Monday, November 11, 2013

This Holiday, Retailers Need To Spy More on their Customers


As technological innovation becomes inexpensive and available to all, you wonder why retailers & businesses just  not become big brother.  Cause we need more ways to loose our sense of privacy.

With cameras on phones , consumers  are little snitches . Some retailers  are increasing becoming insecure -paranoid places to be. They now have technology capability of spy agencies a.k.a  “big brother” to spy on their customers and gather intelligence about anyone that enters their online & offline stores or uses their products.  

Imagine every time a person uses their credit card to buy something, retailers take a picture of you. So that credit card info,  photos, first name, last name, facebook profile, social media, phone conversation, transaction history, online & offline behavior history can be linked to create a predictive analytics.  A predictive profile of you. And as you know, with time and intelligence, a person can be 100% predictable.

There are systems that can tell if customers are happy or upset.  Stores could  measure better their conversion rate, number of people came in and how many bought something,.  How many people noticed their window displays.  What was the demographics in the stores. Powerful brands like Pepsi can place cameras, eyeball scanners or facial-recognition technology,  on stores shelves next to their products.  And  all this data is gathered without your knowledge  and stored for as long as forever. 

An example:

“ One of the United Kingdom's largest retails chains will soon install face-scanning technology to help target advertisements displayed on screens.

The OptimEyes screen, which made by A_______, is said to work by scanning the faces of people waiting in line to pay -- to determine gender and approximate age, so that commercials can be catered to specific demographics. The ads will also be chosen by the date and time of day, and will monitor what customers purchase.”

Tesco will install the units in 450 gas stations in the United Kingdom.”

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