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The Future Of Attracting More Customers, is Creepy Marketing? - GET eBook Today
This is something every single business, freelancer has to figure out. How to keep attracting customers while at the same time exploring new technology.

The thing though is. . . if you are selling a product or service that people are not eager to have or use, any method used to sell them will be a waste. This quick resource will be about going back to the basics about attracting customers and incorporating some new ideas about attracting customers which could lead to creepy marketing.

Let me begin by telling you that there is no perfect way and guaranteed way to attract more customers. It takes time, energy, money, endless driven effort. You are going to need some great marketing, communication, methods, ambassadors, by yourself, hired providers or I & the BJ MANNYST team can assist you.

In my experience and observation you have to think long term because people are still engaging and serving people not robots. So character, personality, values, experience, appearance, expertise, performance, etc are carefully weighed before people buy anything.

The insights may be basic and some will be extraordinary. Hope you enjoy!

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Referrals are still an effective way to grow your bottom line and get new clients. You just need to ask for it or create an incentive-offer that encourages people to just do it. Reach out, follow up and state you are looking for new clients could you introduce me to someone in your network. Here is what I’m looking for. Make sure they truly value your services.

Partner with as many relevant and complimentary companies. Get out or pickup the phone and call potential partners. Sometimes partners might not want certain projects, are not staffed for it, or their plates is full. Reach out to the managers, business developers, employees, and see if they can send work your way.

Network like your life depended on it. Attended a lot of relevant and non-relevant events and build relationships. Attend paid and free events. And try to make a personal connection. Because people are not interested in meeting people that want to use them. Sometimes the best way is to offer your help and assistance to them first.

Follow up with old friends and new friends. Just let them you care about their well being and if there’s anything you can help them with, tell them to give you a call. Or what you may want to do is provide relevant insights, contents, tips, news, opportunities that might be useful specifically to them.

You simply generate leads via phone, personalized email, linkedin, public speaking, events, etc. One thing life and my past experience has thought me is that you can’t be afraid to pound the pavement. Meaning you have got to get into the front-line and do what needs to be done. There are also people and businesses willing get leads in exchange for a fee.

Build your profile in a community, group, association. The thing about doing this is you have to be at a stage in your life where you are absolutely comfortable in your skin so no matter where you happen to be, you will always be you. Think like a celebrity. Your public and private image are the best.

Be a person always being of help. There are times when people are just financially strapped or broke and you might have an opportunity to help them. I say if in some little reasonable way you can help others, do it. Don’t expect them to pay you back.

Sometimes you may need to be bold, controversial, weird, funny, etc., just to attract customers to you. Too much ordinary can be boring sometimes. Donald is different however people like that and some people hate that.

Find yourself a few influencers of different shapes and sizes. The most powerful individuals and corporations in the world know the power of influence. And they are willing to pay to leverage influence to help them achieve their objectives so if you are a small fry or gigantic, WHY NOT!

Oh, keep this figure in mind while you attract customers.


Content creating and distribution is still an effective way to get attention. You may not get the immediate ROI from it but if you give your best quality content it can open doors. The reality is no entity can fully fill every business need. A car mechanic can only serve a limited amount of cars in a day. So the market is big enough for a lot of players. Just need to figure out how you become the Kobe Bryant in your space. I have written a lot on my professional blog and I keep sharing my work because it’s really an inexpensive way to distinguish yourself.

If you browse a lot of job boards like craigslist, etc you could find a lot of prospects looking for your services or have problems. However if you are the business that needs to qualify prospects then you might have to be prepared to put in more time. You can even subscribe to the job boards emails so you get leads in your box.

Starting an ad campaign on the radio, television, social media, YouTube can be a great way to attract customers to you. However because the world is a more competitive place your message, offer, personality, etc will need to be special. You have to find ways to be extra special.

You should be sharing items like ebooks, how to videos, anything that can demonstrate your expertise however you need to do some beginners level, intermediate, advance content so you don’t seem like you’ve stopped growing. You know what I’m doing, I’m reading up on Blockchain, MachineLearning, AI, Automation, AR, Predictive Marketing, Abundance economy, etc. so that I’m fluent in the language of the future. Plus, I engage thousands of founders who keep me on my toes.

Try your hands at guest blogging on sites that can boost your reach. The thing is if you are a creditable expert you will likely want to be associated with a credible content site.

Use social listening. Use tools like Google tends, Facebook search, twitter search tools, etc just to get an idea what people are talking about or concerned about. So you then are able to align yourself to the relevant drama/news. Like if Facebook allowed a company to mine its users info. You could immediately ride the consumer outrage and provide a privacy solution.

Start teaching a course in a subject matter you can be the best in. However realize there are likely many others doing the same so find a special way to do it.

Everyone drives traffic to their website in someways however not everyone is trying to capture the audiences name and email address. If you have a legitimate website try to make sure people trust you enough to give you their contact info. When you do get it respect and protect their info.

Consider joining a co-working space. The co-working spaces are likely attracting a reasonable amount of like minded people. You can also subscribe to the co-working space providers newsletter. I guess WeWork will be a popular one. (I am not endorsing WeWork or being paid).

If you can write decent, maybe consider sending a few hand written letters to friends, family, clients, just to let them know you still have a soul.

Find a decent relevant forum / platform / group and start asking and answering questions. There’s no quicker way to break from the pack than being an invaluable resource for your target. However you have to stay on top of your game because I bet you there are many more ready to take your place.

Getting press is also helpful. I think for what I have read and observed, it is better you have prepared yourself prior to engaging the press because credible press are putting their reputation on the line and want to do a good job. So prep with media kits, come up with a unique angle that will appeal to them and their audience. Press is also a way to help you attract more resources due to the broader reach and credibility like employees.

Any relevant video and presentation is a great way to attract customers. You just have to know your audience. I have shared many content on slideshare and on my blog so people have access to a variety of work and tips to help them. And if they need further help they can find a link that links back to my sites.

Oh, keep this figure in mind while you attract customers. 


Okay. That was the typical and common ways to attract customers and I’m sure I missed a bunch of them. So you are welcome to comment or contact myself about other ways. Now, I take you to a future method of attracting customers which may end up being creepy.


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