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Founders, Why Do You Want To Dominate Pussys - Sponsored By Founders Under 40 Group

History has thought man that to survive and thrive you must aspire to coexist or dominate. Dominate those he thinks are weaker, stupider, dick-less, less evolved, anything, anyone and if crucial use any means necessary to oppress, intimidate them to abide by your rules, your agenda or make them face a dire consequence. The idea for this key subject of ‘dominating’ was brought to my attention when I overheard several venture capitalist growing eagerness and pressure on their portfolio companies to dominate their market. When I noticed that once badly-marginalize minority group became a majority in a neighborhood they sometimes end up assholes as well. Also, being informed that a very powerful man is expressing strong desire for one nation to dominate outer-space. So I stopped to explore why the strong need for people, groups, companies, government, animals, social and economic ideas to dominate? Why are we obsessed with pushing domination and not collaboration? Why dominate pussys?

Life on the coral reef near Australia is filled with beauty, diversity, and unfiltered violence. A species of Coral have set their sexual biologic clocks to sync with the perfect time of the year to fuck their brains out. Like every creature on this planet there’s a desire to multiply and prosper. Which means thousands of male and female Coral must literally ejaculate eggs and sperms in the ocean, all at the same time, so they can continue to exist.  However like everything in life there’s always an opposition whose purpose is also to multiply and prosper, the Crown Thorns. So is that why creatures or ideas or Companies fight to dominate?

FYI: [“Corals are ancient animals related to jellyfish and anemones. An individual coral is known as a polyp, a very small and simple organism consisting mostly of a stomach topped by a tentacle-bearing mouth. Thousands of identical polyps live together and form a coral colony. Each polyp excretes a calcium carbonate exoskeleton beneath it and, over long periods of time, the skeletons of many coral colonies add up to build the structure of a coral reef. In many ways, reef-building corals are animals that act like plants – they stay in one place and get some of their energy from the sun.”]

Even the transportation sharing company Uber is driven to dominate every corner of this planet. The peer-to-peer ride-sharing, food delivery, and transportation company announced recently an expansion of the Uber Freight service it launched last year: Uber Freight for shippers.

France,the general European nations, and other nations in general, have been increasingly frustrated  that the dominance of U.S. tech companies have threatened their country’s ability to control its digital independence and tech future. Simply, everyone admires and respects the tremendous success of Silicon Valley via America tech companies however they grow determine to wean themselves from American tech and it cultural dominance. In addition to the possible fear transfer of expensive housing situations and the social & economic problems that comes with elite & wealth.

Women & Minority founders look to the Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zurkerbergs of the tech world and wonder where is the diversity? Where is the representation of the human race? Others look to the NFL and wonder where’s the Indian & the Chinese?

In tech news, Netflix growing subscription continues to pickup steam. “Netflix Inc snagged 2 million more subscribers than Wall Street expected in the final three months of 2017, tripling profits at the online video service that is burning money on new programming to dominate internet television around the world. The company has signed up more than half of all U.S. broadband households and is building its customer base in 190 countries by spending billions on programming.”

[“If all that matters in life is holding on to status quo, then I guess dominating bitches would never exist”] - Manny of Founders Under 40 Group


Basically we need to understand the animal and the environment it resides in and how does it translate to some dominating and others force to fall in line. The ecology is basically the study of how species will interact directly and indirectly within geographic areas. How within food chains, hunting behaviors, breeding, etc shapes the immediate and future success of any creature.

If you were to compare it to the business world it would be like who becomes unicorns and who dies bankrupt, what schools create the best startups, what’s the competitive environment like, the talent, the support, the funding, ease of sharing of ideas, location, the founders profile, the government influence, etc.

I have chosen to look at a verity of areas where dominance is always present and see for myself why the strong need for some to dominate others.?


