prepared to be realistic because marketing is an art & science and R.O.I could be impacted by diverse factors or occur in the future. A good marketing service provider will always bring their A game.
For detail how BJ Mannyst ( + Founders Under 40™ ( can be of help to your business, customerservice[at]

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