Friday, January 19, 2018

How Founders Can Leverage Entrepreneur Communities Without Pissing-Off Community Managers

It’s the new year and every business is urgently trying get a good start or to reinvent their tactics. It’s almost like watching a pack of lionesses plotting hunting tactics. Some lionesses will use circumstances around them to think outside the box and some will not build the courage. The fact is if you don’t master the hunting and gathering game quicker, your Lion pride will die. So immersing yourself in diverse entrepreneur community or support network that can help you: get wiser, acquire better tools, acquire better allies, collaborate, etc is crucial. I bet you will agree eating just crumbs sucks.

I get up everyday wanting to help founders of all shapes and sizes grow, achieve, and acquire financial and / or personal wealth. Most importantly also help them give back to the less fortunate. I’m currently helping to build a top notch and globally admired community around founders and it is based on offering deeper-safe-environment all for a modest monthly subscription membership. There are thousands of founders from Boston, San Jose, Los Angeles, Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Buffalo, Austin,, Vancouver, Israel, India, UK, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Brazil, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, China…so on.

In a hyper competitive environments great Founders, Venture Capitalist, Angels are just trying to get that edge. The reality is competitive edges are not free. For example, Rich people hire financial advisers and wealth management experts not because they can’t teach themselves to do it for themselves.  They hire because they build a team around themselves to anticipate the future ups and downs, plan for it, connect them to great investment opportunities, manage tax obligations, address legal concerns, etc. They basically pay for value not cost.

And that’s what any reputable founders community should be all about. That's what Founders Under 40™ Group is all about. Founders Under 40™ Group, its global team and global partners want to get to know you personally. We want to hear and see the challenges you face, how to solve those challenges, we want to laugh and cry with you, hear your goals, your desires, connect you to resources….we don’t care about your religion, gender, skin color, wealth, cars, etc.

Founders Under 40™ Group Private Community ( via Upgrade) is the value we offer our top members. Our generic membership community via social media welcomes founders, and some venture capitalist, private equity, wealth management individuals.

Now, I will share with you ways and best practices you can use to leverage founders / entrepreneurial communities without pissing-off the community manager(s).

For more founders community building and management help or other ways to assist your service business, contact:

“Manny" a Community Manager + Marketer

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