Friday, January 6, 2012

How Good is Your Pitch?

I think due to rapid pace of technology , businesses have to learn to pitch well on a daily basis. The days of one-pitch-to-rule-them-all is over. Social Networking has forced marketers to pitch in real-time and on the fly. You could be on facebook asking one of your friends for where to get a nice used laptop and a laptop reseller or sales rep could request to enter the conversation. And that companies rep better know how to come across genuine and authentic. 

One reason pitches fail is that individuals misunderstand how people receive, process and interpret pitches. According to psychology experts, there are different methodology how the mind processes information.

First level, info received and filtered
Second level, fight or flight
Third level, let’s buy now or let’s think about it

It is critical your pitch goes past the second level because that’s where listening occurs.

A good pitch according to my research is like a movie trailer:
  • Grab attention
  • Tell a little story,
  • Give little hints, curiosity and build anticipation
  • Inform of next step with time / place / action
  • Show
  • Deliver

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