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A Wage Slave Free World - The Past & Current Slavery Part 2 & Part 3


In the past wage slavery was missing the word wage and the idea of human rights. However, still had the same purpose. A few with ideas or in the elite class  persuaded, underpaid, or forced others to do the grunt work while they fucking enrich themselves. In the past colonialism, if you managed to find a land and settle on it - you’d better be prepared to fight to the death to keep it. And thought of sending your own people into war was out of the question if you have millions of slaves,

If the enemy or nomadic barbarians captured your citizens they were likely going to kill or enslaved them.  Almost like an unfriendly corporate takeover.

In 1000AD slavery is a normal practice in England’s rural.  People in difficult financial situations put themselves in debt to business owners, rich institutions. And if you have no means to participate at the elite level you were systematically lowered into self-enslavement. Men would sell their wives and children for a buck.Women will sell their sexuality for little food and supplies.

In Ancient Athens, slaves were even prohibited from marrying, as marriage was deemed the social privilege of the elite citizens of Athens.

In the US today, [Life is harsh for people who are unemployed or underemployed because of what’s blithely labeled a “skills mismatch.” The U.S. lost 8 million manufacturing jobs from 1979 to 2009 and has regained fewer than 1 million since. Coal mining employment has fallen 42 percent since the end of 2011. While the future lies in knowledge work, many jobs that are open today are for orderlies, burger flippers, security guards, and the like. For American men, median weekly earnings of wage-and-salary workers are no higher now, adjusted for inflation, than they were in the 1980s. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon points to the “staggering” decline in labor force participation by men of prime working age, 25 to 54. “There’s something wrong,” he said in a conference call with reporters on June 6.]--Source (Unknown)

In the other hand, [A sense of dislocation prevails. The size of the U.S.’s contingent workforce—temps, on-call workers, contract company workers, independent contractors, freelancers—has almost doubled in 20 years. It’s not a life most workers want, according to a 2016 report by the Shift Commission on Work, Workers, and Technology, a project of Bloomberg LP (the parent of BusinessWeek) ]

Basically we are living in a time that has turned work to an evil necessity not a guaranteed path to personal absolute financial freedom. It’s turned to a fucking mass-exploitation of under capitalize or risk adverse individuals. And the following list describe the profile many corporation use to identify the right conditions for exploited labor. 

How To Find Wage Slaves

Presently there are tips on the internet as to where and how to find the right conditions for exploitable labor.
  • There’s an unlimited amount of high - moderate poverty to exploit.

  • The ability to discriminate or systematically oppress others like women, old, young, minority,

  • Encourage subtle use of migrant workers  and make sure they sweat bullets to gain ounce of rights equal to the natives.

  • When there’s economic and social issues there will be cheap labor to exploit and tin.

  • Always be measuring each individual's productivity which allowed ways to raise the bar or play each individual against each other,

  • Find ways to reduce people to commodity, fit the person as if they were part of the machine.

  • Force to work due to threats, owned them by mental or physical manipulation.

  • When everyone of the workers have little alternative to work they really work very hard for little money forcing others to do the same.

The common theme of the past social-economic systems, is that the elites control or own access to key resources and those without it are either forced to sell their intelligence, expertise, time, creativity, physical asset  or simply start their own business to provide sustenance.  And every time, the people are always expecting change through elected officials which is stupid because the officials, with time, are slowly swallowed into the ways of the establishment.

A recurring system that encourages raising funds from mostly elites to fund a campaign. A social-economic systems that subtlety forces you to act, dress, behave, speak, socialize a certain way while suppressing a huge chunk of your values and intelligence and rebelliousness.

It is really a self-imposed prison without the bars because of social-economic pressures and obligations. Over the years I have met people tirelessly go to a job they hated and do a job that undervalues their ability for ten plus years because they bought into the idea of a “stable pay cheque” to pay for “comfort”.

This wage slavery system hopefully ends with the help of technology, policies and people are free to live for a higher purpose. However, one thing you realize about being a elite, is that they don’t want to destroy a system that works for them.

So that’s why I hold some reservation about artificial intelligence and advance robotic technology because a few will exploit it at the expense of other people. Just like some bankers did during the sub-prime crisis. Where some banks where repackaging toxic financial products and labeling it triple A.

The fact remains that companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Softbank, etc are sitting on billions of dollars in the bank and are still determined to cut cost, maximize profit and invest in growth because there’s no other way to play this capitalistic game. Competition in business just keeps getting intensified.

Which only then increases the competition among the work force (wage slaves) to keep their jobs or up their value. Which only keeps driving purchasing power down. And gives some people like university graduates living with with huge loan burdens for years because there’s no alternative but to go work for a corporation as a wage-slave when also dealing with the likely possibility that high-paying specialist work will eventually be just be done by no-skilled workers because technology keeps reducing complexity to a simple push of a button. Which allows companies to discard people like used cigarettes.

One thing Founders and future entrepreneurs need to remember is that, it is impossible to have a profitable business when ninety percent of the populations' purchasing power is nonexistent. And when one can’t climb out of poverty then it’s going to be like Greece austerity crisis of 2008.

So what can founders do? . . .continue to Part 3


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