Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Founders, Should We Stop The Rise of Super Elites?

Hey Founders before your grand-kids are born make sure they end up a super elite. Because it will suck to end up like a farmed sheep belonging to a few wolf Sheppard.

In the past few years scientist have discovered the gene that is responsible for skin tone. Which means it wouldn’t be long before people give their kids crayon colors. The process is called, CRISPAR, which is a genetic engineering or gene modification process. It simply extracts a gene that is responsible for skin color and simply replaces it with a modified version into an embryo of any creature which then turns, for example, a biological-natural  Asian baby girl into a green She-Hulk or any colored baby girl. Making it possible to create a engineered-modified human or super elite.

In the next half a decade, we’d eventually all be living in an exponentially-human-diverse-world and likely to face some complex social, economic and ethical issues. Which will make life very interesting however inevitably creating a very few more invisible and powerful Super Elites also known as God Elites.

[“power elite”, whereby
a precious chosen few are able to
influence all spheres of society and

[“We also will have the gene editing tools to make her taller. Or stronger. Or smarter. Or prettier. Or Athletic”]

Imagine a world where the Hell Boy skin color would be so fucking cool and happens to be the new trending baby skin color of 2025. Imagine a human genetically modified herself and gave herself a bull penis. I bet some women would line up and pay for a great fucking bull ride.

Imagine the good and bad elites of today were able to extend their lives by more than hundred years.

Imagine being completely immune to the all deadly diseases and having the ability to self heal fast. 

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Just a little serious for a moment. . . If you thought we have a divided human race today and think we are fucked up, in a couple of years we’d all be so fucking divided that identity politics will be so ineffective. There will be more subcultures within groups who currently think they are homogeneous.

Honestly, I’m not sure if that “skin color changing” option is in the pipeline now however I do know it is an inevitable future. And what is also inevitable is for a few organized demographic of the population to decide the rules for human behavior, biology and technological evolution.  The few super elites who for some fucked-up reason end up shaping the lives of the many.

IMPORTANT: If you are considered to be in the circle of the social and economic elite today, I would like for you to hold judgment and step away from your privileged world. And if you are a regular modestly significant Joe or Jane  then realize this is not an attack on social & economic elites.

[“One of the biggest puzzles confronting political scientists from the time of Machiavelli are the following: When do those in power abuse their stations for their own benefit, and when do those in power elect to build systems of governance that favor society over personal gain?”]

[“Robinson describes how at certain points elites will create institutions that are particularly suited for a given environment. In some cases, this means that elites will construct dynastic institutions, whereby their descendants will form future generations of elites. In other cases, Robinson observes that elites will design institutions that reproduce and change future elite classes. Therefore, if one wants to understand institutions and institutional persistence, one must consider the motives, coherency, and overall dynamics of the elite.”]

[“The powers of ordinary men are circumscribed by the everyday worlds in which they live, yet even in these rounds of job, family, and neighborhood they often seem driven by forces they can neither understand nor govern. 'Great changes' are beyond their control, but affect their conduct and outlook none the less. The very framework of modern society confines them to projects not their own, but from every side, such changes now press upon the men and women of the mass society, who accordingly feel that they are without purpose in an epoch in which they are without power.”]---Book “The Power Elite”



Today, if you just observe your surroundings and your institutions, you will notice that almost everyone and everything belongs to an hierarchy of power. What’s common for most is that those on top assert control, influence, rules, upon lesser powerful people through powerful tools such as money, food, water, weapons, security, laws, sex, etc.. However to magnify the effectiveness of their power they  must go through an institution which imposes rules and information on subjects.

Add to that,…the strong possibility the fate of many men, women, and children is in some way shaped by their genes and their environment lives. The neighborhoods, schools, occupations, lifestyle,place of worship, books, charity, life events, thoughts, philosophies, family members, role models, etc... either are guiding you towards a life of misery or life of prosperity.

Elite Politics around the world have grown ever more toxic. It’s more and more centralization of power that seems to be stiffing human liberties, human joy and human fairness, abusing technology.

The military departments in some establish civilization are growing into a bureaucratic and self serving non-sense with growing desire to create enemies so they can assert their personal policies or agenda.

FYI:  [“Not all power, it is true, is anchored in and exercised by means of such institutions, but only within and through them can power be more or less continuous and important.”]

The rich, famous, intellectual, moral leaders are not immune to the flaws and temptation of everything today. However they will do everything in their power to avoid being vulnerable to biological, technological and economic volatility.




Before Tony Stark became Iron Man he was a mere mortal with resources and connections. When he created the Iron Man suit and kept reiterating it he became a God. A God able to use technological advances to match the God of thunder, Thor. 

