Saturday, March 2, 2013

Manny's 18 Laws of Humble Brand Management

If you don't want to end up like Nortel Networks, RIM, Polaroid, or Sony, etc. Learn how to manage your brands better using the Manny's 18 laws of humble brand management. (Founder of Founders Under 40™ Group)

Everyday you see great companies gradually growing to superpowers only to forget why they exist.  Only to lose focus. Sony once drove innovation. They were the Apple of the 90's. Everyone looked to Sony for cool technology now many don't consider them a major player. 

To help myself and my fellow founders, I've developed some tips for managing your brands. These are great tips for many aspiring brand managers or founders. 

1. Never believe you are invisible. 

2. Never believe you will always be desired forever, coco-cola however has done a good job. 

3. Never believe you will always continue to be powerful forever. 

4. Never believe you cannot change or reinvent yourself.

5. Never take an ounce of success for granted.

6. Never become arrogant.

7. Never disrespect the people who feed you or think they are fools.

8. Never shut down an idea or suggestion no matter how crazy the idea or person.

9. Never get too comfortable.

10. Never forget your past and what you stand for.

11. Never ever stop listening.

12. Never be closed minded.

13. Never lose your purpose, passion, vision and imagination.

14. Never lose your action.

15. Never stop keeping it simple.

16. Never be too in love with your brands.

17. Never stop showing your appreciation.

18. Never abuse your power or influence.

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