Let start with domination among genders. In every animal kingdom in some shape or form the male of a species can shape the overall life of a female, whatever off-springs exist, and other non-threatening community members because it’s the male who fights off competing peers to hopefully get laid. It’s the dominating male who sets the terms however he needs others to follow. Simply meaning survival of a species is dependent on a powerful force to assert ultimate power to create right outcomes.

In some ant colonies, a Queen ants can even do the same in some shape. [“… queens ants establish rank orders by ritualized dominance interactions, such as antenna boxing. Workers may reinforce these hierarchies by preferentially feeding and grooming high ranking queens and attacking lower ranking queens”] [“The queen sees to it that the female workers do not reproduce by emitting a chemical that keeps them submissive and sterile.”][“While a few social insect species determine caste completely by genetics”][“the males are short lived and typically leave the colony very soon to find mating opportunities elsewhere.”][“After mating, the male lives a short life in isolation. The female stores his sperm in a special internal organ -- she does not immediately fertilize her eggs. She will delay fertilization until later in life, and will store that sperm for decades.”][“The nursery worker ants can affect the ratio of males to females by killing some of the male larvae, but they won't kill them all. It depends on which way the queen is slanted”]

The human male eventually needs to then decide which roles he desires: 1)  equal partners,two Micheal Jordan on team bulls. 2) domineering force in the relationship, a Micheal Jordan and a Scottie Pippen.  3) A male is shooting to be a lion king with absolute rule or he's absolute non-existent.

What sometimes is a intentional and non-intentional battle of one gender always trying to dominate another in some way. If you also observe there’s always occasions where one gender. . . who really doesn’t want to be in charge and he / she is glad to be passive or submissive.

But, Founders, is it possible to have two dominating figures as CEO & COO  in a company?


The simple answer is unfortunately no different from a team sport. We want to demonstrate to ourselves and to others that in some fucked up way we may be genetically superior. When in fact there’s no proof that certain attributes is concentrated in one skin color, nation, ethnicity, etc. There are big boobs on different types of women. No particular type of woman is more sexual than another.

For example, we often see a whole lot of white male founders getting the praises, funding, opportunities and the spotlights not because they are better but because of the combination of good parenting, parents with access to good jobs, ease of access to establish quality social capital, the right social & economic environment, the right education and the right love.

And for any outsider to make it he / she better learn to either conform and assimilate or face a challenging uphill existence. Either path is not necessarily better or worst. The questions one might ask is:
  • Are you prepared to compromise your true-self and fake being one of them
  • Are you prepared to compromise your values
  • Are you prepared to accept this domination

The thing about humanity is that most people are not adopting the culture of the third world country they are adopting the way of the USA. People are not adopting the ways of the small towns but the ways of the modern-civilized-cities.  Every nation is trying to speak English not German. The point is survival and dominance of anything intangible involving humanity requires some fundamental ease of access, ease of use, ease of spreading, very little down side, ease of inclusiveness.

So the more some ethnic groups or subcultures shot out others the more likely their extinction is coming. In other words, you can dominate a fucking island for your family and friends but eventually you’ll realize progress stalls without diversity.  It stalls when new and fresh people are denied access.

So as you read all this material,. . .you may conclude in terms of race that there’s just a natural desire of men / women to dominate others for the sake of dominating. It’s no different from capturing a fruit fly, putting it in an enclosure, under the heat . . .not for any major purpose but because you can.

Another question is whether capitalism racializes humans due to the profiling of people’s natural strengths and weakness and in that process in some situation one group is either dominated or the domineer?




In business and in the work place, man / women are either confrontational, allies, acquiescence or submissive. What is obvious about dominant worker / leader they tend to exhibit arrogance, superiority, aggressive, manipulative, disagreeableness, and conceit personality traits. And anyone who clearly identified as a domineer is likely doing everything in their power to keep power, to stay on top, and sometimes if there’s indication others may posses better qualities than them, they find ways to minimize potential threats.

Some do anything to be constant influence in your life so they can assert control. They might push your buttons physically or mentally. They may threaten you so you become fearful of them. However there are studies that might suggest that it’s due to insecurities that others try to dominate others. And other times it’s just someone who just enjoys having power over others.


