Thursday, September 7, 2017

How Founders Can Think Differently For Today And The Future - Founders Under 40™ Group Sponsored

Thinking just a little different from the crowd can mean the difference between advancing in life or simply spiraling around in mediocrity. It’s back to school for a some people this time of year. Which might mean trying to fit in so one is not labeled a “loner” or “weirdo” or “book worm” or a variation of those words. It’s that time when many university students gradually solidify their adult persona or make some changes. The fact is there are many factors that play into one’s ability to distinguish one’s self from the pack only if that’s where you feel you belong. My point is that in an hyper-competitive world you can’t afford to be another guy in a suit or another woman with good-looks to die for. With the improvement of makeup products almost every woman has flawless skin. With the internet and affordable tools almost anyone can become an expert.

I think a stepping stone towards breaking from the pack is to occasionally distinguishing your thinking. As Steve Jobs once said, “crazy ones…see things differently.”: Below are some tips and thoughts.

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  • I think the more occupied you are with building your company and being responsible for family & friends the more you need to create a time in your day where you can be alone with your thoughts or an activity you enjoy. Alone with your reflections of the past, present, and plans for the future..

  • Realize you can’t be everywhere, know everyone, access unlimited time to get things done. Every resource in life in some where is technically abundant however it’s the distribution of the resources that messes up people and civilizations. So learn to focus your resources.

  • If you really want to think differently try reading, listening, or watching others who see the world differently and adopt their different thinking as yours. So if you’re convinced that God exist maybe read up on why others think he doesn’t. Then either take a side or remain neutral.

  • Accommodate people, ideas, or institutions that challenge your thinking however continue to use your own mind to finalize your thoughts and philosophy. Don’t blindly follow thinking the guy on the stage has done all his/her homework or sharing absolutely everything.

  • Thinking different requires an open and curious mind. If Steve Jobs hadn’t explored Buddhism, I don’t think he would have added the principle of “simplicity”, “authenticity”, “spirituality”, “positivity”, etc to is way of life and way he lead Apple.

  • Thinking different is not some kind of secret club with bunch of initiation just to get in. Anyone that’s willing to go against the crowd, go against conventional thinking and be confident ending up standing alone, or hated or standing with other minorities can do it.

  • However the fact remains that many of us have grown up in households, communities, tribes that shun unconventional thinking so with time we lose that will power to challenge the norm. In some cultures different thinking is punished instead of praised. Not conforming means extra attention or “special attention”  by governments and the label “trouble maker”. The animation movie, “Angry Bird” comes to mind. I will recommend it to founders, parents and others.who want to let their kids know that it is okay to think different.

  • Think different but don’t be an asshole about it. Which means you don’t have to go against the crowd all the time because you are going to find yourself surrounded by people who can’t tolerate your presence. In some cases it becomes challenging to have people stay loyal to you. I think you have know when to just go with the flow.

  • Thinking that others have thought it all through. In most cases the people that are in the “drivers sit” are not infallible experts who have thought through every single steps. A lot of times it is simply they are reasonably educated on something however sometimes lack ability to see a different way. So my point is don’t always assume the founders or senior managers have it all figured out.

  • Thinking different requires thinking possibility not impossibility. Lets say you and your team have to raise half a million in funding for your unique fintech service but know nobody in VC world or tech world with that kind of money. Do you give up or learn from those who achieved that objective and made the impossible possible? I’m not saying this is some, “think positive” shit, I’m saying work backwards. What would it take to raise $500, 000 seed? What events would I need to attend? Who do I need to speak to? Etc.

  • Stop thinking and start acting. There will be times when you and your team will be doing more thinking and talking than actually getting into the pool. That’s sometimes the down side of some startups. You can think up ideas and different revolutionary ideas but can sweat the execution and do the execution?

  • Sometimes thinking different is simply disrupting yourself, your offering, your organization structure, your processes, etc. Nothing in this world completely stays the same. Revolution and evolutionary change is everywhere. So sometimes best thing to is be the first one to evolve. Shake it up.

  • Thinking is not free. Thinking different is also not free. Having the energy to have quality-productive thoughts requires eating properly, getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy emotion and overall health, some personal and social stability,etc. Because it’s difficult to wonder beyond the stars if you are worried about your next meal.

  • To be the best and stay the best requires constantly thinking inside and outside the box.

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