Saturday, March 3, 2012

CRM is for Relationships Not Random Blast of Your Ads.

Everyday I receive so many email from companies pitching their products, or offering discount or sending me info they also sent one million others. All this technology, information and digital interactions is eventually leading to a world of just noise. 

Everyone trying to scream louder than the other. 'Hey look at me. My product will make you attractive to girls. My product makes you look 20 years younger.'    Everyone seems to abuse it because it's so cheap and low to no consequences. 

I believe we will one day yearn desperately for simpler times.  The future rarest talent will be human relationship builders, I believe within 5 years we will have a 2nd Internet (only selective people and groups will be allowed to use it. Plus, more secured.  Which I call "SUIT", Selective User Information Technology. A way to keep out spammers or nasty stuff.

It's time to put down iPhones, Blackberries, Samsungs  and take the time to work on a relationship without relying on technology to do it.  People sitting around expecting others to initiate interaction, or not following up to encounters could miss out.  Invest in your relationships. Pick up a phone and invite someone out for just drinks. Do something human.

"CRM is more than milking a mailing list, it’s managing a relationship—and managing a relationship requires communicating the appropriate things in the appropriate way to the appropriate people, not hectoring your most loyal fans. A good CRM program should be based on consideration, not exploitation."

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