Sunday, November 11, 2012

Founders Under 40™ Group Mission: To Kidnap God

What happened in New York due to hurricane Sandy and what continues to happen in parts of the world like Syria is clear reminder that we would get ahead if we just learn to work together.

During that devastating storm, Founders Under 40™ Group reached 8000+ members and now our loyal and supportive members are collaborating together to decide the future of this extraordinary group.

They are helping each other because we know this community thrives when we work together to take on world challenges.

Thanks to members, we are also the #1 Original community group, Founders Under 40™ Group . A group that doesn't give a f$#^% if Founders are gay, transgender, white, yellow, red, disable, black, conservative, liberal, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, rich, or poor.

We live in a world today, where:
  • Too many people feel undervalued and uncertain about their future 
  • Too many people live in instability 
  • Too many are systematic denied education, opportunity, growth and fairness because of stupid reasons like gender, religion or skin color 
  • Too many founders don't have access to the support and resources to follow their dreams 
  • A few accumulate the worlds wealth, power and resources 
  • The country of a founder's birth can determine the size of a founder's dream 
  • And being a founder is a lonely thing. The odds of failure are great. 
  • That's why we come together to support each other. 
Join & Support Founders Under 40™ Group & BJ Mannyst ™& 8000+ members to decide our future & mission & objectives. 
 Join Our Private Community. 
  • Upgrade Today & 100% WILL GO TO RED CROSS. 
  • BJ Mannyst™ ( (marketing service provider) is a proud supporter of Founders Under 40™ Group. 
  • God cannot talk right now she has to entertain us. 

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