Wednesday, June 1, 2011

VCs are Like Senior High School Girls

• They fantasize about the perfect match. He’s got to be tall, handsome, nice, bad, smart, muscular, sexy, great kisser, smell nice, charming, and funny. He can’t be a bum and can’t be too out of their reach.
• They don’t want to know the names of other girls that you like or like you. You tell them and they will talk to each other.
• They don’t want to hear you asked every girl on the cheerleaders on a date.
• If you really like one and she likes you and the rules of how often to kiss, hold hands, go on trips, meet at lunch has been set, then ask for an official date now. In most cases it’s a 3 – 5 year marriage.
• If lots of girls have turned you down, they will assume something is wrong or delay saying yes until their suspicions is cleared.
• Your first girlfriend should be good because she might help get your next girl or invite you to meet her other girlfriends for a night to be remembered.
• You can always ask a junior high school girl
• Sometimes it’s never meant to be.

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