Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sorry...Email Marketing Really Has No Future

The reality is that email marketing will eventually lose it’s shine. Its effectiveness will decline like the way of cold calls, telemarketing have become the cd-player of consumer goods. It will decline gradually like direct mail marketing. Why?

Everyone in the world uses it ( 2.5 billion people worldwide use email and increasing), it’s inexpensive, you can automate it, every business uses email marketing. The main problem is mailboxes continue to be filled with messages from subscribed, non-subscribe sources and social media sources at significant rates and frequency.  To a point of annoyance not pleasure.

The typical user might care about your business, love your product, appreciate your email messages the truth is that they are many more like you with products clamoring for consumers short attention. The truth is that there’s only so much time one will allocates to none immediate priorities.

I’m sure you’ve experience being in a shopping center and every store you regularly shop in and the ones that don’t appeal to you, has 50% off offers.

No matter how exciting offers are or urgent they are, consumers have things to do and so little time. And, consumers grow smarter everyday.

My belief is that in a couple of years, there’s no gold at the rainbow, because we’ve all abused email marketing that it will eventually be a useless marketing tactic. I personally get tonnes of email from service providers with the same self-centered messages.

Consumers don’t care about you and what you do. They only care if you are relevant enough to their current immediate challenges and maybe future plans. Until they engage you stop trying to talk about what you are selling and simply be there to listen, engage, qualify and consult.  - Emmanuel "Manny O" Omikunle of BJ Mannyst (marketing service provider)

Experts today will tell you consumers love email. Recent survey was brought to my attention that reveals that most people, 91% US adults, like getting promotional emails every week. A vast majority (91 percent) of U.S. adults

What we business owners, mangers, founders forget is that everyone is being bombarded with email promotional, communication and irrelevant messages everyday and prospects have other priorities in their lives. Your business is not the center of the consumers universe.

For most businesses and marketers, email marketing is a God sent because it’s one tool considered the most effective in terms of marketing ROI ( 85% of US retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective for customer acquisition). With the growing rise of smart phones, checking email, texting, searching, social networking are a regular occurrence and growing. People are overwhelmed and distracted, maybe be part of the solution.

In addition, about 20% of prospects actually open marketers’ emails. If business don’t start being respectful of peoples mailboxes and time, that 20% might end up as 1% email marketing will likely loose its effectiveness.

I’ve put together some further simple thoughts.

  • Just because I can call my girlfriend everyday doesn’t mean I should.

  • Just because she wants to go out tonight doesn’t mean I’m in the mood to take her out.

  • Just because she calls 100 times a week doesn’t mean I’m thinking about her or plan to think of her.

  • Sure she can sext me several pictures to see which ones turns me on and which ones will make me buy her jewelry.

  • She could anticipate and predict my needs based on past behaviors, my preferences and new information however she’s not doing it in a creepy way. And not putting my life at risk or jeopardizing the relationship by making bad judgment.

  • I could automate my email delivery and response however she will eventually realize how lazy, soulless and uncommitted I am to the relationship.

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