Friday, July 21, 2017

A Wage Slave Free World - How Founders Can Help Create A Wage Slave Free World Part 1

I’ll finally say what many of the brilliants minds have spent hundreds of fucking years discussing in conferences like the G8, G20, and their Economic Forums and failed to propose anything substantial that frees men and women from economic bondage to other men with production capital.

In my opinion- - -no person / child / animal should be at the mercy of other “men” for his or her access to: safety, good food, clean water, energy, housing, technology, education, and transportation.The Greek crisis of 2008 is a perfect example to people of just how bad things can get when individuals are too dependent on none community ran institutions to provide their essentials such as health care, employment, education, etc.

What’s still puzzling is that, there are still those who prefer to live like chickens. Always glad a farmer brings them food at six in the morning, cleans their hen house at lunch time, provides play time in the evening and are indifferent to their own personal growth as long as certain needs are met by the State.

The reality, unfortunately, wage growth has been offset completely by rising housing and health care costs. Also, the types of jobs being created are in the service sector; which isn’t as productive as, and in some cases pays less than manufacturing.

With all the ever growing economic and social issues that continue to spawn anxiety in people, I would hate to see the next generation of founders and leaders go on to encourage a broken social-economic system like capitalism. I would hope they experience through their parents, friends, or themselves the ball-busting wage slavery and find ways to eradicate it for good.

I would strongly strive for a less wage-slave labor world and aggressively pursue the next generation of systems to give people more freedom from slavery like environment. I suggest a new system to replace capitalism that I call “Levitaism” and seek further thoughts from other founders and experts.

“The political economist Benjamin Friedman once
compared modern Western society to a stable bicycle
whose wheels are kept spinning by economic growth.
Should that forward-propelling motion slow or cease,
the pillars that define our society – democracy,
individual liberties, social tolerance and more – would
begin to teeter. Our world would become an
increasingly ugly place, one defined by a scramble
over limited resources and a rejection of anyone
outside of our immediate group.”



What is Wage Slavery?
[“Wage slavery refers to a situation where a person's livelihood depends on wages, especially when the dependence is total and immediate. […] e.g. working for a wage not only under threat of starvation or poverty, but also of social stigma or status diminution.”]

What is Capitalism?
[Capitalism is a system of governance for economic affairs that has emerged in different settings and continues to evolve over time. As a consequence it evades simple definition. The Macmillan Dictionary of Modern Economics defines capitalism as a:

Political, social, and economic system in which property, including capital
assets, is owned and controlled for the most part by private persons. Capitalism contrasts with an earlier economic system, feudalism, in that it is characterized by the purchase of labor for money wages as opposed to the direct labor obtained through custom, duty or command in feudalism....

Under capitalism, the price mechanism is used as a signaling system which
allocates resources between uses. The extent to which the price mechanism
is used, the degree of competitiveness in markets, and the level of
government intervention distinguish exact forms of capitalism.]

More On Capitalism
[Capitalist systems typically rely on the state to make direct provision of certain public goods, including highways, schools and law enforcement, as well as to refrain from the temptation to own, operate, or directly control the economic actors. If the state does become a direct economic actor, for example as the owner of large enterprises, it becomes a player as well as a referee. This puts state agents in roles that conflict—for example, as a regulator and as player that need not be subject to the discipline of the markets. There are times when states may play both roles, as in the case of a national emergency or natural monopoly, but it is best if these interventions are for reasons of state, e.g. national security. If direct interventions are widespread and/or last indefinitely, they invite corruption and the distortion of market frameworks for the benefit of the few at the expense of society as a whole.]

My Plead For Freedom For All

Our world of workers, bosses, leaders, celebrity, heroes, villains, victims, and exploitable are beginning to become more intolerable and revolution brews from the disenfranchised. And the growing inequality is going to escalate the social instability of nations. We’ve fucking tolerated this hierarchy bull shit since our nomad days and I think it is in the best interest of nations if they find ways to end wage slavery. We need a system that provides freely the basic essentials of life for everyone no matter of income or other.

Not for the pursuit of utopia but because communities, humanity and and nations will fall apart. if this capital and wage slavery system doesn't end soon.

My experiences and observations n many manufacturing &service sector has shown me that you can simply work someone as a wage slave till their death as long as you impose an ounce of fear of job lose, denied promotion, introduce subtle discrimination, favoritism, bias, competition, deny them power within the organization or within society. Or make sure they have obligations like kids to feed and a  financial obligation like a mortgage that keeps them trapped to in wage slavery work. The example that comes to mind is Andrew Carnegie and his steel mill workers.

We are in a significant moment in time when millennials, born in 1980s -1990s, are having to keep two to more jobs just so they can have a sense of stability in life. Founders and entrepreneurs emerging at ever increasing amount because the alternative that once existed are not stable or desirable. As you have noticed, companies will aggressively  keep certain work force as contract workers/ temporary worker while slowly driving down everyone's wages. 

Some individuals will find the flexibility liberating and some people will freak out like it was their last breath of air. And the growing possibility of creating an abundance social-economic world with artificial intelligent and advance automation technology is an opportunity for founders to help create a better social-economic system. A system where no man lives to be a wage slave to another man so he / she can put food on the table and a roof over his / her children’s head.

The Kings & The Slave Relationship

To be a support personnel aka wage slave to the kings, it means a decent life for your family, a place to belong and collaborating for a common cause. But why does it seem they get richer, more credit for success, and a better legacy while you stayed a wage slave?

We have too much concentration of wealth in the hands of a few and with artificial intelligence and automation that concentration will likely be in fewer hands. That’s power to influence or manipulate the lives of billions with the kings of industry unlimited resources.

The king and slave relationship hasn’t really changed all that much. Political institutions could be formally democratic or authoritarian, decisions still tended to be taken in the interests of a small class of wealthy people at the expense of others.

It was at the expense of: average productive families, single men, single women, students, children, old, sick, migrants, etc

How many times does someone need to get fucked in the ass, without consent, before they say “Try that again and I’ll fucking cut your shit and force it down your fucking throat. ”.-- M

Resisting The Enslavement & The King-Slave Relationship

The strong willed will strive to resist from  the mighty grips of social pressure by finding tricks and ways to get the fuck from this enslavement system. They will get off the grid, do consulting or freelancing work, do underground work on the side or exploit the holes in the system.

The some kings usually don’t want more kings in their game or easy entry by wage-slaves so they find any means to discourage others from trying directly and indirectly. And doing everything in their power to encourage the continuous prosperity of others.

Simply, some fight it and break-free and others stay in wage-slavery for their entire life and have nothing personally to show for their time in this world.


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