That might be fictional today but the future of a world filled with Super Elites is not far away. The question we all should be asking is who gets to transition to a super elite and who doesn’t? Who gets the upgrades and who gets left behind to wither?

[“Digitization has advanced in a series of accelerating waves that touch more and more participants. As each one builds on and amplifies what has come before, the waves are hitting in faster succession and with greater impact. Today the focus is on connectivity, platforms, data, and software. These spread faster than classic computing hardware due to their network effects and the marginal cost economics associated with products and services in digital rather than physical form. Together these technologies have set off a virtuous cycle of innovation as they are combined and recombined in the form of new products. As consumers see the benefits and are quicker to adopt, businesses can take advantage of a built-in audience for yet more innovation.”] - McKinsey Global Institute

[“Recent McKinsey research has estimated that nearly half of time-weighted tasks performed by the workforce today can be automated by currently existing technologies. It further suggests that at least 30 percent of the tasks performed by roughly 60 percent of today’s occupations could be automated, which will cause a large-scale redefinition of job roles and business processes.”]

Founders and to anyone reading this, the evolution change is coming. For example being able to hack any human biology is bound to change humanity. Having artificial intelligent systems and algorithm systems guide our daily lives and in worst cases guide some of us to dead ends, should be a concern for non-elites.

Having automation will make some people’s lives easier and make others more complicated . Living with the fact that the wealthy, powerful or privileged would be able extend their lives for hundreds of years is bound to create hell on earth. Imagine if guys like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, or a terrifying tyrant were around a hundred plus more years. ..


If there were never the elites among the rest of us then we’d truly never know what the human race could achieve. And if weren’t for a culture of achieving the best and pushing the limits we’d never had billionaires, Michael Jordan, Jack Ma, Drake, Jeff Bezos, etc. Our daily need to survive and thrive is what makes some of us rise to the top.

Almost every species has this motive. However with time in this world you realize that those at the top of the hill will do anything to deter threats to their power, position, entitlements, and their survival.

I took a look at Enron, the former darling of American Wall Street. You quickly realize that businesses built by elite assholes will do everything to manipulate, abuse their leverage for selfish motives. Now imagine when a super elite goes around selling a “trust me stories” however behind every transaction are the few circle of people making a shit load of money at the expense of the rest of the population.

Makes you wonder whether people enjoy being exploited? 
Life is so interesting because in some shape or form each individual must choose or be lowered into becoming in some shape a king or slave to others.

Beneficial for some population to stay weak?
I’m reminded of how weed dealers would sell to people even when they clearly know the user had permanently neglected their self-hygiene or how casinos would welcome a addicted gambler when they know they should intervene. Or when a financial adviser tells you to buy stocks which may or may not make money so they can get their commission.

By will of force become elite or die trying?
[“What really binds the power elite to one another are their mutual interests, social networks, and the adoption of elite ideology and values. The importance of social networks cannot be overstated for it is in these powerful, yet informal, networks that bonds are formed, elite values learned and heritage share. ”]

[“Members of the power elite attend the same private schools and universities, join the same clubs and fraternities, belong to the same churches and charities, and live in the same neighborhoods.  They work and play together, and they employ one another. (blanked) elites enjoy broad-based, informal social networks that provide access to information and referrals that result in preferential employment opportunities.” ]

Systematically excludes others?
Excluding others. The game of involuntarily or voluntarily segregating others helps to concentrate like us from not like us. Which ends up creating one-dimensional-thinking, complacent, arrogant, ignorance, indifference, misdirection, distraction, power concentration in modern society,
[This phenomenon, known as “homosocial reproduction,” refers to the tendency of a homogenaic organization to reproduce itself by continuously promoting the same types of individuals.]

Quick Definition Of Elite Class & Super Elite Class

[Social statuses:

•Within each social identity category, some people have greater access to social power and privilege based on membership in their social group.
•Often, this group is called the advantaged group.
•We call group who access to social power is limited or denied, the targeted group.
•When you hear students or colleagues use the following terms in official paperwork or even in community conversation:
•Advantaged: agent, dominant, oppressor, privileged
•Targeted: target, subordinate, oppressed, disadvantaged  ]


policies, laws, rules, norms, and customs enacted by organizations and social institutions that disadvantage some social groups and advantage other social groups (intentional and unintentional).]

social norms, roles, rituals, language, music, and art that reflect and reinforce the belief that one social group is superior to another (intentional and unintentional).]

[...governing elites represented an essentially anti-democratic tendency in society: instead of majorities ruling minorities, organized minorities in fact continued to dominate unorganized majorities even in so-called democracies.]



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