Monday, November 12, 2012

Want Tips For Marketing In Uncertain Times?

The team at Founders Under 40™ Group ( + BJ Mannyst ( + Collaborators have put together this guide to help: your team cope, implement proven marketing tactics, a step by step game plan for now & yearly, laugh, and lots of advice.


Copy Available To:
BJ Mannyst Prospects/Clients
Upgrade Members
Top Group Collaborators
Give Gift 10US or More Towards RED CROSS Relief Effort
GOAL: $2000 BY: DEC 11, 2012

For Founders Under 40™ Group Members working in the professional and business service providers industry around the world. Many are faced with the challenges of thriving in a uncertain economy.

And wondering how best to prepare for the upturn in the economy.

More Info: customerservice[at]bjmannyst[dot]com

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