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18+ Ways Founders Can Train Themselves To Recognize The Divine Moments & Seize It

I Will first tell you a minor silly story about a time in my life on my way to a business event when nature called. The thing though is that this was not normal nature calling from the rare end. This was I’m going to s____ my pants, please freaking find me a washroom because the diarrhea baby is coming fast. My location at this time is in the middle of nowhere, where there wasn’t a restaurant or gas station for miles in the outer core of the city, mostly residential.

So since I’m faced with this situations, my brain needed to start making calculations about my options. Because holding it was no longer possible.

Option one, you could publicity s_____ your pants. Option two, you could find any discrete space to do your business. Option three, you needed to create opportunities and seize divine moments. I decided to chose the third one by recognizing my divine moments and seizing the divine moments. My divine moments was when the universe showed me multiple rides back to a public washroom.

Okay for now forget the silliness of the above story, which may not be the most inspiring example, and now take in these tips if you want to recognize the divine moments and seize them with confidence which will likely make your life more significant.

I define Divine Moments, as simply like when the universe points a car’s bright headlights in your face to get your attention and then shows you a great way out of a jam or a way to a great opportunity. In most cases not sure how it happened but you know the timing was perfect.

And in most cases the divine moment will not hold your hand and walk you through on how to seize it. It just shows you that divine moment of inspiration and it’s up to you to figure out the actions to seize. It basically means, it will show you the door and you decide to walk in or not.

I don’t share a lot about myself all the time but because the universe was recently there for me at a crucial moment and has always looked out for me, I really wanted to give my thanks by helping friends, family,founders and others. Hopefully this will help you embrace the divine moments in life and capitalize on them.


Use Your Time Wisely Goes With Divine Moment

I was fortunate to get to hear a very influential business woman, Arlene Dickinson, speak about her life and the adversity she faced before arriving at success. Wow did she go through some dark moments. I came to a conclusion that everyone has the time to do what they want with the time they are given.

And that it is a lot better to use your time to write a great life story instead of wasting it on things you know deep down is not what you should be doing with your time. We all have to realize to stop going along with the flow of time and make a conscious choice to strive for greatness today through work, community involvement, play, family, charity, passion,etc.

You Want To Matter Right?

It’s true everyone wants to be somebody in life. And the fact is that everyone can impact the world positively but most people fail to recognize the signs of opportunities. Fortunately divine moments are everywhere in our lives, you just have to want to see it. I believe there were times in my life when I experienced very dark periods but with faith and a great attitude of using the adversity as an opportunity I manage to start the now 30000+ members Founders Under 40 Group and its Private Community.

You Have A Divine Reason For Your Birth

I have always known since I was born that I was meant for greatness and a positive impact in life and like many others wasn’t sure what it would end up being. I think the sooner one discovers that they have a responsibility to not just serve themselves and to serve others the sooner the world will align itself to aid them.

Divine Moments Come In Different Forms To Address Your Need

It comes to us just about the right time, many people have found. It could be instantly, instinct, a person, vision, trouble times, from an institution, etc. However most divine moments occur when simply placed in the right place at the right time. I happen to help manage a founders community, and being in that position makes it possible to live my divine calling. Many don’t know this, I had started Founders Under 40 Group in 2008 during a really dark moment in my life and in that darkness I received my calling.

You’ve Got To Have Faith

Your faith is not something you engage until you really need the religious faith. Have you ever observed that a lot of really successful people are always expressing thanks for their wins every moment. I believe I saw the Philidaphia Eagles (NFL) Players pray before the recent Super Bowl. Each one of us can discover and associate our lives with a God or higher being to help us through our life journey. Faith, fortunately, is available to everyone who is willing to commit to it like being committed to breathing. The people and entities that frustrate, oppress, abuse you are not there by mistake.

You must understand that you are not where you are in life by accident. God has placed you in this moment to test and develop you. And you either break like a stick or band like rubber and bounce back. I have personally faced moments that I felt like breaking but faith has always guided me. So my fellow founders embrace something.

Be Committed To Your Healthy Desires and Dreams

First of all, I want you to not build too much barriers and walls in your lives however be committed and open to areas that bring out the best in you. There are many solutions and great people around us willing to assist you however if you are not ready and committed to grow it is hard for others to give you a hand. Because the thing about divine moments is that you need to decide to commit to seize it.

I remember a story about a guy who had always wanted to be rich and had always wanted to make people laugh on stage so he decided to put all his desires on paper, work hard and even wrote himself a future cheque for 10 Million Dollars US.  On his journey he faced many hardship and through divine moments he became movie star Jim Carry.

Moments will come when situations seems impossible to handle, however realize that anything positive worth fighting for might require you to decide to step up. I guarantee that God will place you in opportunities that are beyond your ability, talent, and resources. The beauty and Glory of God is that through your faith and commitment you can do all things.


