Saturday, July 16, 2011

It’s a Great Time to Be an Underdog in a Crab Bucket.

Is your brand, company, or product a little bit at the bottom of a crab bucket? You’re basically a crab trying desperately to climb out the bucket. I’ve got some good news. It’s a great time to be an underdog.

The biggest crab has to do business in this tough competitive-economy just like everyone else so use your status to challenge the biggest crab. Sure technology has made it easier but you need to win your customers, suppliers, family, friends support to help you challenge market leaders. MCI did it to AT&T. Rogers did it to Bell. To be honest, if I had any product like Microsoft Windows, I would not be encouraging any little crab like Google, Linux, Apple, and others. Maybe that’s what happened in this years NHL championship between Boston & Vancouver. Below are some tips to help you crawl out the bucket.

Some Tips:

• Create a product that the big crab cannot compete with
• Do not be an exact identical
• Get your team and support group to take on the bully
• Create marketing tactics that your competitor cannot duplicate
• Be bold but be aware of your audience
• Establish a personality
• Work with business service providers that know your company
• Be on the look out for new needs and new ways to fill them
• Help customers save money
• Find out what people want and give it to them

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