Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Commit To Think Great & Act Great In 2015 - For Founders

Life, and business are pretty much the same. You, and only you decide your standards. You either strive for average existence, good existence, or great existence. A great existence involves a commitment to living, conducting and developing a personal self that never weavers to nothing less. It really isn’t an easy task however it’s never too late. The following might be of help.

First ask, why must anyone set out to think and act great? Well it all depends on what you want out of your life. And when you think and act great, you gain more out of your present and future.

Think & See Greatness

When you chose to think  great, you will gradually begin to attract greatness. You will be more aware of great people doing significant things, both big and small, with their lives and loving every single minute of what they do. Thinking great is the first step to believing you are capable of great achievements and living a significant life. Take a moment to figure out what exactly you want. Then see yourself achieving something significant like being the first woman on Mars. The first to build a space hotel. To cure cancer. See yourself as the person you wish to be.

Work Back

Write down what steps, values, tools, chances, you might  need to reach your greatness. What steps did my role-models take? What obstacles did they face and how did they overcome them. Everyday remind yourself what you want and question if the current activities are the right activities to get you there. If you internally believe, they are then continue. Because you’ve already decided what you specifically want out of your life then internally you will know?

Challenge Yourself

Somehow we all must grow in character, intelligence, etc. The reality is some decide to stop growing, some grow little by little, and some grow in a huge way. Elon Musk is the perfect example, he’s done more in one lifetime than many will ever do in three generations. Why? He had decided to be great much earlier. It’s not that if you decide to be great oil tycoon at 50, you can’t achieve great things. It’s just much better to start sooner. Greatness can be in a small way like being a great father or larger-than-life way like Donald Trump. If you haven’t achieved your own definition of greatness, the ask yourself, “How can i change this?” or “How can i improve this?”. “What can I do today?”

Great People Face Great Problems

That’s the only way to tell if you are great. The more challenging the problems the more you are on your way to greatness. The more determined you are to face them the more you are on your way. The more focused you are the more you are on your way.
Overcome Your Fears
Fear for some people is a motivator. A get your s#&* in order so you can get the outcome you want. However for some people it causes overthinking, unnecessary pressures, panic-attacks, stress, sleepless nights, etc. There are books that can help you overcome your fear, check out your  bookstores,

Spirituality & Creativity

In some way they go together. Your spirituality can keep you grounded and calm while it guides you through situations. Some parts of modern religion teachings are helpful however a spiritually that’s based on universal understanding, freedom, and inner peace seems to be better. Seeing that so many religion are not perfect.

Stop Carrying Garbage & Virus

Like your phone’s unwanted files, home waste , computer useless files, garbage must be deleted on a regular basis. Sometimes there are thing in our lives that evolve to become self-inflicted barriers. Which could be mental or physical barriers that we justify it’s a good attribute when in fact it’s slowly killing you. So find ways to break free or reduce its influence in your life. One way is to write it in a journal, blog, notebook, or talk it out with someone that is open to listen. Everyone has garbage don't just dump yours on someone else.

Be Aware of Reality

Reality is never going away. It starts 12am and finishes 12am everyday and repeats in 52 weeks. There are some things that cannot be changed. Maybe technology might help in the future. “Reality is now, be aware of it however don’t be afraid to believe in a better tomorrow. And don’t impose limitations on yourself. ” - Manny, Founding Partner of BJ Mannyst

Find The Right Support Group

Be around other great people. People doing great positive constructive things. People who will be real with you. People who will tell you they don’t like something without fear of hurting your feelings. People that will praise you if you’re doing a great job. People that believe in you and your ideas. People that want to see you succeed. People who are voluntarily offering to help you. People who give before they take. People who represent universal values.

The truth is that everyone has greatness in them you just need to start by choosing it.
***BJ MANNYST & Partners wish everyone Happy  New Year in life and business. To our 23000+ Founders Under 40™ Group members, THANK YOU.

[BJ Mannyst can take you from idea to execution and work with you through the tough process it takes to get the right branding strategy.]  ***For further assistant and to get a free consultation, contact BJ Mannyst

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