Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to Turn Business Stories to Engagement to Traffic to Sales - for Founders Under 40™ Group Members

Telling stories isn't hard. In fact, it can be simple in many cases. Below are a few tried and true tips to getting your stories found (e.g. in Google search results), friended (e.g. a Facebook like), followed (e.g. followed on Twitter), and forwarded (e.g. shared).

Keys to Engaging Storytelling: 

Authenticity and Transparency
Create and Expand Opportunities For Your Target to Share Stories Find, Curate, and Amplify Content That's Already Been Published Keys to Getting Found: Make your content "SEO-Friendly" and follow best-practices for SEO.

Encourage linking to your content from other sites. Measure the organic traffic your content is getting from search engines. To the extent you can understand the keywords people are using to find your content, do so.

Track the traffic from organic search all the way through to conversions and revenue on your site.

Understand which content and stories are the ones that are driving the greatest engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Keys to Getting Friended and Followed: 

Make commenting, liking, and following part of the story you're telling.

Present counters next to these actions as a way to reinforce the idea that yours is a story worth reading/watching/listening to.

Recognize and reward the people that Like, Tweet, Pin, or Follow Your Content. Doesn't have to be big but it should be unique to this audience.

Keys to Getting Forwarded: 

Make sharing a part of the story.
The story gets bigger and better the more people with whom it's shared.
More than 90 percent of the sharing that happens does so through email, SMS, IRC, and other "private" channels. Neglect these sharers at your peril. They should be treated in a manner that is equivalent to your audiences on the major social sites.

Recognize and reward your influencers, the people who are actively referring their friends and followers to your content. There are many ways to do this, but the best are to do so with the development of a long-term, loyal relationship with the influencer in mind. The people are a brand's most valuable audience segment and should be treated as such.

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