Monday, March 28, 2011

A World of Accountability Checks Powered by People

Several hidden organizations around us plan to keep everyone accountable. Just came across this initiative that’s growing in momentum around the world, on a small scale at least. I take it; this was inspired by Wikileaks or possibly by people who feel empowered by affordable technology such as hidden cameras or self-surveillance-cameras, mobile phones, recording devices, tiny remote controlled robots, and social networking sites. This might be an attempt by these groups to keep authority figures accountable for their actions in public or in private.

Hey America, Britain, France, China, Russia, Visa,, think Wikileaks is scary wait to you see the baby wikileaks out there. They are like roaches constantly breeding. There are hundreds of groups of underground non-profit organizations in parts of Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East, and Australia that have come up with what I call, “GAMS” or “Global Authority Monitoring Systems” that observe authority figures in society, people in the position of power and trust: CEO’s, Officers, Pastors, Priests, Governments, Politician, Teachers, Environmentalist, Celebrities and even Parents.

They are so small, connected and lean therefore have several times the reach and size of any internal intelligence systems that exist. Imagine a 24/7 sophisticated network of organized surveillance, info sharing which in my opinion could either bring down civilization or improve civilization. A network of groups who observe others, from the time they wake up to their last meal, all for record keeping and that people in position of trust and power are accountable for their actions.

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