[“It is from space that much of America's military advantage is assured. Without the satellites that link our forces together, America's modern military would cease to function and would risk being overwhelmed. However, U.S. space architecture is more vulnerable to attack than ever. The longer America's satellites remain undefended, the more likely those systems will be vulnerable to hostile attack.”]

That statement says it all.We desire to dominate because we desire to protect our present and our future even when we know we have to compete like hell. Another simple example is if Serena Williams (Tennis Player) is ranked number one in the world for the past ten years. . . chances are there are plenty of rivals itching to take her place.

It’s natural for nations to propose dominating a space: land, sea, air, space, cyberspace, people’s minds, etc, but for some reason nature has a problem with dominating forces. It always counters monopolies with a equal opponent (antitrust) and restore balance. Just like we can’t have wars everyday.


Did you know that there are submerge physical internet cables, fiber-optics cables, that connect the worlds internet, data and telephone traffic. Sort of like a oil pipe for  codes. I will not tell you to imagine that a few entity create and control the internet infrastructure. . .in fact the reality is there are a very very few nations and corporations who own & dominate the internet infrastructures. They basically either manufacture parts, setup & assemble, maintain, or surveillance and espionage the infrastructure.

Just like a few entities produce your local electricity you either learn to accept it and trust them or find other ways to secure your own electricity.


Dominating a business marketplace with a powerful platform is every tech founders dream. Imagine to have been the founder of Standard Oil, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Walmart, P&G, Intel, Apple, Coca-Cola, Tom Brady’s New England Patriots(NFL) etc. . .life is very good for your shareholders, employees, country,etc because as humans we love winners.

We love winners more who know how to win consistently. But what always lingers in the back of your mind is, “Are they really winning fairly?” . . .that’s a question for another time. Either way here are some tips for dominating a business market if you are founder interested in dominating.

  • If possible, get there first with the right stuff and keep getting better.

  • Know how to diversify within vertically or horizontally or conglomerate diversification. For example vertically is you own and sell the OS, make & design the hardware, distribution, raw material.    There are two forms of vertical integration:

[1. Backward Integration:

It is a form of vertical integration where firms integrate backwards to produce the inputs or raw materials. Rather than buying inputs from outside, firms manufacture their own inputs. If sugar mills own sugarcane farms, they are said to have diversified through backward integration. It helps in reducing selling price and increases turnover and profits.

2. Forward Integration:

“Forward integration is a type of diversification strategy which involves the entry of a firm into the business of finishing, distributing, or selling of some of its present outputs.” It refers to “moves altering the nature of the distribution of the firm’s output (toward end users).”

It involves entry of firms into distribution outlets to maintain direct contact with consumers. Rather than selling through intermediaries, firms that diversify through forward integration maintain their own sales outlets. ]

[Horizontally is you make entry level version, and you make the premium version or make for a different market etc. Add new products to existing products to serve similar customers in similar markets through same distribution system.

  • Look into favorable conditions in  the environment, social-cultural, demographic, economic, science, technology, legal and political forces or if you are really really desperate to dominate, try voodoo (Seriously your beliefs are all up to you.).

  • Provide great value and solutions.

  • Never stop engaging and communicating with your market

  • Be the best and keep attracting the best of diverse people or opportunities.  No point hiring all the best talents that thinks exactly like you.

  • If possible take a cost-leadership strategy. It’s really hard to dominate the car maker industry if you are Rolls-Royce.

  • Develop, acquire a competitive advantage. One powerful suggestion is to be like a Steve Jobs Apple-cult

  • Avoid becoming complacent. It takes great leaders to breed other great leaders and other great leaders that avoid the temptation of complacent


[We live in an era where fewer than 10% of the world's public companies account for more than 80% of all profits. ]

We are dominated by companies such as China Mobile, General Electric, J & J, Facebook, Amazon, Exxon Mobil, Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft, Alphabet (a.k.a. Google), Apple, etc And globalization is largely responsible for companies being able to grow to such a size. But does bigger mean better?

