Sunday, March 30, 2014

Do you know your online personality type?

Hey everyone

I came across an interesting insight from the people at Mastercard. The accuracy of the profile insight I'm not sure but it's interesting from a business and marketer perspective.

Check out their summary as well as the embed pdf document. Enjoy!
Plus, if BJ Mannyst / FU40 Group can be of service to your organization, contact us.

Mastercard's Summary

Using state-of-the-art techniques, MasterCard has
designed a methodology to gauge global consumer
attitudes regarding the use of personal data in social
and commercial settings. Consumers are by and large
fully aware of how their data is harvested and leveraged
by the sites they visit. Globally, they separate into five
quite clearly defined segments, which MasterCard calls
personas, determined by their online behaviors. These
behaviors are indicative of their attitudes toward their
own data, its value, and, most important, what they go
online to accomplish.




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