Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Startups & Sales Issues: Social Networking Branding Tips

• Social media is all about the conversation and building lasting relationships

• Having 5000 followers or friends might be useful for some businesses but it shouldn't be your objective, just serve the amount you know you can maintain a meaningful quality relationship.

• To gain press, identify media outlets that are most applicable to your particular areas of expertise and send them specific pitches.

• Focus on sites, groups, events that cater to your targets. Don't be in all the groups or social networking sites. Start with two then if you have the resources to manage more then go ahead.

• And be sure to differentiate yourself in some way. It could be: your profile pic, your sign off msg., your personality, or your odd yet inspiring advice. Don't copy others especially your competition.

• If you can integrate your social networking initiative with your sites, your promotions, etc. This would create a lasting impression with customers and prospects.

• Don't forget to monitor your performance, what customers say and don't say about you.

• Tell your story to anyone who wants to hear. Don't shove it at them. Small bit size is also good.

Off topic, all this social networking for business has its good side and bad side. In my opinion, there's nothing like a face-to-face interaction, engagement, experience, and relationship. It's a tool not to be used to sell people but a tool to engage and inform people about your business. When ever I use LinkedIn, my focus is to pretend I'm at an airport which is filled with diverse people from diverse background and just take the time to find common interest.

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