For example, a company like Walmart can leverage it’s size and influence to get better deals from its suppliers.

Today, Walmart operates 1,386 supercenters and is the our nation's largest grocer, with a 19% market share, and its third-largest pharmacy, with 16%. However, those everyday low prices come at a cost. As the number of supermarkets shrinks, more shoppers will have to travel farther from home and will find their buying increasingly restricted to merchandise that Walmart chooses to sell.

It’s like a street small market decides to carry a handcrafted bag but it’s not mainstream enough, big retailers may avoid it which means the product is not available at a convenience.

All of these advantages by Walmart and other dominating multinational translates into a superior operating cost structure and tremendous profitability that others would likely find almost impossible to duplicate.

There’s always going to be whales, tunas, and sardines in the sea.


["The problem with materialism is not that it exists, but that it dominates. It shouts so loudly that it overrides our caring about other things. This is demonstrated particularly in how we measure things and ascribe value. If we can’t measure something, then there is a tendency not to value it as much as something that is easily measurable. "]

Capitalism might and keeps doing wonders for many however it’s dominance has greatly effected the quality of life of individuals in different ways. People have always made it priority to engage their neighbors and get to know them and care about them. In the 21st century everyone is so busy or expected to be busy once you become young adult. Busy with school, careers, kids, parent care, side-gigs, surfing the internet, watching tv, etc,

We are always in need or desiring the new or the best resources.

[...colonization gives way to a more complicated system politically and economically. Political leaders and economic elite who were dependent on the pivotal countries yielded up the resources of the peripheral countries  to the colonizing countries. At this stage, human beings witnessed some changes in consumption which led to the appearance and development of consumerism. Currently, considering the fact that individuals’ communication with each other has been facilitated by the information technology, technology, and the closer relationships among the nations, the signs of consumerism can be seen in different societies and is not specific to a specific society. Today with the greed for more consumption, fights, conflicts, and wars have increased over getting a larger share of the available resources worldwide. In addition, the modern human being has been constrained by the barriers of the ideology of consumption and created artificial identities and new temples called shopping centers. ]

[Today, great industrial powers which have become globalized and transnational make decisions on behalf of human beings and impose the values of the ideology of consumption on the masses in society using their great media and advertising power equipped with the most updated psychological techniques. For correcting and improving the patterns of consumption none of the institutions in society can move independently. It is the coordination between the social structure and functions with a logical political management that can confront the damages imposed by the ideology of consumption. ]



What’s religions’ control over our lives got to do with domination?

["Today, seven of the G8 nations have Christian-majority populations. But by 2050 only one of the leading economies is projected to have a majority Christian population – the United States. The other mega economies in 2050 are projected to include a country with a Hindu majority (India), a Muslim majority (Indonesia), and two with exceptionally high levels of religious diversity (China and Japan)."  "As religious diversity and religious populations grow, so does their potential impact, creating new challenges and opportunities for societies, governments and economies."]

Because most other ancient religions had no interest in spreading Christianity was able to better structure itself, better convert, better engage because it was constantly improving.

Five Main Reasons for Growing Popularity of Christianity Since The Beginning:

1. The use of Jewish religious heritage (Old Testament) as basis for their new religion
2. The faith in immortal soul and life after death
3. The faith in capability to create miracles
4. The reputation concern of moral behavior
5. Strong organization and management


[“Nation states are making a comeback. The largest ones are busily expanding their global reach even as they shore-up their territorial and digital borders. As the onslaught of reactionary politics around the world amply shows, there are no guarantees that these vast territorial dominions and their satellites will become more liberal or democratic. Instead, relentless climate change, migration, terrorism, inequality and rapid technological change are going to ratchet up anxiety, insecurity and, as is already painfully apparent, populism and authoritarianism.”]

