Saturday, March 26, 2011

As Long as Women have Breast, They are Going to be Objectified in Ads?

Any woman reading this should not take offense to this and I don’t recommended getting rid of your breast. Every time I come across another activist expressing his or her anger about how women are been portrayed as sexual objects in ads, I just scream, “lululemon”.

Sure you like yoga it makes you feel good but do you really think the yoga lululemon pants are simply an extension of your desire to stay healthy? No, it’s because the pants make your butt look good. Ladies, you know it and everyone else does too. Emphasizing your assets so others can see and comment is concrete evidence that you like a little healthy sexual suggestion. I have noticed many of them, and I personally and many men will agree it does make the behind look good. Even Snooki has a pant that says, “GO HARD”. I don’t think a commercial director told her to wear pants like that.

When it comes to marketing and advertising messages or images that in some way promote women’s beauty, we are not to be blamed for clearly stating the obvious nature of human beings.

Every individual has a responsibility to define how they want to be portrayed in public. If you choose to promote your behind or your chest or your fitness, that’s your choice. If men choose to objectify you, that’s also their choice. If other women call you a ho, that also their choice or if you attract the right attention, then good for you.

"I've been fortunate to engage diverse women who express themselves differently and most times my respect for them is simply respecting people's choices to live their own life. I love women."

A provocative Vancouver Whitecaps FC video featuring a body-painted female model concludes with the question ‘Where will you be March 19?’ in reference to the team’s Major League Soccer debut against Toronto FC Saturday.

The answer for Anne Giardini, a prominent Vancouver forestry executive and novelist, is nowhere close to Empire Field, the Whitecaps’ home stadium. The daughter of the late Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carol Shields sent an e-mail to executives with the Whitecaps and premier partner Bell Canada Enterprises Sunday, asking them to explain the video, which has gone viral with more than 33,000 hits on YouTube.

Kim Jackman, director of marketing for the Whitecaps, said the promotional video was intended to demonstrate the passion soccer fans have for their sport, including the tradition of body-painting and how it is done. She said it was edited specifically to be an “artistic expression” and that it was not released until female members of the Whitecaps staff had provided feedback on its appropriateness.

“My perspective is that it does not objectify women and our intent wasn’t to objectify women,” said Jackman, who is a mother and recreational athlete. “[Objectification] is in the eye of the beholder.”

Giardini said there are “great images” of women in soccer, many of which will be seen at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada, and that the Whitecaps video “displaces” those visuals. She said she would “love to be a supporter” of the club but now has doubts that their values align.

“Bell would have corporate policies on what would be allowed up on people’s walls and [computer] screens,” said Giardini, the president of Weyerhaeuser Company Limited. “I would be interested to know whether [the video] falls inside or outside of those guidelines.”

Jackman said the images would be allowed in the Whitecaps’ offices.

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