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Founders, Should We Stop The Rise of Super Elites? - Part 2

FOR PART 1... Founders, Should We Stop The Rise of Super Elites?


There’s nothing more terrifying to an elite class then to lose his / her status or prestigious social and economic advantages. That’s why some can result to unethical behavior because of that fear. Such as bribery, manipulation, lieying, violence, cheating, intimidation,. For your information, power is usually concentrated in this three primary insitituation. The global businesses, governments, and military. What I call the money,home, stick. The seconday power are the schools, churches, trade unions, associations, or other organized instituations.

The past social elite were conceentrated in regions of the world. Today’s elite, due to globalization, are transnational who with time grow distant from national affection. They think global so their thoughts and actions are globally strategic. Their peers are also global elites from diverse backgrounds and with diverse agendas which help form their views of oppotunities and threats. Their informal networks such as neighbourhoods, hotels, restaurants, sports events, arts, charity, resorts, etc help to solidify the super elite circles.

Using gene editing to become a super elite?

There will come a moment when a tiny population have manage to edit their genes or their babies genes to the point of escaping the call of death.

[“In conference halls around the world, geneticists and developmental biologists have been gathering to discuss what once was unthinkable-genetically engineering human embryos so that they, and their children, and their children's children, are irrevocably changed. These experts are talking with remarkable candour about using germ-line engineering to cure fatal diseases or even to create designer babies that will be stronger, smarter, or more resistant to infections.”]

Gene editing is the process by which genetic material can be added, removed or altered anywhere in the code.

[“Most countries have not yet legislated on genetic modification in human reproduction, but of those that have, all have banned it. The idea of using Crispr-Cas9 for human reproduction is largely rejected in principle by the medical research community. A team of scientists warned in Nature less than two years ago that genetic manipulation of the germ line (sperm and egg cells) by methods like Crispr-Cas9, even if focused initially on improving health, “could start us down a path towards non-therapeutic genetic enhancement”.]

Media & Society Inpact of Super Elite?

The realities of every media network or enterprise is the fact there’s a person or individuals who helped shaped the values and personality of media outlet. Let’s use Fox News of News Corp for example. The key persona behind the Fox media is a media mogul, named Rupert, who is not afraid to challege the statusquoe.

So what elite media organizations end up doing is simply legitimise and support the establish beliefs that reins. They fortunately and unfortunately wash eachothers hands.


Your circle of friends and associates does shape your evolution into super elite status. The reality is that any human who find it ever more competive to distinguish their ability will likely result to legitimate and non-legitimate tools for the boost.

Access to information?

In an accelerating, increasingly complex information age, frictionless access to both offline and online information is an advantage worth having. It’s the quality, rarear the information super elites desire

Having formal & informail intelligence.

Which means simply having a great processing brain power will not be adecute. It’s having the brain ability in seeing value in chaos to grasp bizzar idealogies or subjects.

Having good attention and focus?

From your experience you’ve seen how hard it is drive and text at the same time. HUmanity is either going to keep having short and shorter attention span or better.

Your mediated information is ready?

The key to surviving and thriving in this game of life is not getting your resources second hand.

Social media leverage game plan?

The world is filled with billions of people yet not many want to have a personal brand and be a online social genious. Social

 Avoiding suffering?

There’s an endless supply of human suffering. Imagine a world where we’ve eradicate most forms of human discomfort. Having the knowledge and resources to escape most human suffering.


Nothing frightens a super elite than a threat to his or her ability to maintain stability. Even though super elites might become the next generation of the human race they are still threatened by the uncontrollable. 

***The Content were from a different author and source.

1. Artificial intelligence
[Why it’s bad: Machines with an extreme amount of technology could be difficult to control. They may hoard resources to boost their own intelligence, leaving little or nothing for humankind. That would be very bad for us.]

2. Unknown consequences
[What to be afraid of: That’s unclear. Lots of things could go wrong that we aren’t even considering. Remember the Fermi paradox — alien life likely exists but we’ve had no known contact. Perhaps intelligent life always destroys itself — or something else does — before it can explore the galaxy. This leaves us to guess at the causes that may have destroyed any other intelligent life.]

3. Synthetic biology
[The issue: A pathogen could be engineered to target humans or a critical part of the ecosystem. If synthetic biology products became a part of our economy, that adds a vulnerability, as they could become an entry point for biowarfare or bioterrorism.  ]  In addition, imagine a person or group has engineered a food product or bacterial to hurt certain people with a certain genetic code.

4. Extreme climate change
[Nightmare scenario: Famines, mass deaths, social collapse and mass migration ignite global conflict. Civilization crumbles.]

5. Nanotechnology
[How this goes badly: Self-replicating nanomachines could be engineered to consume our environment, destroying humanity. Another concern is whether nanotechnology can be used to build nuclear bombs.]

7. Major asteroid impact
[Uh-oh: A large asteroid collision — something about 3 miles in size —  would destroy an area the size of Holland. The impact would trigger massive dust clouds, which would affect the climate and our food supply, causing political instability. The good news is an asteroid this size hits about once every 20 million years.]

8. Global pandemic
[The concern: Infectious diseases can spread easily given our advanced global transportation systems and the dense nature of human populations. A new pandemic combining the incurability of Ebola, the infectious nature of the common cold and the long incubation period of HIV would have an extreme death toll.]

9. Super-volcano
[Why this would be very bad: Aerosols and dust would be shot into the upper atmosphere, cooling global temperatures. The effects would be similar to a nuclear winter.]

10. Ecological collapse
[The bad news: Species are going extinct at a faster than historic rate. If the ecosystem collapses some human lifestyles may be impossible.]

11. Global system collapse
[The concern: The world’s economic and political systems face systematic risks because of their intricate and interconnected natures. The researchers say more work needs done to clarify what parts of the system could collapse and destroy civilization. But they felt enough research is out there to include it on the list.]

12. Bad global governance
[The concern: Leaders don’t eliminate poverty, or they build a totalitarian state. Current technology can make it easier to create a totalitarian state.]

[A recent poll of Americans out today by the Pew Research Center shows that in light of these new tools, Americans as a whole are still fairly concerned and wary about the idea of permanently altering our genomes to enhance our capabilities.
The poll, which surveyed 4,700 Americans, narrowed in on three specific advancements that are looming in our future: Gene-editing to alter our genomes, brain chip implants, and the use of synthetic blood transfusions.]


It is eveitabile that we are likely to have humans adopting biological and technological enhancement. So to the founders with the money, resources, etc., do we try to intervene to make sure we have a fair and just future or do we wait and see?

For example, imagine if your co-workers had implemented a device into their brain that enables them to process information ten times faster than you, wouldn’t you want the same advantages. The game of life is a game with yourself. It’s a game that ask do you have what it takes to survive, thrive, and reproduce?

There’s just so much advancement and change in technology and our social & economic structures that’s eagerly disrupting modern civilization. The final question is what has the industrial age, digital age taught us about change? Because if we don’t learn from them the SE(Self-Enhacement) age could create bigger have and have not gaps. Creating a world of Super Elites.

[For most of us, I suspect, the answer is no. Even if every kind of work is abolished by automation, with robots raising our children, growing our crops, and cleaning our teeth, there will be political decisions to be made about what kind of society we want. In the world imagined by the UBI tech elite, those decisions would inevitably be made by the people who own the robots – in other words, them. At best, this might resemble a benevolent dictatorship, where a small class of “wealth creators” manufactures and maintains the machines that make it possible for everybody else to lead workless lives. They’d give us an allowance to live on, and keep the rest for themselves. ]

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