[Global defense expenditures have increased steadily since the late 1990s, topping $1.6 trillion last year. These trends are set to continue into the next decade.]

[Nation states are clearly not the only forms of political and economic organization. They are already ceding sovereignty to alternate configurations of governance, power and influence. The fourth industrial revolution is hastening this shift. As Anne-Marie Slaughter explains, "nation states are the world of the chessboard, of traditional geopolitics ... [but the] web is the world of business, civic, and criminal networks that overlay and complicate the games statesmen play". ]

The Four Threats to the Nation State

[Most nation states will endure in the coming decades. There are, however, a number of ways in which they will come under strain.

First, the redistribution of power among a handful of nation states is profoundly disrupting the global order. Established twentieth century powers such as the U.S. and EU are ceding importance and influence to faster-growing China and India. ----“large, continental-sized nation states will continue seeking to control supply chains in energy and technology while smaller states will need to band together or suffer the consequences of irrelevance”. ]

[Second, the de-concentration of power away from nation states is giving rise to parallel layers of governance. Indeed, nation states themselves are busily establishing legal and physical enclaves to contract out core functions to private entities. ]

[Third, nation states and para-states will come under pressure from decentralized networks of non-state actors and coalitions, many of them enabled by information communications technologies. Large multinational companies are already heavily involved in shaping national policy. So are constellations of non-governmental organizations, unions, faith-based groups and others. Working constructively with, rather than against, these digitally empowered networks will be one of the key tests for nation states. The spread of new technologies offers up new ways of imagining deliberative democracy - but also tearing it down.]

[Fourth, nation states are seeing power devolved to cities. The relentless pace of urbanization is partly to blame. The number of large and medium-sized cities has increased tenfold since the 1950s. Today there are 29 megacities with 10 million residents or more. And there are another 163 cities with more than 3 million people and at least 538 with at last 1 million inhabitants. Cities are no longer just norm-takers, they are norm-makers. A new generation of mayors and literally hundreds of city coalitions is emerging, busily ensuring that our urban future is embedded in international relations. Not surprisingly, the geography of power is also shifting with cities increasingly competing with each other and nation states, including over water, food and energy.]

Talking About Empires

Spanish Empire, Portuguese, The French, The Japanese, Roman, British, American,etc.

[“By the latter half of the twentieth century, it became apparent that Empires in the traditional land holding sense were becoming too burdensome and costly. A colonial power could no longer senselessly exploit its colony, and was suddenly responsible for its people as well, if it wanted to retain formal possession of the land, which was increasingly difficult in an era of nationalism and human rights.Why not then find a way to exploit/control a country without ever having to formally own it? You know, unduly influence politics, prop up puppet regimes that are favorable to your own government, and allow your companies to go in and exploit the resources of a country without ever having to care for its people.”]

[“So, while the British may have had the day in the 1800's ... the 20th century has truly been an American century. We have more military installations and embassies around the world than any other sovereign nation. The world in an era of globalization is westernizing, leaning to speak English, buying fast food, and incorporating themselves into the "global" market at the expense of local traditions ever day; in many senses Americanizing.”]

Hey Founders, sometimes you wonder whether super powers, not necessary nations, talk of freedom and democracy is just a cover cause when their real intention is to keep others weak and keep unstable entities so they can secure the necessarily resource for total domination of the planet. Is it possible that because we all have to compete for resources we all may result to cloak and dagger behaviors?


It is through interaction and competition that we either unleash monsters or unleash progress. Competition is likely the key reason why anyone person or group wants to dominate others. For humans it’s to try to dominate the worlds oceans so that we can acquire marine life we can eat without consideration if a blue whale population would have enough to survive.

However a proper definition of the types of major competition are INTERFERENCE, EXPLOITATION, AND APPARENT. Interference happens directly, Exploitation and Apparent competition happens indirectly. Interference is like blocking your dog from his food.

