Monday, February 7, 2011

To save old media stop giving things away for Free

The internet, since the ecommerce boom of late 90’s, brought in the business model of giving away things in exchange for advertising. Now businesses, especially the media, want out of that model. As a consumer I would gladly take free quality programming any day. I like many have come to expect certain things to be free with no regard for the cost to produce and distribute materials.

As a business minded individual, who could be on the boards of News Corp., I would say, “Enough. The era of free ends today. According to WSJ article about Hulu, The free online television service is reworking their business model. “But its owners—industry powerhouses NBC Universal, News Corp. and Walt Disney Co.—are increasingly at odds over Hulu's business model. Worried that free Web versions of their biggest TV shows are eating into their traditional business, the owners disagree among themselves, and with Hulu management, on how much of their content should be free.”

No one will pay for cable, television, news, music, software content in the next 100yrs if media industry leaders don’t grow some freaking balls and do what needs to be done.

• Device manufacturers pay a small fee
• Telecom companies pay a small fee
• A global standard or agreement that no media company should make or distribute certain content for absolute free
• Consumers pay through their cell phone, cable, dial-up, and satellite or internet provider for an all you can eat content.

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