Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Importance of Branding

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I was recently approached by a prospect that had done everything possible to acquire clients for her wellness and fitness business, only to see money go down the drain. She advertised in papers, used google, public speaking.

The prospect had no logo, image, message, not so great site. So I offered to help by explaining the importance of branding and to help develop the right brand strategy.

A brand is like a single woman trying to find Mr. Right. She has to decide what she should look like, what she stands for, who she wants to attract, personality or physical traits to emphasize.

Branding should always begin from the bottom up never the other way around. Understand the market, needs, desires, decision making process, what it takes to be remembered, customer impressions, values, experience, and benefit.

The position of your brand can either be or combination of:
• Trust / Performance
• Identity / Personality
• Development / Growth
• Dream / Fantasy

You can even develop sub brands based on the above or play with other ways to position your brand. .

Marketing & Sales requires a serious appreciation of art and science. If there were strategic templates that any small business owner could buy and apply then everyone would be mediocre.

Brand gives meaning and defines the dimensions of a service. Brand building or success is a combination of so many factors and can take a year or even more. But here are quick tips: Needs a compelling story, win hearts and minds, be where your targets are, and never stop monitoring

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