Get Your Priorities Straight

You only have one life and so you need to realize that you have to prioritize what you want for your life ASAP and get to embracing it. This is something I realized at a younger time in my life and continue to realize it at this moment. If you want to make an eternal positive impact and be legendary you need to have your priorities in check.  If you want to seize your divine moment and divine purpose you must decide what matters for us.

Letting Go The Need To Control Everything

In order for us to fulfill our divine appointment or moments, we must be willing
to let go of the selfishness of a “me…me…me” attitude and the need to control everything. You’ve got to let go of your need to be in control of everything around you and in your life. You’ve got to let go of forcing things and listen to world, listen to the trends, listen to the universe, because it is everywhere influencing everything. It will most often tell you to control and influence what you can however let go. Almost like raising a child.

If You Keep Playing It Safe…

Playing it safe in life is safe and comfortable however you never grow. And in some situations you never seize the life changing moments. If you go only where you know and do what you are always certain will succeed, you don’t let God to show you more in life. When you take on larger than life challenges you f______ grow and leave a legacy. Plus, your influence grows with your depth of character.

You Need To Stop Trying To Be Invisible

I have realized later in life that no one will know you’re a great human being in life and a success if you are not being visible and promoting yourself appropriately. The universe is not sending you opportunities if you lock yourself inside. Why do you think actors and movie stars are always trying to get attention from the media. They do it because they want to remind people of their value, and to stay relevant.

Always Be Socializing & Taking Care of Relationships

Talk to new people at many events and occasionally strike a convention with strangers. Do use your head when dealing with strangers. Broaden your circle of friends and contacts. Do something a little different from what you normally do. One of the best way to bring divine moments to you is to put yourself out there. You might get rejected but at least you know there’s always at least someone out there willing to be a friend or a partner . Keep in touch with old friends too and people you can count on.

Envision The Steps and The Outcome

Sometimes how you envision your divine moment and how you are going to act is one way to guide the outcome you want. If you are preparing to give a speech to an entrepreneur community, you may want to envision yourself well dressed, confident, prepared, and delivering a great inspiring story. If you have a goal in mind, visualize your path to success and figure out where you want to be in a month or a year from now. What does your success look like? Now work backward!

Help Others & Give Back

Successful people are always giving back. The thing about me is that when I was young and my writing and communication skills was terrible, it was my English teacher who saw the potential in my way with words. She intentionally made time for me after school to educate me about improving my communication skills and introduced me to two powerful books, “To kill A Mocking Bird” and “The Power of One”. For all the founders in need of hope and courage in the face of adversity, this whole content is especially for you. If you are a founder, you are welcome to join our general founders community or our much private community.

Embrace The Serendipity & Randomness

One thing I have learned about life is not to be afraid of randomness. Jordan Peele of “Get Out” and his TV show really show me that you don’t have to plan everything. Get out there an experience new things, be healthy curious. Not curious for randomness by climbing the wall of an army barracks which was not a pleasant experience. When you embrace randomness sometimes divine moments can appear.

You Can Just Look & Create A Lucky Break

Sometimes divine moments are not something that you stumble upon. Sometimes if you allow yourself to look for it, it will appear. You know, it is always easy to sit there and wonder why you don’t have success however if you are not going out into the world, creating your lucky breaks you have no one but yourself to blame. Take the time to hone-in your hunches and go get what you want.

Take A Calculated Chance & Push Yourself

If you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll never know the true extent of your abilities and awake the divine moment. There are times doing nothing is best and sometimes inaction kills us. And if you think you’re lucky, chances are you’ll experience more good fortune than others.

Through Hard Work You Can Get Lucky

Maybe try working hard and working smart. In this world no one is just handing out opportunities. God is not just handing out divine moments. You know what comes to mind “when the student is ready to learn, the teacher will be there”. Do your part and God will be there if you want him to be.

Chose To See The Positive Side

Instead of thinking you have it so bad. Sometimes if you just stop and take a look around you, you may realize that you don’t have it as bad as you think. I once watched a baby boy born without arms and legs courageously walk around in a kitchen without care how he was perceived. I have heard of stories of people lose their entire family due to war still manage to keep a positive outlook. Always look for the silver linings even in moments when things seem like hell. 

Be Able To Live In The Moment

Sometimes the best place to live is to live in the present and avoid living in the past or the future. When staying in the present you appreciate the moment and every divine moment you may have become clear to you. Learn from the past. Do what you can for the future however embrace the moment.

Managing Your Subconscious Every Moment

Finally, your subconscious can help fuel your success or lead you to the path you don’t want to go. Take in the information of your situation however chose the mindset you want to associate with the information. One thing I’d recommend is to feed your mind the right attitude and right mindset. Surround your your mind with a winner magnetism. For example, give generously to others. Read stories about people who overcame the odds. At this moment the Syrian people and the people who aspire to a better quality of life are my source of strength.  


Emmanuel “Manny” Omikunle of Founders Under 40™ Group + BJ Mannyst

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