Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Your Personal & Business Fate Has Already Been Decided by Algorithm??


With the continuous growth and speed of technology and continuous overwhelming funding of tech companies, sometimes I wonder whether if everyone's future might already be determined by algorithms.  


LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, yelp, search engines, recommendation sites, reviews sites, influencers are a growing importance in the hiring, recruiting, funding, partnership, beauty, intelligence, character, communication, credit rating, background check and even finding love.  


So one has to wonder if the people who know how to exploit the system will keep gaining more and crushing others who can`t play? 

Also wonder whether some individuals who don't use good judgment could abuse or misuse these tools inappropriately to decide the fate of others before it even begins.


Several examples: Google ranks your site based on algorithm it invented not whether the sites are most likely to meet your specific needs or not. So the fate of your site`s traffic potential is decided. 

The same system applies to Google's Adwords, the highest bidder wins. Scientist came up with a system to measure intelligence, IQ. The fashion industry brainwashed us to think beauty was based on having perfect symmetry and flawless skin.  

Some VC & Angels seem to just be following systematic algorithm that defines what a great early stage start-up looks like. 

According to Naval Ravikant , founder of AngelList. 10000 - 15000 out of 70000 profiles are possibly legit businesses, about 3000 are financeable. 

The startups who get the attention of VC (venture capitalist) or Angels on the AngelList site are based on:

  • algorithm screening systems 
  • consisting on completion of profile
  • social graph filter
  • where you went to school
  • the number of followers
  • team screens. 

It`s basically a spam filter. If you don`t meet the criteria of the system you have little to no chance. It's built from BS? The data is all from the past?


In my opinion, life has an algorithm however you get to choose how effective it is. 

Howard Schultz, Starbucks founder, approached 242 people for money. 217 turned him down. I would like to know what algorithm could have discovered Starbucks and predicted it's success.

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