Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Creating a Winning Sales Pitch

• Define the criteria for your propects and where you’ll find them.
• A great first impression is critical whether it’s your appearance, personality, letter headings. You have to put your best foot forward because we are creatures who consciously or subconsciously desire instant chemistry.
• Listen and then identify a problem or need. It is important that both parties agree what the problem is.
• Establish creditability. People don’t maintain a relationship with people they don’t trust.
• Create excitement
• Offer testimonials and feedbacks
• Handle objections
• Help them make a decision
• Ask for the sale today
• Always follow up. Set the frequency and just do it. If you haven’t reached your prospect, chances are you will get them on the forth try. When a prospect says 'no', they probably mean 'not now'. Don't be reluctant to discuss details.



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