Exploitation occurs indirectly as living things compete for resources. The blue whale example is considered exploitation.  Basically competing for same resources at the expense of others not obtaining their desired resources. The increased fishing by humans reduces available food for other species which eventually could lead to extinction of other species. Apparent competition with some effort can be identified but is difficult due to trying to connect indirect cause and effect of multiple preys, predators, and changing environment.

FYI: More Info About How Predator & Prey Interact. In some ecosystem animals have a symbiosis relationship. Three types of symbiosis (Mutualism, Commensalism, and Parasitism). Sometimes it’s in these symbiosis relationship that enables one organism to dominate another.

[Symbiosis is an interaction characterized by two or more species living purposefully in direct contact with each other. The term "symbiosis" includes a broad range of species interactions but typically refers to three major types: mutualism, commensalism and parasitism. Mutualism is a symbiotic interaction where both or all individuals benefit from the relationship. Mutualism can be considered obligate or facultative. (Be aware that sometimes the term "symbiosis" is used specifically to mean mutualism.) Species involved in obligate mutualism cannot survive without the relationship, while facultative mutualistic species can survive individually when separated but often not as well (Aaron et al. 1996). For example, leafcutter ants and certain fungi have an obligate mutualistic relationship.  ]

[Commensalism is an interaction in which one individual benefits while the other is neither helped nor harmed. For example, orchids (examples of epiphytes) found in tropical rainforests grow on the branches of trees in order to access light, but the presence of the orchids does not affect the trees.]

[Parasitism occurs when one individual, the parasite, benefits from another individual, the host, while harming the host in the process. Parasites feed on host tissue or fluids and can be found within (endoparasites) or outside (ectoparasites) of the host body (Holomuzki et al. 2010). For example, different species of ticks are common ectoparasites on animals and humans. Parasitism is a good example of how species interactions are integrated. Parasites typically do not kill their hosts, but can significantly weaken them; indirectly causing the host to die via illness, effects on metabolism, lower overall health and increased predation potential.]

So when someone calls you personally or your company a parasite…you now know what that means.



There’s an animal which you may not have heard of called the Addax that roamed the northern of Africa on a large scale but in the last three generation it’s population has declined by 80%.leaving about 300 of theses things awaiting their fate. Either we humans continue hunting them for easy food or leave them alone, or launch our extinction prevention programs.

That’s the power of being a dominating entity like human. . .we really have the power to influence which animals or things stays alive or which we are prepared to let die forever. Either lack of awareness, cuteness, not eatable, threat to our lifestyle,etc. Another animal is “Okapi”…check it out.

Whether you agree with me or not, we are made from the image of God. Therefore with powerful means we all can hopefully ensure that ecosystems of all kinds are healthy and diverse as possible because in some fucked-up scheme we are linked.


Life has its way of breaking and diluting domineering forces. So having the belief that winning in business and society means making sure you dominate the market or the lives of others, is not necessary the best strategy.  And systematically keeping the offspring of others / competition out of reaching equal or exceeding your capability levels is a recipe for disaster.

As a domineering force you create a target on you. Plus, you can raise everyone’s performance as well as your own.

[“If we want a to ensure a more equitable, just, and humane future, we must spend time collectively imagining alternative economic, political, and urban planning policies. What if big tech invested in developing great public schools, public transit, and affordable housing—perks that their employees and surrounding communities could benefit from? What if employers valued health, education, manufacturing and service workers equally to executives and those in STEM by extending full privileges to contingent workers throughout the supply chain? What if company policies allowed employees to share benefits beyond the nuclear family so that broader communities have access to adequate healthcare and nutritious food? What if powerful corporations institutionalized support for creatives, and not just (or especially not) those whose work serves the bottom line? Or, what if we start a revolution?”]- -Chelsea J is a User Experience Researcher and a PhD candidate at University of Southern California  ***We are not endorsing Chelsea J or her views just sharing an interesting thought***

Life can be pleasant when you dominate pussys but there is a huge price to pay for lack of social & economic responsibility. Also remember everything that’s always dominated has never lasted forever.

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