Sunday, June 19, 2011

For Marketing to Be Very Effective, Consumers Need to Stop F%&$^ Resisting

Marketing initiative such as advertising, promotions, or word-of-mouth are essential to help sell goods. How effective is it? How well is it measured? How predictable is the return-on-investment? I don’t have the answer neither does the CMO of Apple. While reading a variety of marketing and sales materials, I came to the conclusion that to get the greatest return on marketing, consumers need to handover their lives to a marketer. Data may tell which consumer bought what, where, when, how but never why. The big WHY!

Here’s what might be the answer to why: 24/7 brainwave sensors, 24/7 motion sensors, 24/7 embedded cameras, 24/7 lie-detectors, and what I call, “Real Time Brain Generate Holograms” to project consumer’s dreams. Will we, marketers, be any closer with these tools? Absolutely.

The question is really what kind of human is willing to give up all privacy so that a company can sell her more toilet paper.

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