Monday, June 13, 2011

Startups & Sales Issues: How to Persevere in Sales, Business and Life

You haven’t lived until you find yourself trapped in a room with a lion. Not only are you fighting to get out, there’s a lion grabbing your legs. The only way to survive is to prepare yourself well enough to spot your window of opportunity which only happens in mere seconds sometimes.

• Act on your dreams
• Must have vision with passion and strive for action
• Believe you will persevere
• Be the best prepared, act decisively and quickly
• Be flexible and always have backup plans
• Respect risk, take on calculated gambles and absorb setbacks
• Never underestimate your opponents
• Be alert of tricks
• Tenacity
• If you don’t ask, you don’t get
• Faith and belief in yourself
• Take your resources in good times and use it to solidify your foundation
• Be prepared to make sacrifices
• Get it done and get it done as quickly as possible don’t forget to do your homework
• Always aim high and look for vulnerability in market leaders, not in the number 4
• Listen to people especially to trusted advisors
• Ideas must be exchanged and explored
• When building your team look for integrity, intelligence and ambition.
• Partnership is essential because no one can do everything alone and someone must be in charge

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