Thursday, November 14, 2013

Marketing Challenges in 2014 & Be Ready

  • l Greater competition as the volume of content being published and promoted online continues to increase, making paid search more necessary
  • l Increased need to differentiate, making branding all important
  • l Increasingly necessary to pay for social media advertising alongside existing organic activities
  • l Social media continues to be an important communications with Increased adoption of Pinterest, particularly for online retailers and increased business adoption of  YouTube
  • l Responsive design will become even more widespread as the use of mobile devices for browsing the internet continues to increase
  • l Greater use of location based marketing, primarily Google Places/Google+ local
  • l Smarter metrics necessary in order to obtain clearer insights and more accurately measure ROI
  • l Strategically driven activities will become ever more widespread as social media reaches maturity
  • l Creativity, agility and innovation will become more important in helping marketers to grab and hold the attention of their audiences
*Originally written by a different author, Shell.B

My thoughts to help cope:

  • l continually question your own views of the market place
  • l Create a culture of learning as a key to improvement
  • l Employee training is seen as an investment rather than as a cost
  • l Maintain or acquire new competitive advantages
  • l Be good at using information about markets, customers and competitors
  • l We understand customer needs and requirements well
  • l What really gives your customers value?
  • l Customer satisfaction is systematically and frequently assessed
  • l Get your targeting and positioning right
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