Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If You Think You’re Defeated, You Are. - for Founders Under 40

One thing I’ve learned about myself, life and from others is a lot of times what you believe in is what will either hinder your progress or help you. The guy, who made Starbucks a great success, Howard Schultz, came from an unprivileged childhood. Steve Jobs was adopted. Ted Rogers of Rogers Communication acquired back what his father had lost.

Whoopi Goldberg could have said” I’m not pretty enough to be an actress.” Oprah Winfrey could have said” I’m too fat to be on TV.” Richard Branson could have said “I don’t have wealthy connections so I will not start Virgin Records.”

President Obama could have said, “I’m black so there’s no chance I will be elected”
VP, Joe Biden could have commited suicide because of his lost family.

Nelson Mandela could have kept a low profile after his release from prison but he chose to stand tall, free and proud. Michael Jackson could have said “I have a skin problem so my music career is over” Michael Jordan could have said in college “There are better players than me, I will not improve my game.”

If You Think You’re Defeated, You Are.

In life you can’t let adversity deter you from pursuing your goals, purpose or passion. In life, you do choose the outcome of some situation. I’ve had my share of adversity but like any fighter, I know adversity is only going to make me stronger, better, wiser and will prepare me for more great success.
I’m a fighter, winner, never surrender and never quit kind of guy. Thank God, I play to win.



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