Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are We in The Era of Annoying Social Media?


Are We in The Era of Annoying Social Media?

Now that both facebook & linkedin & twitter are public companies there’s always more pressure to perform. To please the stock holders with more and more earnings. So what does that pressure on them mean to the millions of social media users? It means these companies will go through great lengths to monetize their success regardless of the impact of the online experience.

I bring this up because linkedin, twitter, facebook are resulting to more intrusive advertising models which personally I find very annoying and many users are irritated by them as well. I wonder if they really know why people use social networks? They use it to socialize and stay connected and informed.

Don’t they know in todays world paid ads and promotion are simply annoying. That most people are now making more decision through the use of influencers and recommendations.

I understand the need to make money but don’t forget not to f#@&^$ with the users, community managers and the group managers. Without a quality experience on your sites, which are created by users, you are nothing. The experience is what keeps users loyal and coming back.

The endless social media emails. Even as a group moderator, I get bombarded by all kinds of email from everywhere. So i’m not immune to the growing annoyance of social media sites. I hope someone at these companines better strike the right balance or else I will find alternatives.

Advantages of Social Media Advertising 

Social media sites are great for building customer relationship and offers an incredible reach and the opportunity to connect with customers in an entirely new way Offers a wide reach, with its potential for viral marketing Traffic generated can be extremely targeted Social media tools are relatively inexpensive 

Disadvantages of Social Media Advertising 

Targeting is so low because of the diversity and breadth of audiences, resulting in low ROI as visitors do not convert Visitors mainly go to social media sites to socialize, and are not interested in advertising Traffic is typically in the learning stage of the buying process; hence it is more important to inform and teach than sell outright Social media can be a hard branding tool for small businesses, and it is not easy to build awareness, create appeal and generate traffic -

Banner Advertising Advantages of Banner Advertising 

Prices (CPM and CPC rates) have gone down through the years With good placement and design, banner ads can deliver above-industry average click through rates Banner ads are good branding tools Easy to track with the available ad serving tools and tracking tools Banner ads can bring in targeted traffic interested in your offerings 

Disadvantages of Banner Advertising 

Some types of banner advertising — e.g. flashing banners, popups, popunders, interstitials — are often seen as annoying and highly intrusive Growing usage of popup and ad blockers that prevents users from seeing the ads Click through rates have significantly declined, due to poor banner design to accumulated bad experiences of web users Oversaturation of banner ads leads to ad blindness

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