Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ultimate Secret to Differentiating Your Company and Service - For Founders Under 40™ Group Members

It’s so competitive in the world that market leaders can never get comfortable. Companies like Samsung need to find ways to market differently from Apple. They have  to cater to the same market however they must differentiate their products. So when it comes to SMB companies and startups that are under pressure to differentiate themselves from the crowd. 

From my experience to the many others who don’t understand  how to apply “differentiation” to their company or services. So  I put together some ideas  to aid in true differentiation. 

  • Know theres a difference between revolutionary difference seeking and evolutionary incremental changes.  As you know human  don’t embrace change over night it takes time.
  • Differentiation isn’t hard. You just have to find and believe your brand has something different to offer.
  • Avoid the trap of building in consumers minds to expect the brand to make small differences, and nothing more. So know when to transition from evolution  to  revolution
  • Customers won’t pay a premium for a brand’s product unless it provides a difference that they value.
  • Don’t get tempted into pursuing difference for difference’s sake and forget to consider the users.
  • Knowing what people feel now and what they would like to feel.
  • Sometimes it could be as simple as distribution system , the experience, the personnel, the color, etc
  • Be creative however remember you are running a business not a hobby.



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